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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Maybelline Fashion Week Fall 2011: the nail polishes

Once again, a huge, whopping thank-you is in order for my dear reader Kallie, who is creating lemmings all over the country tonight with these pics (ok, maybe that's an exaggeration but if you're a polish lover, I pretty much guarantee you're going to want at least ONE of the polishes in this post).

A few days ago, beautifulmonday showed us the displays for the Maybelline Fall 2011 Fashion Week collection, and today Kallie has some close-ups of the polishes. Sit down and get ready, polish lovers!

image credit for all of the following photos: Kallie for Nouveau Cheap

Let me get the two show-stoppers out of the way right off the bat. There's a gray and a deep plum in this collection that don't look like much at first:

Cool Couture

Purple Trend

But then Kallie took them out into the sunlight and HOLY HIDDEN BLUE SHIMMER!

 (click this image for a much better view)

You've got to read Kallie's email about these two shades--it's hysterical! 

Kalllie writes: 

"...I decided to pick up the grey [Cool Couture] and check it out. Meh, a pretty blue toned grey, again, nothing I didn't already have. I was about to put it back, but as I turned the bottle, the light caught the side and that gorgeous blue and turquoise shimmer came out to play. I think if I had one of those helmet cams strapped to my head, you would have died laughing to see my face go from meh to ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Suddenly there was this life I hadn't really seen in greys! I didn't have a basket with me since I was really just browsing and I felt like suddenly everyone wanted to grab this polish from me. I turned into a semi Gollum type person and hunched over the display so no one else could see it and steal my preciouses before I had a chance to give them all a good look."

And here's what happened when Kallie saw Purple Trend:

"Then came the bruise [Purple Trend]. Again, back in the dark corner of the shelf, that's what it looked like to me. Rescue Beauty Lounge Bruised. I pulled it into the light and saw that it too had that pretty blue turquoise shimmer, which instantly reminded me of my favorite MAC pigment ever, Blue Brown, so I hoarded it too."

Haha! She's so right though. Purple Trend is like the nail polish equivalent to MAC Blue Brown! 
In fact, when I was talking to my pal Niki about this last night, she said the same thing. I just have never seen another polish like it--especially at the drugstore.

Here are the rest of the shades in the display (descriptions by Kallie):

Notorious Navy (blue frost shimmer)

 Gold Accessory (gold frost shimmer)

 Mauve Accents (muave creme)

  Be Scene in Green (green frost shimmer)

 Another huge thank-you to Kallie for not only the great pics, but for the informative (and hilarious) commentary! 

So...any must-haves here? I need Cool Couture and Purple Trend STAT!


  1. thanks for the post beautiful colors

  2. Those first two are MUST HAVES. *swoon* I didn't see them today, maybe by this weekend they'll have them out! I'm doing massive stalking.

  3. Be Scene in Green looks like it might have some blue duochrome action going on. Is that just some weirdness from the flash, or is it really there??? I wanna see these!

  4. Love these! She is SO right about the gray!!!! :)

  5. could Purple Trend be a blue shimmer version of Vanishing Venus, which had green shimmer?

    I want it too, precioussssss is an apt description ;)

  6. Yay! I picked up three of these before I saw your post and am going back for Purple Trend today! Posted three of the looks today: Cool Couture, Natural Beauty and Be Scene in Green... :) Nice collection from Maybelline.

  7. Possible dupe between BleachBlack's Dickweed and Be Scene in Green? It's hard to tell, but Maybelline's version may have that duochrome effect that I covet. I've been meaning to buy Dickweed but it seems to be sold out!

  8. nice work Kallie! hilarious notes too!

  9. I picked up polish today at HEB!! ♥

  10. Thanks bluemonday! I'm glad my crazy person antics at least entertain :) And they get me the prize, so it's a llllll good haha!

  11. saw it today & passed on them. the pictures here look better because i wanted to pick someone of them up. but the bottles looked eh in real life..

  12. I picked up purple trend and LOVE it. Wearing it now and it is divine with excellent pigmentation and formula. Now I need to get the grey-blue one...

  13. Oh for shame! My being such a non-animal cruelty beauty buyer, I was irresistibly (and probably irresponsibly!) drawn to buy 4 polishes from this collection. I haven't even WANTED a Maybelline polish in YEARS! What's with these gorgeous colors all of a sudden? Needless to say, I'm head-over-heels for Purple Trend & may have to get a back-up! Wearing it now with accents of MAC Deep Sea on thumbs. LOVE! I have yet to try the other 3 I picked up - the grey/blue, dark blue & green/blue duochrome. There is duochrome in the bottle, but from swatches I've seen it doesn't translate much on the nail - for those curious.


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