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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Review: Jordana INCOLOR Fabu Liner in Black

I know I've been posting a lot of Jordana reviews lately, but here's the funny thing: the liner I'm about to show you was actually not sent to me by Jordana for review--it was sent to me by the lovely Cutiegingerbread as an extra little surprise when she sent me the Benefit Stay Put Set I reviewed a little while back.  (Thank you, Cutiegingerbread!!)

So it wasn't my intention to run back-to-back Jordana reviews, but really, I can't help myself because this liner ROCKS and I am so grateful that Cutiegingerbread decided to share its magical powers with me. I might never use another black liquid liner again (seriously, it's that good).

 Jordana INCOLOR Fabu Liner in 01 Black (retail: $2.99)

For a better picture of this liner, please see the Jordana website.  This little gem retails for $2.99 and you can purchase it directly from Jordana, Cherry Culture and, according to Cutiegingerbread, you can also get it a Walgreens (although my local Wags doesn't carry it. Waaah!). Also, according to the label, this liner is made in Italy. 


As you can see, this is a felt-tip liner with a very precise point. I love this type of applicator for liquid liners because it's quite forgiving. Although there are other liners that have this style of applicator, what I really love about the Jordana INCOLOR liner is that the pigmentation is just so intense. This is a true, rich black and I love that even over shimmery shadows, the pigmentation holds true and doesn't get muddied when it mixes with my shadow.  Also, I like that the applicator is firm, but not too firm. It's flexible, so I don't feel like I'm scratching my skin when I apply it, yet it's not the type of applicator that's flopping all over the place and impossible to control.

And here's what I really love:

It's always hard to show in swatches, but you can make the tiniest most precise line with this liner, or you can retrace your line and build on it for a thicker line. Either way, see how black it is? Love that!

I should also note that the above swatches were photographed AFTER my rub test (I took my index finger and rubbed as hard as I could across the lines for about ten seconds). No smudging or smearing! But the best part is that it removes easily with my regular cleanser! It's not going to be a pain to remove at the end of the day because it's not waterproof, yet it stays in place all day long for me (as long as I don't swim or cry, of course).

Also, if you saw my last Jordana review, I'm wearing this liner in the photos. Here's a pic to refresh your memory:

See how truly black it is? Even on top of that super-pigmented shadow! 

I'm not one to wear liquid black liner a lot, but when I do, I am totally reaching for this one. I think it delivers the best of all worlds for me, so if your needs are like mine, I suggest you pick one up and give it a whirl. I don't think you'll regret it!

Do you already own an INCOLOR Fabu Liner? If so, do you love it as much as I do? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. YES, I love this! But usually, I'm too lazy for liquid liner, so I keep forgetting to review it, hahahaha. [fail] But this is definitely HG material for me. I mean, why look elsewhere?

  2. I have a black & brown one, they're only $1.50 at my Wags :D I'm not good at liquid liner, but these are amazing.

  3. These liners are AMAZING! I love them! They are available at my Walgreen's in brown and black for $1.99. They're seriously awesome and so cheap. I'm glad you loved it too! Definitely one of my HG liners!

  4. The Fabu Liner is something I really wanted to love. I totally agree with everything you said in your review. I loved everything about the Fabu Liner - the color, the applicator, the ease of use, the price! - and I would've declared it HG material except for the fact that it's not waterproof. Unfortunately, I have seriously watery eyes and it didn't hold up on me.

    I'm a hoarder and even though I'd purchased the Fabu Liner a year ago, I kept it. Recently, while reorganizing my stash, I pulled out my liquid liners and was surprised to see that the Fabu Liner was still as wet as the day I had bought it. In comparison, my wet n wild and elf liquid liner pens (that were only a few months old) were already drying up. Impressive.

  5. This is definitely the best liner and its so cheap! 1.99 at walgreens..I think of it as my magic marker for the I can never mess up with this :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I just picked this liner up the other day. I'm a newbie to liquid liner although I've been using the kind with the brush/wand (which I do not like) So I was glad to find this style of liquid liner at such a great price. I hate to spend more than $5 on something I just want to try out.

  8. I like this better than the Revlon one & its cheaper! Which Walgreens do you go to? I know the one off University Ave has them (the one across from CVS) :)

  9. omg that looks amazing on you! cherry culture time!

  10. Thank you for this review!! I love felt-tip liners for the convenience, but some of them are just too pricey given that they tend to dry up so quickly. I used to love the ELF eyeliner pen but my first one leaked after a couple months causing me to throw it away and the second one was a total dud (horrible pigmentation and a crappy felt tip!) so I'm hesitant to repurchase. I've actually had my eye on the Jordana one every time I've passed the display in Walgreens. Now I'm definitely going to pick one up.

  11. I've been using this eyeliner for about two years now - I have it in black and brown, and I am OBSESSED. OBSESSED!!!

    <3 love you! and you look awesome with that pink-red eye! a gal after my own heart =)

  12. I have spotted this a lot of times at my local beauty store, but never got it. Def getting it now though :)

  13. This is one thing I'm still too chicken to try, either liquid or gel eyeliner. I'm a pencil liner type of woman, but you are seriously tempting me to go on a Jordana spree and pick this up! STOP THAT! *squeezes eyes tightly shut, covers ears* lalalalala I can't hear yooooou!

  14. Is this the $2 one from Walgreens? I hesitated to try it b.c I thought it probably wouldn't be pigmented, but maybe now...

  15. Jordana products JUST showed up at my Walgreens, and as I needed some new liquid eyeliner anyways (keeping your review in mind), I decided to pick up the fabuliner. I wanted to love it, I really did. The brown I bought is slightly lighter in color than other liquid eyeliners (which I prefer), and the ease of application is wonderful. But I was running out of ink on my first -- first! -- trial run. I love the color, the fact that it's completely smudge free, the marker pen applicator, the price. But, I refuse to wrestle with liquid eyeliner that does not have enough product on its first go, since I use the stuff everyday.

  16. thank you for posting on this - I hope walgreens in NH carries this product

  17. I got mine at the Walgreens on Loudon Rd in Concord, NH. So I would think your nearest Walgreens would have it too.

  18. I think I want to try this liner. I have a felt tip liner from Palladio that I really don't like-- the color doesn't stay in the tip, if that makes sense. I can kind of squeeze the tip on the back of my hand to make more color come out, but that seems like a waste of product to me!

  19. Thanks for the review! The liquid felt-tip liner I'm using from The Face Shop (a korean brand) is almost on its brink of drying out. Am going to order a few of these at Cherry Culture ^__^

  20. I was actually quite unimpressed by the fabuliner I picked up. I got it in black, and was SO excited because so many bloggers/youtubers rave about how dark it is, and how long it lasts, etc. Mine is more of a gray color, and it runs MEGA quick!!! I really really hope I got a fluke. I want to try it again, though, and at the inexpensive price point, I just might pick up another to try!

  21. The brown one was on sale for $1.50 at Walgreens today, so I snapped it up along with an Easyliner Retractable Pencil in Denim Blue for $0.60! STEAL!!! =)


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