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Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Wet n Wild limited editon Wild Shine nail polish shades

I guess that today is (inadvertently) a nail polish day on Nouveau Cheap! For those of you who aren't big on nail polish, my apologies, but this info is coming fast and furious and I want to get it all up as soon as possible!

I know I always say it, but I have the BEST readers in the entire world. If my previous two posts weren't evidence enough of this fact, then allow me to add this post to the bunch.

My awesome Twitter follower, @somecrazedlady, sent me these pics of a NEW Wet n Wild Wild Shine display she spotted at her local Rite Aid. Now, at first I thought it was this display, which I spotted last August, but of course after comparing the two, I found that it's NOT the same display. The one from August 2010 was called Guilty Pleasures, and this new one is called Sweet Spot.

The Sweet Spot collection states that there are 12 new shades, but there were only six in this display. Looking at these pictures, I think I spot some repromotes, but I believe there ARE new shades here as well.

image credit for the following photos: @somecrazedlady for Nouveau Cheap

L to R: Nerds Need Love Too, Cotton Candy, and Life Saver

I believe that the blue and green cremes are new, but the middle shade looks very similar to the existing core collection shade Lavender Creme.

L to R: Candy Corn on the Cob, Easy Peasy Lemonhead,
and Don't be a Dum Dum

Candy Corn on the Cob looks similar to the core collection shade Red Red, although I'd need to see it in person to verify. Don't be a Dum Dum looks like the existing core collection shade Bijou Blue (or Caribbean Frost?), but I believe that Easy Peasy Lemonhead is new.

And for those of you who are curious, this Wild Shine yellow creme looks to be warmer than Collecting Pollen, which is the yellow creme in the LE Bloom collection.

Have any of you spotted the new Sweet Spot collection in your area yet? If so, did your display contain all 12 shades? I'd love to know what the other shades look like!

And thanks again to @somecrazedlady for the awesome sighting and pictures!


  1. I saw this today at Rite Aid, even took a couple pictures to show you but you're fast! ^.^ The display I saw had those colors but with Life Saver already sold out!

  2. Oh holy guacamole! You're killing me, G! The Wags and Rite-Aids in my neck of the woods aren't putting the candy-coated polishes out like this. I'm still hunting down Green Ocean for Pete's sake! (well, I've run out of space for my polishes and the Husband was like WHOA! when he saw them all lined up in the medicine chest)

    Lemming lemming lemming...

  3. loving the spring polishes!!! Blue Needs Love Too is my fav from this collection.

  4. Happened to stop by Rite Aid today, saw the display, and HAD to buy one of each! At $.99 I couldn't pass them up! There were only six shades, though. I'd love to know what the other six are, if they indeed exist!

  5. Yay! I love nail polish day! I want the yellow and the green. So beautiful and spring-like (although it already feels like summer here where I live)! Hmm, that teal does look like Caribbean Frost, which is one of the prettiest WnW polishes ever.

  6. omg i need the lemon!!! and the 2 other new ones too. i already have the other 3. haha.
    ahhhk! i hope they're still there when i go :D please please be there! im coming for you lemon!
    ps i wonder what the other 6 colors are *_*

  7. Ack!!! I wonder how long it will take Wags to get these cuties out. :)

  8. with this LE nail polish, would the bloom collection still be out? i still haven't found it yet in my area :[

  9. Holy cow. I need all of those. =O I just picked up Sparked the other day and fell in love with it.

  10. This just upsets me. I went on a spending spree and bought about 20 bucks worth of polish! Now I am finding out there is more I could have gotten!! *Sigh* I guess I will have to wait for another time...

  11. I can't wait to see swatches for these. I love candy colors.

  12. I like the blue, green and the pink shades.

    These are way brighter than the pastel LE, which I was not able to track down yet. :-(

  13. I bought the blue shade yesterday, and it's actually called "Nerds need love too". I guess keeping
    with the whole candy theme :)

  14. Thank you for posting this! I have not painted my nails in years (gasp!) and once I saw your post, I decided to spend $2 on a coral and clear...and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! I even did my Mom' nails!!! I am going to mention your blog post on my post today...:)

  15. vanessa: thank you so much for catching that! I'll update the name right away. :D

    The Curvy Girl: Awww, thank you so much for that! I'm so glad the colors you got are working out for you (and your mom)! xo

  16. Thanks for the post, I stopped ny my local Rite Aid and bought Nerd need love, life saver and eassy peasy lemon head. I have tried all on my nails and would say PASS on the easy peasy lemonhead, it streak at 1 , 2 and 3 coats... im going to take it back. I do however lover the other 2 I bought.

  17. I just picked these up yesterday!

    Nerds need love too has blue shimmers to it. I compared Cotton Candy to all the light pinks and the lavender creme and it doesn't seem to be a dupe of any to my eye. It is the perfect bublegum pink. Lifesaver has green shimmers to it and reminds me of green tea ice cream :D.

    Candy Corn on the Cob looks like it is Red Red, but it has Gold shimmer in it. Easy Peasy Lemonhead is a nice pastel creme yellow. I didn't buy Don't be a Dum Dum because it looked to be super close or a dupe of Caribbean Frost.

  18. My local Rite Aid had the display and like your picture it contained only six of the 12 colors. I picked up all six which includes:

    33626 Made from 100% COTTON CANDY
    33627 CANDY CORN on the COB
    33628 Easy Peasy LEMONHEAD Squeezy
    33629 Toss Me A LIFESAVERS
    33632 NERDS Need Love Too
    33631 Don't Be A DUM DUM

    Any one know what 33630 is?

  19. I bought the yellow because it looks so gorgeous and happy, but it streaks horrible! Please considure putting a warning in your post: the yellow is super difficult to apply!

  20. I don't have a rite aid but nerds need love too is a cute color

  21. Don't be a Dum Dum is definitely different than Caribbean Frost-- much sheerer and kind of a different finish.

  22. Nooo! I have to miss these, No Rite Aids in Indiana! :(


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