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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Review: Lumene Time Freeze Firming Eye Cream

A while back, I received some products from Lumene for review (click here for my review of the 2-in-1 Skin Perfecting Moisture Booster) and now that I've thoroughly tested the Time Freeze Firming Eye Cream, I'd love to share my thoughts with you.

PLEASE NOTE: this week (through Saturday, 5/19) all Lumene products are Buy One Get One 75% off at CVS.

Lumene Time Freeze Firming Eye Cream
(retail: around $23, 0.5 oz)

From the Lumene website:

Natural firmness and youth for your skin! The cream provides optimal conditioning for the delicate skin around the eyes. Helps to lighten dark under-eye circles.

Contains arctic heather. Heather’s active ingredients together with plant proteins firm and smooth the skin. Ideal for 40+. women whose skin is starting to lose its firmness and elasticity. Suitable for all skin types. Product contains over 95 % natural ingredients. Product is free from: parabens, synthetic colorants and perfumes.

For years (decades, actually) I've been told that eye creams are a waste of money, and that regular moisturizers do essentially the same thing for the delicate under-eye area. That may or may not be true (depending on what products you use), but after hitting 40, I have come to appreciate a good eye cream.

Since I'm used to just applying my regular facial moisturizer under my eyes, it was as special treat for me to use something that's been formulated for the eye area. I feel like I'm doing something special for my skin, and I've been very happy with the results.

Unlike a regular facial moisturizer, the texture of this product is thinner, yet more potent, if that makes any sense. You really only need the tiniest little dot of this cream for each eye. Seriously, almost the size of the head of a pin works for me, because the cream spreads so well and covers such a large area even when it appears that you're only using the tiniest little drop.

What I love about this product is that the texture is thin, and it moisturizes my eye area in a way that feels light, yet effective. I've been using this product for two months now, and my eye area has not once felt dry or in need of additional moisturization throughout the day. Two little drops do the trick, and the best part is that this product doesn't make my eye makeup migrate, run or crease throughout the day. In the past, I've used heavy creams around my eyes that don't "play well" with my concealer and foundation, and this is NOT one of them. I also have not had any millia (those hard little white bumps that are sometimes caused by heavy moisturizers) since using this product, and I have never experienced any stinging whenever this cream gets too close to my actual eyes.

In terms of firming, I haven't seen any dramatic results (I never expect dramatic results with any skincare product, to be honest), but I have noticed that my fine lines seem a bit more plump, and that the area underneath my eyes looks more hydrated than before I started using this product. Another claim of this product is that it will help diminish dark circles. I haven't noticed any improvement in this area since I've been using this product.

Although this product is fragrance-free (meaning there is no added, artificial fragrance) I do detect a very slight berry fragrance that I find quite pleasant. I do not detect it at all during application though (I literally have to put my nose right up to the tube to smell it).

FINAL VERDICT: If you're not looking for any miracles and you're just looking for a dependable eye cream that might increase the hydration of your skin and plump up your fine lines a little bit, I think this is a product worth considering. The retail price is a bit high, but since you literally only need one tiny dot per eye, this tube should last you several months. The biggest selling points for me personally are that it's free of parabens, synthetic colorants and perfumes. That's a winning combo in my book when it comes to something you're applying to the delicate eye area.

Do you use any Lumene products? What are some of your favorites?

A sample of this product was given to Nouveau Cheap for editorial purposes, either directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews.


  1. I love the Lumene SOS cream. When my Roseacea flares up, I apply it to the irritated areas, usually my cheeks, and sometimes my chin, and it cools my skin and lessens the redness noticeably. The SOS name is very appropriate (probably stands for save our skin, not save our ship ;). I have not tried this eye cream, but with your review, and the CVS sale, I probably will. Thanks, G!

  2. Sounds great! Thanks for the review G, I've been on the hunt for a good eye cream for a while.

  3. I think most eye creams have more watery texture - not that it's a bad thing. Great review. I just happen to run out of eye cream.

  4. Did you try this on your eyelids? I've been on the hunt for a good moisturizer/eye cream to help my crepey lids. Thanks!

