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Friday, September 23, 2011

Review: Calgon Red Velvet Refreshing Body Mist

 Calgon Refreshing Body Mist in Red Velvet
(retail: $6.99, 8 oz)

You should have seen the look on my face when I spotted this new Calgon fragrance at Rite Aid the other day. Red velvet cake body mist? That's just not something you see every day at the drugstore (I know that red velvet fragrances are available in products made by indie bath & body etailers, but never have I seen red velvet in a drugstore product!).


It took me all of about two seconds to put this body mist in my basket, and thank goodness I had that $1 Calgon coupon I told you about last week (by the way, I just checked and it's still available if you want it). After +UP Rewards, the Calgon coupon and my 20% discount for being Wellness+ Gold Member, I ended up paying $0.50 for this baby!

From the Calgon website:
Experience red velvet - a warm blend of sensual vanilla, lemon zest, and rich patchouli for addictive indulgence any day of the week.

This is one of those times when I wish I had a "smell-o-vision" button I could install for you to press on this post. This stuff smells DEE-LISH. Well, let me clarify: the dry-down smells delicious. On first spray, I was really bummed because it had a distinct "perfumey" note and not really much of the cake note I was hoping for. But oh, just give it about thirty seconds and you'll get the yummiest whiff of creamy red velvet cake, with a hint of fresh marshmallow (to my nose, at least). 

It's fascinating to me that the notes in this fragrance are sensual vanilla, lemon zest and patchouli, because even though I can kind of pick out all three notes, when combined they really do smell like red velvet cake!

What I really love about this fragrance is that it doesn't have what I like to call PSS or "Pink Sugar Syndrome". Don't get me wrong, I love Pink Sugar and all of its zillions of imposters, but sometimes it's just such a sugary, sweet, strong fragrance that it can be a bit headache-inducing for me. Calgon Red Velvet is a gourmand fragrance that's sweet and a tiny bit spicy, yet it's light and delicate when compared to other dessert fragrances at the drugstore. It doesn't have that cloying, heavy sweetness of other fragrances, which is why I think I love it so much.

But one of the drawbacks of this being such a light, delicate fragrance is that it's also quite fleeting. Unless I apply it heavily, it lasts about an hour on my skin. But hey, I got a big ol' bottle for $0.50, so I don't have a problem taking a bath in it!

PS: Because this isn't a heavy fragrance, I think it could easily double as a hair refresher. You can apply it liberally and not really worry about  knocking people out with the scent.

FINAL VERDICT: If you like dessert fragrances that are sweet yet delicate, I think you might very much enjoy this one. Remember though: don't judge it on first spray. Give it a little time and that sweet cake note will develop. It's definitely worth the wait!

Have you spotted this new Calgon fragrance in your area yet? If so, are you thinking about making a purchase? Don't forget to print out that coupon first!


  1. Now this is a body mist I'm looking forward to experiencing. I use body mists when I'm in and out of my car all day. It's a nice 'refresher' of fragrance as the day gets hot.

  2. Great review,I love sweet scents but they always makes me a bit nauseous after a while, so the fact that it doesn't last it's a plus for me! LOL

  3. Ooh! I'll so be keeping an eye out for this one!

  4. Thanks for posting this! I was just thinking I wanted a vanilla fragrance. :) I'll have to keep an eye out!

  5. Thanks for this post! I have a well-known love of all things Red Velvet, so I will definitely be checking this out... my only issue with most body sprays/mists is that they're usually pretty heavy on the alcohol smell... at least, to my nose.

  6. After reading this post, I promptly went home and opened by bottle of Cupcake Red Velvet wine...

  7. I am sold! I love love new and different things! This will be mine as soon as I spot it!! Thanks G.

  8. I need this fragrance! And I need a huge hunk of red velvet cake, too! lol

  9. A few years back I was obsessed over their Marshmallow scent. I bought two bottles because it was LE and then they made it permanent. I wasn't alone, because I met other women who felt the same. I need to bring it out of my stash. This sounds nice, and there is another one called Pink Kiss that could be good.

  10. I have to look for this on Ebay, sounds so yummy :)

  11. btw, Im a new follower, loving your blog :)

  12. Unfortunately I have been to my Rite Aid several times and haven't seen it :( @G how did you get it for .50

  13. Unfortunately I haven't seen this at my Rite Aid. How did you get it for .50?

  14. I've been searching for this since I read your review, and I finally found it this weekend, at a Kmart 3 hours away from home, no less. It was completely worth the wait though--I fell in love with it as soon as I spritzed it on. It's girly without being overly so, and it just smells so delicious I wish I'd bought another bottle because I know I'll use this one up fast. :D


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