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Friday, November 18, 2011

Jordana at Walgreens part 6: INCOLOR FabuLiner Liquid Eyeliners

Continuing my series of the Jordana products you can now find at Walgreens, today I'd like to show you what's probably my favorite Jordana product of all time: INCOLOR FabuLiner Liquid Eyeliners. I know I've spoken about these liners before, but today I'd like to elaborate on exactly why they're my favorite liquid liner that you can buy at the drugstore.

 Jordana INCOLOR FabuLiner Liquid Eyeliners in Black and Brown
(retail: $2.99 each, .054 oz)

I always like to give credit where credit is due, so I want to take this opportunity to once again thank the lovely Yuliya for turning me on to these liners in the first place. She kindly sent me one in a care package back in the fall of 2010 (I had never used one before) and I actually wrote a detailed review for the Black liner at that time because I quickly fell in love with it. So thanks again, Yuliya, for introducing me to this amazing little product. It is STILL my favorite!

Today I'd like to show you both shades, since this liner also comes in Brown:

When I received these liners from Jordana, it was actually the first time I had ever tried the Brown shade. I'm sad to report that I do not like Brown as much as Black--not by a longshot. Let me explain:

The Black liner is pure perfection for me. The felt-tip applicator is firm, yet not too firm; fine but not too fine. The liquid dispenses with such ease--I NEVER have to go back over my line because it deposits the perfect amount of product on the first swipe. The black color is rich and deep and very true black. Also, and this is important: I've been using my current Black liner for months now and it LASTS FOREVER. I'm telling you, I probably use it 2-4 times a week and it's still as pigmented and fresh as the first time I used it.

If you regularly use felt-tip liners, then you know that sometimes if you're applying your liner over eyeshadow, the applicator can pick up the eyeshadow and sort of muddy the blackness of the liner. NOT this one. I use this liner over shimmery, highly-pigmented shadows all the time and it never dulls the color of the liner, no matter how many times I use it. I'm telling you, it's like magic this liner!

But now on to the BROWN shade: sadly, I can't give such raves to Brown. I find that the applicator tip is harder and drier than the Black liner, and application in general is not nearly as smooth. The Brown liner skips for me, and it actually feels like it's running out of liquid even when it's not. I'm not sure if this can be attributed to the pigment that's needed to create the brown shade, but the GOOD news is that Brown and Black are so similar that you're really not missing much if you opt to purchase Black instead of the Brown:

See how close they are in color? On the eye, you really can barely tell the difference.

If you would like to see photos of me wearing the FabuLiner in Black, click here and here.

The Jordana INCOLOR FabuLiner in Black is one of those wonder-products that I truly wish I could purchase and give to every single one of you. I've tried liner pens from so many different drugstore brands over the years and I even have several sitting on my vanity right now as we speak. But every single time I go to line my eyes, my hand reaches for Jordana INCOLOR FabuLiner in Black because, for me, it's the easiest to use, the most consistent, and the one I depend on for perfect results every single time.

The only type of person I would not recommend this liner to is someone who absolutely requires a waterproof liquid liner. I don't have issues with my eyes tearing up, so this liner works wonderfully for me. It stays on my upper lash line all day and night no problem, and it never fades or smears, even on my super-oily skin. But if you are prone to watery eyes and need a waterproof liner, this might not be a good choice for you because it is not waterproof.

FINAL VERDICT: The Jordana INCOLOR FabuLiner Liquid Eyeliner in Black is my favorite drugstore liquid liner of all time. For me, it's perfect in every regard: it's deeply pigmented, super easy to apply and the results are consistent time after time. One pen lasts me FOREVER (months!), which is fantastic since the retail price is just $2.99. If I could reach through your computer monitor and give you one right now, I would. Unless of course you require a waterproof liner, because this one isn't waterproof (but it does last all day and night for me with no smearing or fading). I wish I could say that I love the Brown FabuLiner, but I'm afraid it is not equal to Black in my opinion. If you've never tried these liners before, and you'd like to, I highly recommend picking up Black.

You can find this and all of the other products I've reviewed in this series at your local Walgreens. I believe that Kmart also carries the INCOLOR FabuLiners if you don't live near a Walgreens. You can also order them online on the Jordana website.

Do you own any FabuLiners? If so, do you agree with my assessment? Either way, I'd love to get your feedback!

A sample of this product was given to Nouveau Cheap for editorial purposes, either directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews.


  1. You make me want to try this now! I was wondering if you line your waterline with this as well? I saw WnW I Heart Matter pic and it seemed like you lined your waterline?

  2. I own both black and brown, and I completely agree with your review. The black one is a total staple; mine is over a year old-- since I got it after your original review!-- and still not dried out. (I do use it much less than you indicate that you do, though. Just a couple times/month.) It is very opaque and long-lasting. Brown, however, is *much* less pigmented, and I have to go over the line multiple times. I actually find my brown pen more, not less 'watery' than black. Not sure why I haven't tossed it. Will definitely repurchase the black one!

    Also, I purchased a Jordana Easyshine in Sugar Cookie last week ($5 less than the lip butters, hell yes) and it's so pretty! A bit thin/"slippery" for my liking, but moisturizing enough and a nice MLBB shade.

  3. I definitely want to try the black one! Unfortunately, my right eye does get watery every now and then and I can't really predict it. What waterproof liner of this style would be comparable? Thanks, G!!

  4. The black is my favorite. I've used it for almost 2 years now maybe? And it's still love!

  5. It's so funny that you post this review, as I had JUST bought the brown eyeliner and had commented on your first jordana review, sharing the disappointing experience. I had heard so much from both you and makeupalley about these guys, and thought that I was maybe going insane; no one had a bad thing to say about the liquid eyeliner, so how could I?! Thus, I'm weirdly 'glad' to hear I'm not the only one who disliked the brown version.

  6. how funny that you just post this cuz I was just cleaning out my makeup bag today, and when I saw the black liner in my purse, it brought a smile to my face just picking it up. It is soooo nice. It's one of my fav liners of all time, and soo cheap. I would def recommend it to everyone. It glides on so nicely, and it's nice and opaque.

  7. I am so happy I found this post! My mom gave me a Fabuliner awhile back and I had no idea what brand it was, or where I could find it. Thank you!

  8. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE this eyeliner! I've never tried the brown but I've already repurchased the black twice. It's so awesome to use with my fake eyelashes, it blends everything together so nicely. I absolutely recommend this.

  9. Teemetric: I actually used my Holy Grail eyeliner for my waterline in those pics--the one from Palladio. If you'd like more info, check out that Holy Grail post I did last week--I listed it there with a link to my review. :)

    AmyRoto: Yay!! So glad you love it too!

    Tracy: I am SO glad you read this review! I have been meaning to respond to your other comment to let you know that you were not alone, and I was hoping you'd see this one and be willing to give the black one a shot! Please please let me know if you try this liner in black. I am sooo hoping you love it as much as I do!

    the girl with the curly hair: OMG, that IS too funny! So glad to hear you love it too. :)

    Shanda: Yay!! So glad I could help solve the mystery for ya! ;)

    Tiff: Yay!! Oooh, if I wore fake lashes I could TOTALLY see how it would work as you described. Thanks for the great tip! xo

  10. Kaydi: You know what? I DO! I would strongly suggest trying the Milani (sister company to Jordana!) liquid liner in black. You can check it out here. That baby does not BUDGE; I even have a hard time removing it with my normal cleanser--you need to use eyemakeup remover. Hope that helps!


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