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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wet n Wild sale info

Let's start with Walgreens:

For the past few weeks, the Wet n Wild sale at Walgreens has been driving me absolutely insane. Now that I've gotten that off my chest, let me explain!

I have received comments from several readers who have kindly let me know all sorts of information, and all of it seems to be conflicting. Some of the details I've heard:
  • My store isn't running ANY sales on Wet n Wild whatsoever
  • My store is running a Megasaver month-long BOGO1/2OFF sale on all Wet n Wild products
  • My store is running a Megasaver month-long BOGO1/2OFF sale on only Wet n Wild eye cosmetics
  • My store only ran a 2-day Wet n Wild BOGO1/2OFF sale and now it's over
  • My store has a BOGO1/2OFF sale sign on the LE Holiday Collection display and only those products are ringing up on sale
  • My store has lots of Wet n Wild products on clearance and they're ringing up BOGO1/2OFF
  • My store has lots of Wet n Wild products on clearance but they're not ringing up BOGO1/2OFF
  • I have only seen the sale on the Walgreens website, but not in-store
So there you have it. I have absolutely NO idea what's going on with this sale, nor can I tell you if you'll be able to find things on sale or clearance at your location.

Now let's talk about CVS:

The other day, I was at a CVS location that I rarely visit and much to my surprise, I spotted a special month-long sale on select Wet n Wild products. I have NO idea if this sale is going on at other locations, but I did want to pass the info along in case you wanted to stop by your CVS to see if it's happening in your area too:

Select items (and I do mean SELECT items; sometimes only one shade in a range) are on sale through November 19th:

Select shades of lip and eye pencils for $0.69
One shade of Wild Shine Lip Lacquer (Fling) for $1.99
One shade of Juicy Lip Balm (Cherry) for $1.99

One shade of Silk Finish Lipstick (Breeze) for $0.69

 One shade of Wild Shine polish for $0.69

One Coloricon eyeshadow trio ( I Dream of Greenie) for $1.99

 One shade of bronzer for $1.99

  One shade of blush for $1.99

If you find these products on sale are your local CVS, please leave a comment and let us know. Thanks!


  1. I went to two CVS drugstores today (looking for Revlon lip butter, no luck) and they were both having that Wet N Wild sale.

  2. I have seen all varities of the WnW sale at my local Wags here in Michigan. I will check it out again in the morning as well as CVS since it's across the street from Wags and post another comment with what I find out. HTH someone on your site :-)

  3. Yeah I bought two of the new LE polishes and they rang up full price. I was a bit peeved but so happy I found them. I still can't find the beauty bar anywhere. The Wags I went to last night had all other WnW products BOGO 50% and the single shadows on clearance.

  4. I went to Walgreens this morning to get the shea butter curl enhancing souffle and WnW was marked as buy 1 get 1 50% off, including the new stuff!

    Im in Houston Tx.

  5. I live in Wisconsin and the CVS I go to was have the same sale, but I bought a bunch of nail polishes and they are all $0.69 even thought there was only one tag. I went back a couple times to get extras of the colors I like and to get some for franking :)

  6. I live in Phoenix, and while I didn't go to CVS, I did go to walgreens. Almost all of the randomly reduced items were sold out and all eye products were BOGO Half off. I took the opportunity to get 2 Comfort Zone palettes (1 for me, 1 for my mom) also a liquid eyeliner in Brown, which is a very pretty medium golden brown w/ a bit of shimmer, and a Nutty eyeshadow single. I used 2 of the $1 off coupons you listed a few days ago, and with the half off discount, I saved $7.35, which means I got those 4 items for $5.31 :) whee!

  7. I made out so great today!! I FINALLLLY found the Ice Baby and the Baked Eyeshadows! (suburbs of Philly) I picked up all of them! The eyeshadows did indeed ring up BOGO 1/2 off but then i also used 4 of the WnW coupons from and i also used the $1 off found in the Make this Season Stunning coupon book, which beeped at the register but when the cashier did it manually she took $1 off of EVERY polish and EACH of the eyeshadows! I was stunned! I have no idea if thats how its supposed to work with those coupons so I can't guarantee it will work that wway for everyone but it was a lucky day for me! I dont know what i will do in my spare time now since i wont have Walgreens to stalk!

  8. Last week I went to 4 different CVS stores and all the Wild Shine polishes were on sale for 69 cents at three of them. I bought up all the Black Creme they had, but most of the stuff was already cleaned out. I was wondering why I hadn't heard about this sale anywhere. I guess the sale is random, since the one store that wasn't having the sale is in the same town as two of the stores that were, and this is a pretty small town. Very strange.


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