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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Spotted: tons of new nail products (pic heavy)

Before I get into this post, I want to mention that the lovely Polarbelle spotted some fantastic new nail products recently at the drugstore, so definitely check out her post here.

First up: I think everyone's seen the mini polish gift sets Wet n Wild releases each holiday season, but here's a NEW one I spotted at CVS and it could not be any cuter:

They're Fast Dry MINIS! How adorable, huh? I put a full-size Fast Dry polish in this pic for perspective:

The shades in this set are all existing colors, but wow what a deal if you don't already own these colors:

 Nail File

I love that they included Party of Five Glitters in this kit. What a great stocking stuffer this would make for the polish lovers in your life!

Amy from Gotham Polish spotted the Maybelline Who's That Girl display and was kind enough to share some pics:

 image credit: Amy for Nouveau Cheap

  image credit: Amy for Nouveau Cheap

Tammie from Fad Burger (love that name!) spotted the Rite Aid Exclusive Revlon The Beauty of Giving collection and was nice enough to share a pic. I'd also like to thank reader Cynthia for giving me a heads-up about this collection too--I knew nothing about it until I got her email!

This collection features four LE polish shades and two LE ColorBurst lipgloss shades:

  image credit: Tammie for Nouveau Cheap

I spotted the newest Sinful Colors display at Rite Aid (it does not contain any new shades though). I'd also like to thank reader Kim for submitting a pic of this one as well. It seems to be popping up at Rite Aids all over the country this month:

 I also spotted a new City Color display at Rite Aid that immediately captured my attention since I'm on such a purple kick lately:

All of the products in this display retail for $1.99 each:

I actually bought the shade above (sorry, these polishes don't have names) and will swatch for you soon if you'd like to see what it looks like on the nail.

Next up, I also spotted this new Nutra Nail line at Rite Aid. This is VERY exciting because, according to the display, this is the "FIRST AND ONLY" UV-free gel nail color. In other words, you do NOT need a special UV light to cure this polish, yet it promises to give you "patent leather shine and ding-free protection". Also, the packaging says it dries in five minutes.

There are ten shades of nail color (retail: $11.99 each) and a special remover (retail: $5.99 each):

Note the tear-pad coupon on this display for $1.50 off.

The most "unique" shade of the ten is Moonstone:

Here's another shot of the special remover:

And finally, at CVS I spotted this Lip Smacker holiday gift set that includes some artificial nails with a cute polar bear design:

Whew! That's it for this drugstore sightings post. Have you spotted/purchased anything featured in this post? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Ahh, I want the mini wnw just for the cute bottles!

  2. i also saw those gel nailpolishes that don't rquire UV lights, but then i noticed the package doesn't state a definite wear time and it made me doubtful of the performance of the product.

  3. Great post! I also got the purple sparkly one from City Color and it is just gorgeous! It applied nicely too! I'm excited to see the Maybelline collection! I am really into oranges, berries and greens right now and it looks like they have a few of those!

  4. Thanks for the post! I'm really digging the Maybelline polishes.

  5. I just purchased the gel polishes this evening - I got Torenia and of course Moonstone. With my rite aid discount and $1.50 coupon I figured it wasn't too expensive! Also, you don't need to use the special remover, 100% acetone also works per the instructions. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm excited to see how it works.

  6. Oooohhhhh! That 'gel' polish that doesn't need a UV light looks awesome!

  7. WOW! That Nutra Nail product looks promising! And I will be on the lookout for the maybellines!!!

  8. I'd love a review on the gel polish that sounds promising!

  9. Oh boy what great finds! Can't wait to see the Revlon LE display. Hope we get it!! Also the gel polish is awesome, sometime when I feel a bit more flush in the wallet I will splurge on that! :)

  10. Thanks for the post, G! So is Sinful Colors selling dupes for OPI's Miss Universe collection? I wonder how the silver glitter polish compares to Crown Me Already (which I've seen swatches of online and love). I'll have to check it out!

  11. Love all the pictures!! I cant wait to try out the gel nail polish!!

  12. "So is Sinful Colors selling dupes for OPI's Miss Universe collection?" - @sabrinaj99

    Not even close. Miss Universe only had four polishes, Miss Sinful had eight and out of the four not one is a close match. Only thing shared is that Sinful Colors is hitching a ride on OPI's coat tails with the Miss Universe system.

    Sinful Colors' Love Nails is brighter blue than OPI's Swimsuit... Nailed It! Swimsuit actually reminds me of a dark blue you'd see in a peacock's feather. It's that rich.

    Neither of the reds from Sinful Colors - Ruby Ruby and Sugar Sugar come close to the rich color of Congeniality is My Middle Name. In fact there is a hint of very fine purple glitter in that. My bottle settled so the glitter was very noticeable.

    I no longer have OPI's Crown Me Already! or OPI's It's My Year but I do have all the polishes from Sinful Colors but I can tell you off hand that Queen of Beauty (the silver from Sinful Colors) is no where close to Crown Me Already. There is nothing close to the purplish with gold that's It's My Year.

    So like I said, Sinful Colors only similarity to OPI's collection is the "Miss" part and that they tried to take advantage of the Miss Universe pageant having been this last week or so while the OPI collection was released in July right before the Miss USA pageant (owned by the Miss Universe pageant).

  13. Thanks for the shout out! Another great round up of collections!!!

  14. I stopped at Rite Aid today & saw most of these displays. I never shop there but I went to find the Maybelline polish you recommended called "Autumn Leaves". As I was holding it & looking around I saw an Essie color called "Wrapped in Rubies" that looked just like it in the bottle. Can't wait to try it-thanks!

  15. Corgigrrl: OMG, I cannot believe you mentioned this! I was literally telling another reader LAST NIGHT that when I was wearing Autumn Leaves the other day, I went to CVS and noticed Wrapped in Rubies. I was able to compare the color on my nails against the color in the bottle and I agree--they DO look similar! The only exception to me might be that Wrapped in Rubies looks like it might have a bit more gold shimmer in it than Autumn Leaves. Also, I'm not sure if the Essie shade will look as rust on the nail, or more red. But anyway, i just had to mention that because the timing of your comment was crazy! :)

  16. @Zadidoll

    Wow, thanks for all the comparisons info! It's extremely helpful. I did try to find Crown Me Already (I would like to try it on top of Revlon's Carbonite) at my local Ulta, but it was sold out. :( Thanks again!


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