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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Attention HauteLook Members: CHECK YOUR EMAIL!

UPDATE NUMBER 2: Click here for more info if you did NOT receive this offer. Also, some readers found the email in their spam folders today so check there too.

UPDATE: After publishing this post, I heard from about a dozen people who received this email and  seven people (so far) who DID NOT receive this email today. I have no idea what the criteria might have been for the distribution of this offer; all I can tell you is that I, and others, received the offer while other members did not. I apologize for getting anyone's hopes up--I just didn't want anyone to miss out on it (like I would have, had it not been for reader Lizzy).

If you're like me and belong to several members-only shopping sites, you might not always check your daily emails from every site. That was the case today when I saw an email in my in-box from about Nordstrom Rack.

Well, I want to give a HUGE thanks to reader Lizzy for leaving a heads-up on the You Tell Me page, because this is one offer I would have kicked myself for deleting without opening! This is what is said:

This is a no-strings-attached offer. If you are already a member (and really, why wouldn't you be at this point?), all you need to do is click on this email (which you would have recieved today), and it will take you to a page where you simply fill in your contact info.

After that, you'll be redirected to a page that you can either print OR just show the cashier at your local Nordstrom Rack (via your smart phone), and you'll receive $20 off your purchase. And there is NO minimum order required, NOR is there an expiration date!

So yeah, that's a FREE $20 to use at Nordstrom Rack, just for being a HauteLook member. WOW!

If you're a HauteLook member, CHECK YOUR EMAIL NOW for this (if you haven't already seen it). People have been finding lots of great discounted beauty products at Nordstrom Rack lately, so there's no telling what you might find (and get for free!).

A HUGE thanks to Lizzy for making sure we all knew about this!

NOTE: If you are not already a HauteLook member, I do NOT know if you can sign up and then be sent this deal. I'm assuming the answer is no, but that's just a hunch. Either way, I would consider registering for membership because they always run great beauty deals and offers (which I often blog about here). Don't miss out if they do this again!


  1. I get Hautelook emails and didn't receive one for a discount :(

    I feel left out and I'm really disappointed. What an amazing offer!

  2. I'm sad now.. i didn't get the Hautelook email about this! I check all the time and purchase from their sales.. I want this deal!

  3. Hi, I totally accidently found this email in my spam folder (on the server directly, it didn't get through to my mail app on the computer). So for everybody who has not received it yet - check there!!!

  4. Didn't see this email, but there's no Nordstrom Rack here anyways. :(

  5. I didn't receive that email :(. I contacted Hautelook and they are only giving them out at random they said. :/

  6. I received this mail yesterday and I am soo excited to use it! On the coupon I printed out, it says it expires on Dec 12 or so though.

  7. Total bummer that they're giving them out at random. I love HL and shop there often.. ;[

  8. I JUST got one this afternoon! So keep a look out in your emails (:


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