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Monday, June 6, 2011

Spotted in Canada: New L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadows (possible Armani dupes!)

My wonderful Canadian reader Andrea just sent me some pics of the new L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadows that she purchased recently, and let's just say that I'm REALLY hoping these make their way to the US--soon!

According to Andrea, these shadows are a hybrid, "like the Armani Eyes to Kill shadows". Indeed, these might be QUITE the dupe, since the packaging looks rather similar, right down to the inner black lid (check out Nea's review of the L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadow in Purple Passion, and then check out Elvira's review of Armani Eyes to Kill #44.). 

Andrea describes the L'Oreal Infallible shadows as sort of like loose pigments, but she said they apply like a pressed shadow. She said that the texture is "like that of brown sugar, or slightly wet sand". She said they're loose, but "when pressure is applied with a brush or finger it comes together."

Color me intrigued!

Andrea said they wear quite well for her (she used them over a MAC Paint Pot) and lasted around ten hours before slight creasing. She also said that the pigmentation is "incredible" and that they work best for her when "patted on". This is her initial impression (so far she's only tried two of the shades she purchased) but they sound pretty great so far, don't they?

Note: I believe these shadows hit Europe a few months ago. In Canada, L'Oreal has released 12 shades which, according to Andrea, is more than have been released in Europe. So who knows how many we'll get if/when these release in the US!

(image credit for all of the following photos: Andrea for Nouveau Cheap)

L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadows

The shades that have been released in Canada are: 

All Night Blue
Purple Obsession
Endless Chocolate
Time Resist White
Burning Black
Eternal Black
Flashback Silver
Permanent Khaki
Hourglass Beige
Forever Pink
Blue Curacao
Pebble Grey

Andrea has spotted these shadows anywhere from between $8.97 and $12.99 CDN.  Also of note, Andrea pointed out that the products themselves (on the pots below) say: L'oreal Paris Color Infaillible, but on the display and website it's spelled Infallible (without the second 'i').

 Flashback Silver

 Permanent Khaki

 All Night Blue and Hourglass Beige

 Purple Obsession and Eternal Black

If you're in Europe or Canada, have you tried these new L'Oreal shadows yet? I'd love to hear what you think of them. I cannot wait for them to make their way to the US!

Thanks again, Andrea, for the great info, insights and pics!


  1. COOL! I tweeted L'Oreal about it, I'll lyk what I find out

  2. L'Oreal definitely needs to update their shadow line in the United States, that's for sure! Besides the HiP line which is expensive I would love to see an update to their other existing lines.

  3. OMG these look amazing! I've been lemming the Armani shadows, the got scared off by the pricetags lol. I really hope these make it to the US, I especially love the front row of colors in the first picture.

  4. I would buy all of these, omg.

  5. These look great! I hope they come to the US. I'd really love to try them out.

    I have to say though, the "Infaillible" makes me laugh. In-fail-lible. P:

  6. Hopefully they will come Stateside soon! They have been in Euroup for a while.

  7. Hopefully these will come Stateside soon! They have been in
    across the pond for a bit.

  8. I need these so bad. London Makeup Girl did a post. They look like the Armanis!

  9. I got two of these when I was in Paris and they are amazing. They really do last forever!

  10. Didn't know we got these before you guys (cause it's very rare that this happens lol), but I think Flashback Silver has been confirmed to be a close dupe to the Armani version

  11. L'Oreal has said they don't believe they'll be sold in the US - they are double checking to make sure.

    "LOrealParisUSA L'Oreal Paris USA
    @blushingnoir Love them! They may not be sold in the US. We'll check to make sure and get back to you."

  12. Another update from L'Oreal... bad news =(

    LOrealParisUSA L'Oreal Paris USA
    @blushingnoir Sorry, Infallible eye shadows are sold in Europe only but we do have some exciting new releases for the summer so stay tuned!

  13. What??? We got something in Canada before it launched in the U.S.? Excuse me while I fall off my chair... I say these in a drugstore and I have to say they're really nice... the texture is silky and smooth and the colour payoff is great. I just thought they were a little too rich for my blood... I think they were between $10-11 CAD each.

  14. It's so funny that you posted this as I just found out about those Armani intense eyeshadows yesterday and have been dying to try them but they're way out of my budget. It's really sad that the Loreal shadows aren't going to be sold in the States :((

  15. I really want to get all of these :-) I am wondering if any online retailer from Canada or The UK have these and ship to the United States?!

  16. I really want to get all of these :-)

    Does anyone know if there is an online retailer from Canada or the UK that ships to the Unites States?!

    I also called L'oreal and they said they are not going to be here in the States at this time :(

  17. First I must say that it is Color Infaillible/Indefectible and I'm surprised to read they are not to be sold in the US? Why? Yu guys always get the best of makeup, so I'm shocked! I'd kill for the HIP line to be sold in my country. Anyways, I have the 005 Purple Obsession and I like the color very much. Deep purple with tiny blue and pink-reddish flecks and a metallic finish. It's a weird product though, at first I thought it was a pigment, but is more like a powder that agglomerates -if that makes sense. Soft and very pigmented, the side where you see the color is actually the bottom of the pot.

  18. I finally saw these at CVS today. I didn't buy any. CVS had quite a few new releases out on display.


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