  5. Hi! Just wondering if you tried this on your lids. Now that I'm over 40, I'm really concerned about my crepey lids. I've been trying to find something that works well in that area. From your photos, it doesn't look like you have that problem though.

  6. I love their daycream !!! I recommend it to all ny friend and family. It has vitamin c, so it help any dark circles or blemishes. Thx for this great review :)

  7. Their daycream is amazing! I recommend it all my friends and family. It has vitamin c , so it helps with dark circles. Thanks for a great
    review. :)

  8. I'm a fan of their waterproof makeup remover. It works almost as well as Lancome Bifacil, but it costs less than $7 a bottle. :)

  9. I almost forgot: I have their night cream. It's very soothing and makes my skin feel very soft and not irritated when I wake up in the A.M. It really does feel like a luxury cream!

  10. I use the firming day and night cream. The one that comes in the little jar. I think they do the job of moisturizing. I do not have especially dry skin. I don't know about firming - I guess only time will tell. I also use the repairing eye treatment for morning and night. It definitely keeps my under eye hydrated, though if I don't keep myself hydrated, the wrinkle under my left eye just pops right back up! Or down, I guess. I like Lumene, but honestly its the first face cream and eye cream I ever use, so I have nothing to compare it to. However, after reading the comment above, I think I might try the SOS cream for the rosacea on my t-zone.

  11. Oh! I forgot - I use their eye makeup remover too! Works just as well as others I have tried.

  12. Funny, two others have asked the same question about the eyelid area- I was wondering the same.

    All super to know as I've been looking for something like this as well and I'm turning 42 on Sunday. Yikes!

  13. As someone with permanent and fairly noticeable under-eye circles, I'll have to try this and see if it helps! Thanks for the review!

  14. I have a couple of travel sized AM and PM moisturizers from Lumene and they're adequate for when I'm on the road. I've tried so many things for my dry under eye region. I had a fair amount of success with Dermalogica products, but they're so flipping expensive it didn't seem sustainable so I tried Paula's Choice products and they've worked so well I almost feel like I'm joined a cult or something. I can't stop telling people about the difference they've made in my skin. Sometimes I'll throw on some eye cream just because I've bought so many, but usually, I just do the Paula's Choice system and apply a little pure argan oil to my under eye before bed. I feel like I've had a skin transplant or something. It's so different. Also, I'm not sure whether it's a particular product or just that my eyes are more moisturized or what, but my under eye circles are SO much less noticeable now. I'm in love. And it's so much cheaper than what I've been using, especially since you can almost always get stuff on sale by clicking those links from

    Anyway, back to Lumene, like I said, I think their products are all right. They're certainly better than the overpriced Philosophy set I bought in a moment of extreme foolishness!!!

  15. I have used vitamin c day cream by lumene amd have noticed a significant improvement in evenness of my skin after using it every morning. For eye cream, i am using burt's bees cotton eye cream. It is not great with fine lines but it is great with undereye puffiness.

  16. I have used this before and I am switching back to this. I am able to tell the difference now (a whole lot!) from using this than 3 other eye creams I've used in the last 12 months. I've used MyChelle, Nia24 and Nuance. The MyChelle did NOT have any goo result, it only hydrated my eye area, which did any eye cream. Nia24 was probably the most expensive eye cream out of all of the ones I've used in the last 12 months. It had slightly okay results that I actually used 3-4 jars worth. I then stumbled onto Lumene time freeze firming eye cream and WOW. I read the reviews first and thought "it's so much cheaper than Nia24, why not?" In less than a week of 2x/day usage under my eye as well as the eye lids, my eyes were less puffy, my crows feet were less noticeable and my biggest problem is my dark under eyes. It helped that the most! After I stopped using this and used Nuance eye creams (I used 2, which made my under eyes darker or just back to what it used to be) and I decided to just finish the bottle and then go back to this. I am meticulous on my regime and I do it when I wake up and before going to bed everday. Sometimes people think you can only use a product once a week or a few times in a week and not as instructed which is 2x a day and want amazing results.


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