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Sunday, June 19, 2011

How you can shave 50% off an average drugstore haul (without clipping coupons!)

Psssst: wanna know how you can shave 50% off a typical transaction at the drugstore without even clipping coupons? 

Simple: drugstore rewards programs! In this case, I'm talking about Rite Aid +UP Rewards (but trust me, you can often do the same thing with CVS Extra Bucks and Walgreens Register Rewards).

I live in a Rite Aid test market, which simply means that the drugstore sales that USUALLY start on Sunday actually start on THURSDAY in my city. So a few days ago, I noticed that (starting TODAY for most of you), there's a good sale on Colgate toothpaste.  The MaxFresh line is on sale, and if you purchase one 6 oz tube for $2.99 (regular price: $3.79), you get $2.99 back in +UP Rewards. So basically, that's FREE toothpaste.  The best part about this deal? The limit is 4, which means you can buy 4 tubes of Colgate and get your money back on all 4 tubes. Can't beat that, right?

Since I had some things I needed to get in addition to toothpaste, I decided to maximize my savings and break this up into two, successive transactions.

For transaction #1, I purchased four tubes of Colgate toothpaste:

 For the above transaction, I received $11.96 back in +UP Rewards, which I then used to pay for transaction #2:

I wanted to surprise Mr. G with some Thrifty Ice Cream Sandwiches which I swear are the best ice cream sandwiches EVER (not pictured in my haul pic) and a Twix bar, and I also needed to get some blank CDs. Oh, and how could I forget to pick up that gorgeous new NYC limited edition Blushable Creme Stick, right? (Check back this week for my review!). 

You'll notice that even though the items I purchased in the above transaction were NOT on sale, I still received a small discount on them. Why? Well that's one of the many perks of the Rite Aid Wellness+ program. I'm a gold level member, which means I get 20% off ALL non-sale purchases every time I shop. So that automatically brought my total down by a few bucks.

After using my +UP Rewards from transaction #1, my grand total for all of the items in transaction #2 was a whopping $0.30.

In the end, I was able to get $26.62 worth of merchandise for just $13.31 OUT OF POCKET.

Not too bad for not even having to clip a single coupon, right? You can totally do this too. Just be sure you're a member of your drugstore's rewards program and watch the sales every week!


  1. OMG G, My family and I love Thrifty Ice Cream. It's really the best! I don't know what the heck they put in it because it's so dang good.

    By the way, I love the Walgreen Register Rewards and CVS Extra Bucks. They save me so much money!

  2. Well done Miss G.! I always want to do that, splitting my purchases like that, but I always think I will annoy both the cashier and others behind me in line. Guess its time to toughen up!

  3. omg, I remember rite aid when it was thriftys and we used to get the ice cream cones.. my fave was black cherry and butter pecan....those were the days of .35ice cream cones.
    I keep reading of these awesome rite aid deals and there are no rite aids where I live. so sad.

  4. Becky: OMG, I know, right? I swear to you, their plain chocolate ice cream is THE BEST. It's so good, I don't even need anything else in. Just plain ol' chocolate! lol! :)

    robin: Thanks, sweetie! And seriously, if you need any extra confidence about doing this, let me assure you that the cashiers are SO used this request! I even see people ask to do separate purchases even when they're not using store rewards and the cashiers don't bat an eye. It's super commonplace and really, it only takes an extra minute or so to pay (twice). But if you're really concerned or there's a very long line behind you, you can always grab the products for the first transaction right as you walk in, pay for them, and then putter around the store and figure out how you're going to use your rewards for your second purchase. ;)

    aly7: Thanks, hun!

    lily: YES! They still have both of those flavors!! Heck, I remember when it was a DIME for single scoop (I'm old!). I haven't purchased a cone from the ice cream counter in a long time, but I think it's now $1.25 for a single scoop. :(

  5. I'm a Pistachio girl hehe...

  6. Sucks that there aren't any Rite Aid's in Florida. Grrrr!!! By the way, I absolutely looooove your blog. Keep up the fantastic work!

  7. I did the same thing yesterday! I was so proud of myself for figuring out to buy 4 toothpastes.

  8. Rite Aid is the best. I'm a gold member as well (through 2012 now, did you get that notice too?). I rarely shop anywhere else if I can help it, Nobody can beat that everyday discount then add Video Values, UP rewards, coupons, unadvertised specials ...yep, it pays to pay attention :) Impresses Mr. Steffy when we go together too- I've actually heard him brag to his friends, as in: "dude! she saved us ___ last time, it was amazing. Our stuff was practically free!" The one I go to regularly knows me by now; some of the clerks and I will share mu advice and the best deals. Of course I can't take ALL the credit here G, but still *blushes*


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