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Saturday, March 19, 2011

More new Sinful Colors shades (and a new version of Daddy's Girl!)

Before you start running out to Walgreens to look for these new shades, please note that not all of these colors have been spotted at Walgreens. My lovely reader and fellow blogger, Erin of Persistently Polished, was kind enough to send these amazing pics my way, but she spotted these new colors at Meijer, which is a retail chain in the midwest. The more I hear about Meijer, the more I desperately wish this chain was in California! If you'll recall, Meijer was the first to get the Wet n Wild Pixie Holiday palettes too.

If you want to see the full list of the new colors that ARE available at Walgreens as of right now, you can click here.

image credit for all of the following photos:
Erin of Persistently Polished for Nouveau Cheap

L to R: Stella, Fly Away, Verbena, Ciao Bella and Nicole

Stella and Verbana have NOT been spotted at Walgreens
yet (that I know of), but Fly Away has.

I don't believe Ciao Bella or Nicole have been spotted at Walgreens yet either.

Here's a comparison of Nicole (left) and Unicorn (right).
Unicorn is a new shade that HAS been spotted at Walgreens.

So you can see that, clearly, Nicole is NOT a repromote of Unicorn.

A close-up of Ciao Bella.

A close-up of Stella.

A comparison of Stella (left) and Essie Mochaccino (right)

And here is the NEW version of Daddy's Girl.
New version on the left, old version on the right.

Here are the details of this new version of Daddy's Girl:

Erin writes: ...there appears to be a newer version of Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl out. The old version is a purple jelly with maybe just some silver or iridescent microshimmer/glass fleck. The version that I picked up today, though, is a purple jelly with red microshimmer! It's really gorgeous!

And here's a gorgeous swatch from Erin of the new version of Daddy's Girl.

You can see more swatches of this shade by visiting Erin's blog here.

Sinful Colors fans: are you excited about these new shades? I really hope they hit Walgreens SOON, because I definitely would like to get my hands on Stella and Verbena, for sure!

Thanks again, Erin, for the incredible photos and scoop!


  1. Hey! Just wanted to let you know, Target (or at least my target) carries Sinful Colors as well... and some of these look familiar from when I saw them just yesterday! :)

  2. Ooooh, the new Daddy's Girl does look awesome. For some reason out of all them I'm really loving Stella. It looks sort of like a glass fleck shimmer and I don't think I have a neutral that looks anything like that. And of course, I have to possess every unique color and finish that exists, haha.

    Thank you for the pictures Erin! I wonder if Nicole is close OPI's Fiercely Fiona... it seems to have that greenish hue. also, are the bottles slightly different or am I just going crazy?

  3. I love the old Daddy's Girl so I will definitely have to get the new one. Red micro flakies? Oh, yeah! I also need some of the new colours. Unicorn, definitely as well as Fly Away. *sigh* :D

  4. I saw them at Meijer too. I also found another called Springtime, it's a pale, sheer, shimmery lavender, it looks like it could be a CND Sparkling Effects. I *think* it's new, anyway.

  5. To quote Marlon Brando... Stellaaaaaa!

  6. Nice, new colors! I will be eager to see them.

  7. Anna Elizabeth, Darling V and Niki: me FOUR! :D

    B: Oooh, thanks for the tip, hun! My Target doesn't carry SC, but that's great to know for those whose Target does! :)

    Jessi: Yep, I've gotta have Stella too. :)

    Ice Queen: I know, right? It looks so pretty and I like it more than the original version!

    JenJen: So now you're just rubbing it in, right? LOL! You Miejer girls and your awesome drugstore sightings. :p

    graziaplena: BWHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA *deep breath* BWHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH! I am crying over here! That could not have been more perfect!

    I wonder if they knew we'd be crazy over this shade when they named it... :)

  8. Kimberly: I was wondering if you'd be lured in by any of these! :D

  9. Fly away would be so pretty on your toes. But id like to have Stella i dont think i have another color like it.

  10. I really like the looks of Stella! I'm undecided on Daddy's Girl.

  11. I am SO excited about these new shades! i really want to get Stella, Ciao Bella, and Verbena! :) Stella is a bit lighter than the other one new to Walgreens, Nirvana. I'm wearing Nirvana right now and it's pretty much an exact dupe for OPI's You Don't Know Jacques.

  12. ooooh so pretty!!! i want to grab them all :D

  13. Oooo! I hope that our Meijer gets Springtime! Sounds lovely!

    I think I made a mistake with that blue. I think the other blue I ran across was called Why Not. However, it looks exactly like Fly Away. So eh. :)

    Thank you SO much for posting this and promoting my blog! :D

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  15. LOVE Stella!!

    Still looking for Green Ocean, too! :-(

  16. I'm with everyone else. I want to see Stella! :P

  17. that "new" version looks like I love you...

  18. I want all of those, but I especially want Verbena!

  19. I just picked up Fly Away the other day, but I haven't been fortunate enough to find the others.

  20. I want stella, and verbena, and unicorn, and nirvana...and I think there were some older shades that I wanted as well. And there's still a couple wet'n'wild things I want to pick up...the list of things I need to get is growing!

  21. To Lady Luck:
    I also have I Love You. They're similar, but not the same. :)

  22. I'm gonna have to look for Daddy's Girl, that's gorgeous. =]

  23. Anyone who's seen any of my comments knows I want Nicole. :P

    At first glance, Ciao Bella looked like Midnight Blue, another Sinful Colors polish that I have and *didn't* care for very much (mostly because it BADLY stained my nails), but in the closer look, it has a shimmer in it that Midnight Blue lacks.

  24. Thank you for all the wonderful info, G! I just bought OPI's Do You Lilac It? yesterday (I've gone on a lilac/lavendar polish binge), and it looks like Verbena may be a possible dupe for it. Beautiful color! Thanks to your recent post, I was able to pick up Big Daddy, Fly Away, Hazard, and some other great colors recently (I'm wearing Cream Pink now, and I love it). Sadly, I don't live near a Meijer, but I've also seen Sinful Colors polishes popping up at my local Target, along with Essie polishes.

  25. I went on a business trip last week and hit one Walgreens and two different Rite Aids looking for SC I couldn't get from the poorly restocked Rite Aid in my town. I came home with Black on Black, Tokyo Pearl, Mint Apple, Timbleberry, Pinky Glitter, ad 24/7. I'm hesitant to buy the yellows because I haven't had good luck with them in any brand. Are they good or a streaky nightmare?

  26. I saw Fly Away at my Walgreens tonight!

  27. I was hoping to find Verbana, but I couldn't find it. So, I picked up Fly Away instead. Super cute! I almost got Savage too, but it was too similar to Rise and Shine which I already own.


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