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Thursday, August 18, 2011

L'Oreal Color of Hope: the nail polishes

I owe a huge thank-you to my wonderful reader Kallie for these pics! Kallie is a fellow polish junkie and boy is she feeding my habit with these photos.

Remember when Maria shared with us some pics of the 2011 L'Oreal Color of Hope display yesterday? Well it was then that I heard from several of you that there are also polishes in this collection (like last year!) and here they are, thanks to Kallie!

image credit for all of the following photos: Kallie for Nouveau Cheap

 Devotion, Valiant, Mystery, Whimsical

Looking at (the metallic silver), Kallie even anticipated the obvious question (which I believe some of you addressed in my previous post--thank you!): does Valiant look like Revlon Carbonite? Well, here you go:

Kallie writes: "It might be hard to tell from the shot, but Carbonite is much darker. It's got more grey in it. Valiant is a cousin, but more golden tones."

 (Valiant - taken with flash)

As for that deep dark green, Mystery, Kallie writes: " first [Mystery] looked charcoal with a hint of green, but turned out to be GREEN with charcoal! You can really see the green come out in the flash shot I did. I'm swatching it at home on the nail wheel now and it's definitely green. It's like hunter green wanted to go undercover so it rolled around in charcoal."  I love that description, Kallie!

 (Mystery - taken with flash)

Another huge thanks to Kallie for the great pics and for satisfying my burning desire to see these LE polishes.  I definitely think these are just as great, if not better, than last year's Color of Hope polishes.

Have you spotted the Color of Hope collection at your local drugstores yet? If so, have you purchased anything? If not, are there any must-haves here?


  1. Ahh! I WANT all four - today!! :p

  2. Whoa. You're killing me here G!

  3. That carbonate look alike might be more of a Graphite dupe if it has. More golden tones to it.

    I am loving Mystery - what a pretty shade for fall! I can't wait to find these beauties!

  4. I saw these yesterday and loved them! But as much as I love L'oreal colors, I always have had to struggle with them while applying them.

    Has anyone tried them since they bought Essie? Is the formula any better?

  5. Ooh, Mystery is gorgeous. I hope I'm able to find these.

  6. I saw these today, I wanted the pink but I'm trying to cut I just got the silver, which probably is a good dupe for Carbonite, (don't own it). I compared it to Chanel Graphite and it looks very similar when it's wet, but once it's dried, it's just a silver foil and the sparklies go away.

    I had no idea that Mystery was GREEN!! Seriously!?!?!?! In the store I was in, it looked black. It had nothing to draw me in, but I do think I'll go back for it now that I see it's an actual color.


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