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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Spotted at Rite Aid: new products and monthly sales

Lots of things to share with my fellow Rite Aid shoppers today, so let's get started!

First off, my lovely reader Sephiria spotted some new displays at her Rite Aid and was kind enough to share them with us:

image credit: Sephiria for Nouveau Cheap
Demeter Roll On Perfume Oils
(retail: $4.99 each)

I've shown you several Demeter displays at Rite Aid over the past year or so, but I freaked OUT when I saw this pic, because I had no idea Demeter even made roll-ons! Wow wow wow! And you sure can't beat that price, right? Super affordable and, potentially, better staying-power than their traditional scents since the carrier is oil-based. From what I can see looking at this pic, it appears that the  scents in this display are Pure Soap, Baby Powder and Honeysuckle. Yay!

Next up, Sephiria also spotted these new MINI L.A. Colors Color Craze polish sets for just $2.99 each:

image credit: Sephiria for Nouveau Cheap 
L.A. Colors Color Craze Mini Bright 5-pack mini polish sets
(retail: $2.99)

The sets above contain bright shades, while this set contains glitters:

image credit: Sephiria for Nouveau Cheap 
L.A. Colors Color Craze Mini Glitter 5-pack mini polish sets
(retail: $2.99)

How fun are these? Thanks again, Sephiria, for the heads-up!
Next, I wanted to show you some things I spotted on my last Rite Aid trip:

Mr. Bubble Body Washes (fragrance and dye-free on left, original on right)
(retail: 3.49)

I spotted these new Mr. Bubble body washes and I just think they're so fun--I love bubble-gum scented products so I know I'll eventually have to pick one of these up!

I showed you the new Mr. Bubble hand soaps a while back but in case you missed it, here they are again:

Mr. Bubble Moisturizing Hand Soaps
(retail: $2.99)

And next, I want to bring to your attention some MONTH-LONG SALES that I just discovered the other day. I don't know if these monthly sales are regional, and I don't know if they're new (or if I just never noticed them before) but I don't recall seeing these in any of the weekly circulars, so I just want to bring them to your attention (note: these sales run from 6/1 - 6/28 according to the tags on the shelves):

Remember when I showed you the new Organix skincare and body care products a while back? Well they're on sale this month for $7.49 and $5.99 (regular price: $9.99 and $7.99).

All of the Yes To products are also on sale this month (6/1 - 6/28)!

Another month-long sale that I spotted was for EcoTools bath and body products--they're $3.99 with $1 +UP Reward (regular price: $5.99) so that's a great deal as well!

I want to remind you that I live in a Rite Aid test market, so if this is a new program for Rite Aid, you might not see these sales in your area. Check for the yellow tags above the next time you're at Rite Aid, and please please let me know if you spot these sales!


  1. AGAIN I wish we had a Rite Aid here!! All the best stuff seems to come from there! lol

  2. Dang....the la colors sets are 5.99 here!

  3. DANG....the LA colors sets are 5.99 here!

  4. I am all over those Mini sets!

  5. Back to school? The kids aren't even out of school here!

  6. Back To School got me too. Kids in some areas are still in school. Sounds like that collection was suppose to be for Fall. That got it in early or someone changed their minds.

    LA Color 5 pack minis look good. I would get all of them. Has anyone seen the LA Colors full size 7 pack anywhere?

  7. Oh I definately will have Demeter at RA on my radar! I love and have been wanting a true Honeysuckle fragrance for awhile!!! Thanks G.!

  8. G, are you sure that the Mr Bubble is Bubble Gum scented? I'm thinking it might be original scent, which if I remember correctly just smelled like a generic soap fragrance?

    crisweetie912, are the $5.99 sets minis? Because the ones at your Rite Aid might be the full size ones floating around.

  9. Great site! I saw the Demeter roll-ons but no Honeysuckle, they had a Vanilla scent + Pure Soap & Baby Powder at Rite Aid...

  10. I am absolutely ADDICTED to the Vanilla Cake Batter roll on, and for $5 a pop, I bought 2, just in case they sell out.

    Demeter's Fall line at Rite Aid is awesome, too! :)


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