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Monday, October 17, 2011

Official Wet n Wild Holiday 2011 Limited Edition Collections Info

Over the past few weeks, I've posting pics of the displays and products in the Wet n Wild holiday 2011 collections thanks to many wonderful readers who have kindly shared info with me.  And today I've got the official product info to go along with all those pictures! After each press release, I'll post the links to my previous posts so that you can look at the displays, if you'd like (if you haven't already seen them, that is!).


Click here for swatches of the Baked palettes.
 Click here for a closer look at the display.

Click here for a link to swatches.

Click here for close-ups of the palettes.

Click here for display pics.

Have you spotted any of these collections in your area yet? I'd love to hear what you've got your eye on, and what you'll be looking for at your drugstores. This weekend I will create an interactive map for readers to post their sightings of these displays.

PS: Please check back soon as I will be posting swatches of the LE shadows very soon!


  1. I saw the Ice Baby collection at my local Walgreens, got 3 glitter polishes from it. Still haven't seen The Dreamweavers at all in the Miami area. I hope I'll see Baked e/s kits and matte collection. Keeps fingers crossed!!

  2. Awww!!! The eyeshadow palettes are so beautiful!!! I HAVE TO HAVE THEM!!!

    Do you know if they will be available in Canada?

  3. I'm definitely checking my Walgreens tomorrow for those nail polishes. >.< Neeeeeeeeeed. I'm so afraid of missing them now. XD

  4. After my disappointing search for "On the Prowl" I am not going to get excited over LE WnW promotions anymore until i actually see it in my area. Although the collections do look great.

  5. I'm with ChiChi - I hope I come across some of the displays and get to purchase things from them but I'm not going to drive myself crazy anymore hunting 5+ different drugstores every single day. I would buy every single glitter in the Ice Baby Collection if I found it, as well as I <3 Matte and pretty much everything else, lol! Oh man, I better at least find the glitter polishes. I never found Prancer and friends last year...

  6. Can I just say that I wouldn't live without your blog! Hehe. =)

  7. I hope these come to Canada!!

  8. I saw 'What Happened Last Night?' at a local Rite Aid about two weeks ago, and I bought 2 bottles from it (5,4,3,2,1 and Ring in the Year). I've stopped back into the store several times since then and the display is still completely full except for the 2 I bought, so I don't think this one's going to be too hard to find/sell out quickly.

  9. I've seen the Sparkle City display at two different HEBs here in Texas- one in Houston and one in Austin. Both times the displays were already almost empty.

    I managed to snag 3 of the 4 palettes (got the last of the red and the green palettes, never saw the purple palette).

  10. I've spotted the nail collections, the baked shadow palettes, and the matte palette at a Walgreens here in Orlando. I picked up Baked, Not Fried, which is all neutral/bronze-type shades. I haven't tried it on my eyes yet, but it looks great for 4.99!

  11. I just discovered your blog and Love it! I also just recently started buying wet n wild products so I am super excited about these new ones and cant wait to try some out :)

  12. The Sparkle City pallets appeared in my Harmon store at the end of September! I took photos, but didn't buy because they looked pretty similar to the Halloween glitter cream eyeliner pallets. I think the What Happened Last Night nail polishes came out at the same time too.

  13. Spotted Beauty Bar and the Ice Ice Baby polishes at my Wags today! And yet, only got one polish (Give Me a Price Quote, very unique chartreuse glitter with bar glitter!).... most of the polish colors just didn't grab me-- and the gray was the only one that was even remotely holo, as it had some holo hex glitter-- and as for the baked palettes, I don't want to get e/s that I have to wear wet to get a significant payoff, and the mattes weren't colors I'd wear. I'll put up my spotting when you get a 'sightings' map up!

  14. I bought three of the What Happened Last Night polishes yesterday at Rite Aid. 5,4,3,2,1, Whose Lips are These?, and the purple one (Ring in the Year?) Whose Lips are These? reminded me of Autumn Leaves so I compared them when I got home. Similar but WLaT? is more red. Don't know how they compare on though. I also bought NYC Backstage Brown which is actually copper from their new(?) In the Spotlight collection.

  15. Found the baked and matte shadows on a end cap display and the Ice Baby polishes on a top shelf in the diaper aisle. My wags had just put out those displays so thanks for the tip G. for looking high and low for LE stuff.

  16. The Sparkle City eyeshadows are apparently NOT exclusive to Walgreens,at least here in Texas.While I was out grocery shopping today I spotted the Sparkle City along with the matte shadow pallettes at an HEB grocery store.

  17. The Sparkle City eyeshadows are apparently NOT exclusive to Walgreens,at least here in Texas.While I was out grocery shopping today I spotted the Sparkle City along with the matte shadow pallettes at an HEB grocery store.


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