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Monday, October 17, 2011

Official info about the Wet n Wild Flirting With Fate collection

I know that everyone's got holiday collections on their minds right now, but after seeing the elusive Wet n Wild Halloween 2011 Wild Shine collection, Flirting With Fate (click here and here for swatches), I asked my contact at Wet n Wild for a bit more info, and now I can tell you all that I know:

There are eight shades in this collection and it is a Rite Aid exclusive. As it was explained to me, Wet n Wild created this collection for Rite Aid with limited supplies, and only 750 displays were made (there are roughly 5,000 Rite Aid locations). So if you spot these, consider yourself VERY lucky. They are so rare that the Beauty Ambassadors will not be receiving them for review, so I'll be just like you: on the hunt for them every chance I get!

If you would like me to create an interactive sightings map for this collection, please leave a comment below. Otherwise, due to scarcity of this collection, I will probably skip the map and focus on the Holiday 2011 collections.

I hope this info helps those of you who wanted more info on this collection.


  1. Hmm...I swear I seen these at my Walgreen's. I forgot to read the label and it wasn't on a display but in one of those fishbowl type things near. Curious, is WnW suppose to have a 50% off sale? On they have 50% off select WnW items. Really curious if it's coming to an actual walgreens because you have to spend 25 dollars to get free shipping from the site and I'm not sure if I want to mess with all that (I don't have a credit card so I'd have to ask my mom or sister and get more eye rolls about my make up addiction *laughs*). Plus, I'm not sure if I want to spend 25, although 50 cent lipstick and 1.50 3 pan palettes. Thinking of calling my local walgreens. Would be delighted if anyone knew more info about this sale.

  2. That's such a shame they're in so limited a quantity! I guess they won't be making it to Canada at all :( the colours are right up my alley too! *pout* thanks for the info!

  3. I love me some wet and wild but WHO do they think they are, Chanel? I mean... what is the point of these super duper exclusive collections other than driving us INSANE?

  4. TheMakeupism: Oooh, I would love if you could confirm the Walgreens sighting! and you know, I JUST heard about the WnW sale myself, so I don't know too much about it (yet).

    Hebridean Sprite: You are so welcome, and I'm sorry you (and I) will probably not find these. :(

    emilee: I don't think it has to do with them trying to be elusive or "Chanel-like" but more to do with fulfilling customer (Rite Aid, in this case) requests. If Rite Aid wanted an LE polish collection from Wet n Wild, I'm betting WnW did what they could to make that happen with the supplies they had on hand. Hope that helps!

  5. PS: But that's not to say the display is NOT elusive! It certainly is, but I just don't think WnW was *trying* to be elusive. Does that make sense? :)

  6. Actually, a map would be a great help... I'd love to know if this collection's anywhere near me.

  7. Pretty effective marketing strategy, if you ask me. The colors in this collection might not be anything special, but you better believe I would buy every single bottle in the display if I stumbled across one! Create scarcity to create demand, right?

  8. clementine: No problem--if you'd like me to create one, I can certainly do that. :)

    thegirlwho: I'd have to politely disagree with you on this one. Wet n Wild explained to me that they had limited supplies when creating this RA-exclusive collection, and that's the reason for the small run. In fact, I haven't seen it promoted or talked about (by WnW or anyone else, really), probably due to its small run. The only reason I'm posting about it is because readers told me it existed and I personally asked WnW for more info. Hope that helps!

  9. My Ocean State Job Lot (which is a discount store like big lots but only in New England) had these polishes for 88 cents so I picked up 5 of them!!!!

  10. I have tried for the past two days to track this down at RiteAid. I have checked 8 of them in my area and have not been successful. I finally called the main customer support number and a district manager just called me back saying that he checked with his director and because of how exclusive this collection is, RiteAid as a company did not purchase any of it. He said that other companies may have picked it up, but he wouldn't know who. Suggested I contact Wet n Wild to find out who actually purchased it... I guess I'll give that a try as well before I give up completely


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