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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Spotted: new products from NYC, Jesse's Girl and more!

Remember last week when I said I had tons of new product pics to share with you? Well I still do, and I'm slowly making my way through them, so in this post I'd like to show you three new products that have me super giddy!

Oh! But before I do that, the lovely Tara of Beneath The Sun just told me that Jordana products are on clearance at Walgreens right now for $0.50 each! I haven't been to my local Wags in a while, but if you've spotted this clearance sale in your area too, please let us know!

image credit: Tara for Nouveau Cheap
 Tara also just completely rocked my world with pics of THESE new products she spotted at Rite Aid recently. Check this out:

 image credit: Tara for Nouveau Cheap
Jesse's Girl Baked Powder Eye Shadow Collection
(retail: $6.99 at Rite Aid)

OK, you know I'm a HUGE fan of Jesse's Girl baked eyeshadows (you can see my review of the entire collection of singles here), so I'm completely blown away by this palette! Comparing the shades here to the shades in the existing collection, there are DEFINITELY some new colors here. Whoo hoo! This is the first I've seen of this new palette, but I'll definitely be in touch with my contact at JG to see if I can find out more info!

Tara (who is apparently on a total roll with spotting brand new products right now!) also spotted the new NYC limited edition Halloween collection called Black Magic:

image credit: Tara for Nouveau Cheap
 NYC Limited Edition Black Magic Collection

Black and white lipglosses and lipsticks? A limited edition black/gray/white eyeshadow palette? Wow!

And last but certainly not least, the lovely Christina of and all things girly... shared this pic with me of another Hedy's display at Rite Aid (remember when I showed you the layered glosses the other day?):

 image credit: Christina for Nouveau Cheap
Hedy's Chopstick Eye Liners

Hum...don't these look extremely similar to the Hard Candy Take Me Out liners? I believe HC even had glittery ones (like the gold and silver ones in the pic above) at one point? Anyway, I think it's super cute that the display for the Hedy's version is a Chinese food take-out box, and the price sure is right!

Thanks SO much, Tara and Christina, for the great scoop and pics!

Have any of you spotted these goodies in your area yet? Are you excited to find them?


  1. Halloween!? In JULY!? I am so confused...there are stores in my area that don't even have back to school stuff out yet, and here we have Halloween stuff on the shelves.

  2. Haven't noticed a post about the new Sally Hansen Xtreme wear collection! I've seen it at Target & Walgreens thus far, and have picked up 4 shades.

  3. I just saw those glitter liners today at Rite Aid too and thought the same thing!

  4. I've seen the Chopstick Liners, but there were only two left and someone had rubbed the glitter off, so I passed (for now). I definitely interested in the NYC collection, though my area probably won't get them. /sigh. The Jesse's Girl shadows look amazing!

  5. Eeps!!! Halloween cosmetics already? My, oh, my!

    I did see the new SH. I will email you.

  6. Oh nooes...Last chance stickers? I hope Walgreens isn't ending their relationship with Jordanna! I simply love their eyeliners and lipliners!

  7. Oh noooes...Last Chance stickers? I hope Walgreens isn't ending their relationship with Jordana! I simply love their eyeliners and lip liners! :(

  8. That collection just made me really excited for Halloween! =D

  9. Need that Black Magic collection!

  10. I only saw it at one Walgreen's store and the clearance was for a select number of items. I scored some eyeliners so I am testing them right now.

  11. No wonder I can't ever find Halloween makeup in October; they sell it all out in JULY! lol

  12. Walmart still has the Hard Candy glitter eye pencils. I had one in my cart yesterday then put it back I figured if there was that much fall out from the cap, I could only imagine what a disaster it would be on the eye especially with contact lenses!!! Anyone try these at all?

  13. Yesssss. So even though I only own 2 Jordana products (both nail polishes), I couldn't help going to Walgreens and basically buying one of everything. In total, I purchased 25 items! I purchased the Pretty Shine lip glosses, Kohl Kajal eyeliners, Easyliner lipliners, Glitter Rocks eyeliners, and a few of their regular, non-automatic lipliners and eyeliners. :) At 75% off, why not!

  14. JulieG713 is putting out an entire collection of Jesse's girl nail polishes in the fall. She already did the bright coral JulieG earlier in the spring. I hope the colors of the polishes are good for fall.

  15. Did you get Jesse Girls from Walgreens?


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