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Monday, April 16, 2012

Recreating the Milani Pure Love nail look

If you caught my post about the new Limited Edition Pure Love collection from Milani (available exclusively at Walgreens stores throughout the month of April), then you know that many of us loved the look of the model in the photo. Not only did many of us love her eye look, but we also wanted to know which lip color she was wearing. And of course, many of us loved her nail look too:

I recently received the Pure Love collection from Milani, and I thought I'd try to recreate her nail look for you (I'll also be attempting to recreate her eye look later on this week). So here we go!

For this look, which features French tips and half-moons, I used nothing but the three polishes featured in this collection and French Manicure nail guides (I believe these were leftovers from an old French Manicure kit from Nailene, but you can also purchase them separately at the drugstore). I also used clear top coat (not pictured):

Keep in mind that the model's nails are much longer than mine, and they also have an almond shape to them (mine are obviously squared off). Also, the French Manicure nail guides didn't provide enough "curve" to accurately mimic the look of the model's nails, so in retrospect I probably should have used my hole punch reinforcements. But that said, I think this turned out to be a very cute mani, and it was super easy:

As you can see, Wedding Dress (white) and Brides Maid (camel/beige) both have a metallic finish, while Gray Tux is a black creme with small, medium and large silver hexagonal glitter. I used two coats of each color to create the look you see above, and all three polishes were sheer on the first coat, but became quite opaque on the second coat. I topped the look off with a coat of clear top coat (Seche Vite) to level everything out.

I really love the look of the sparkly tips on this manicure. It's much prettier in person, and in person you can also see the beige half-moons a little bit better than in my pics. If I were to do this again though, I would probably apply a third coat of Brides Maid for the half-moons, just to make them a little bit more pronounced.

What do you think of this mani? Is this is a look you might try for yourself using these shades (or others)? Please check back later this week for my attempt to recreate the eye look of the model!

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  1. It looks terrific!

    I tried doing it last week and am still wearing it. My nails are short and square, so my interpretation looks more like yours than the model's. I used shades I already had and see that yours is much more metallic than mine.

    I'm new to at-home manicures and this was my first attempt with limited knowledge and lack of tools. I applied the middle coat all over my nails, because it was such a sheer color and I didn't think it would show up over the shade near the cuticle. Then I taped over the middle to apply the shade near the cuticle - oh what a mess that was - the polish went under the tape and when I removed the tape it broke apart, with some still stuck to the nail. I used the edge of the brush to apply the black; I ended up not using tape on the other hand and just free-handed it.

    Despite all my imperfections, I got compliments on it. I think the overall look is really nice and would like to try it again using the proper tools (or next time I'll have it professionally done).

    I'll email you a picture of the best nail.

  2. loved the tute and you made it so easy !

  3. That black glitter is looking like a dupe for OPI Metalic 4 Life!

  4. I BLEEPING LOVE IT! I was dying to find out the details when I saw the previous Milani post. Thanks a million for sharing it!!!!

  5. Until now I didn't know French mani nail guides existed. I totally have to go buy some like stat!

  6. This looks easy enough even for me!!!! And the result is so cute. :)

  7. This looks very pretty, I need to buy hose french tip stickers!

  8. That looks awesome. I love the sparkly bits of Gray Tux!

  9. Looks SO much prettier in your photos. I am going to have to try this some time. Looking at the marketing photos you can't really tell just how glittery the black is!

  10. It looks very pretty. Unfortunately, none of the walgreens in my area has this collection. whyyy

  11. I love how that looks!! I haven't see that display yet buy I love the nails you did!!

  12. Nice! I love this on you. I can never get those nail guides to work for me!

  13. I think this looks so fabulous and black-tie <3

  14. Love it! And I finally found these in a Walgreens near me so now I can try them :)

  15. That is cute! It looks like sophisticated candy corn.

  16. I like the way those shades work together.

  17. old post, but I just picked all 3 colors up today. Bridesmaid is so gorgeous!


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