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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

CoverGirl Ice Slicks and Frost Slicks at Dollar Tree

A huge thanks to those of you who alerted me to the fact that the old-school CoverGirl crackle polishes are currently surfacing at Dollar Tree. I visited my local DT the other day and while I didn't find any crackles, I DID find a ton of the old-school CoverGirl Ice Slicks and even a limited edition Frost Slick (I also found a CoverGirl Mattalic polish, which is a line I don't even remember from back in the day).

I don't know who Dollar Tree is working with in terms of suppliers, but they currently have access to tons and tons of old stock! You can now find nail polishes at Dollar Tree from yester-year that were long ago discontinued (remember the Sally Hansen Nail Prism frenzy from last year?) and all of these old polishes come in 2-packs for one dollar. If you're a polish lover and/or collector and you don't mind old formulas (i.e. NOT big-3-free) then it's your lucky day.

I was discussing the Ice Slicks on Twitter the other day with my pal @ruthie_girl and let me tell you, she provided me with a WEALTH of information that, of course, I'd love to share with you! I'll give you those details at the end of this post, but first let's get to the pics:

The moment I saw Anti-Freeze on Scrangie's nails, I knew I had to have it. Scrangie did an excellent job of describing the challenges of using an older non-big-3-free polish on top of a newer big-3-free polish, so definitely give her post a read. The old and new formulas don't play nicely with one another so there will a long dry-time to these. It's best to use a quick-dry top coat if you're planning to use one of these old CG polishes to layer.

Orange Slush has almost the exact same type of "glowing embers"effect that you see in Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, but Orange Slush contains glitter while Hidden Treasure, of course, contains flakes.

Krypton-Ice is the green sister of Anti-Freeze. Instead of the blue sparkles you get in Anti-Freeze, Krypton-Ice's glitter is a stunning shade of green with some gold thrown in for good measure.

Gold Front is a limited edition Frost Slick and it's jam-packed with holographic goodness.

In the following pics, I layered all four polishes over the new Wet n Wild Fast-Dry polish Ebony Hates Chris:

And here are some deliberately blurry pics so that you can get a better idea as to the glitter in each shade:

Of course, none of these pics really do these glittery top coats any justice. You've really got to see them in person.

If you're looking for these polishes at your local Dollar Tree, I want to be sure you know that you cannot see the actual names of the shades due to the packaging (they come in 2-packs and the names aren't visible). BUT, my pal @ruthie_gal gave me some excellent info that I'd like to pass along to you to make your search easier!

@ruthie_girl writes:

Look at the 4-digit #s stamped on bottle bottoms (visible thru pkg):

0284 OR 0290=Pink Ice
2213 OR 2196=Gold Front
1176=Purple Frost

I can also now contribute to this list and tell you that:

0279=Orange Slush

I hope this post helps those of you who are on the hunt for these long-ago-discontinued CoverGirl polishes! If you have any questions, please leave a comment--I'd be happy to help if I can.

And another HUGE thanks to @ruthie_girl for the wonderful info!


  1. They look great. How's the application?

  2. Those look awesome! I want Gold Front and Orange Slush especially. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any of the CG IceSlicks or FrostSlicks at my Dollar Tree but I did manage to get a Crackle/Mattalic two-pack. I'm really excited to try the crackle.

  3. I snagged a few of these and a white crackle a few weeks ago. Haven't tried them yet though.

  4. my dollar tree is always a little late on getting the 2 pack nail polishes so i will be checking back frequently!

  5. Oooooh I love Anti Freeze. I looks like stars.

  6. I went to 3 DTs & 2 Big Lots on Saturday looking for any of these polishes and as usual, found only LA Colors, the same ones they always have. So either the Color Girl polishes are not everywhere or they are really late coming to the midwest. :/

  7. Doesn't it just boggle the mind when these ancient polishes just show up? Like, where were they, in the basement at Cover Girl headquarters?
    I feel myself weakening into getting in on the fun of these. Ah, who am I kidding? I'm going to go look for 'em!

  8. One day the Dollar Trees in Texas will start getting some of the oldies,but goodies. I haven't seen anything there except LA Colors.

  9. GRRR. I JUST stopped at a dollar tree on the way home in hope of finding these- NOTHING by LA colors. :/

  10. Just seeing your post now but picked up Anti-Freeze earlier at my DT. I ♥ to find an unknown lacquer and research it when I get home. Nice find for sure!

  11. Tried all my local DTs here in Dayton, Ohio area and haven't found anything besides the standard LA colors (but I did grab Atomic from them and am kind of in love with it!). I just want the orange slush and a crackle! :(

  12. Dang I stopped at a Dollar Tree today in hopes of catching and Ice Slick or two. No such luck :(

  13. Thanks for the pics! I happened to pick these up when I spotted the crackle but haven't tried yet. I also picked up revlons perplex ( Chanel dupe) at big lots for $1! I'm loving all these oldie polishes at a great deal! Thanks :)

  14. Strangely, my closest Dollar Tree has BOTH the Nail Prisms and the LA Colors right now, and lots of makeup - but the one near my office (in a much larger town) has neither, and a tiny overall makeup selection.

  15. My local DT, which usually has the old nail polish, hasn't had any new NP shipments in months now. But I stopped at every DT in Atlanta last time I was there, and found these in a couple of places. I would *love* to talk to a Dollar Tree corporation insider who can get me a list of the DTs that get the discontinued polish, vs. the DTs that only get the same L.A. Colors over and over again. If you can find that person, that would be awesome!!!

  16. Wait, not "every" DT in Atlanta. But every one along the route to the BF's house and mine. Which is probably six or seven stores.

  17. Got the white crackle & did a test of it. It works well with Sinful colors fusion neon. Dark red Elf and a shimmer dark blue L.A. Colors is was ok but left wrinkles. CQ twilight (shimmer grey) made lots of wrinkles. I'm still testing to find some good results.

  18. I'm so sorry to hear that so many of you are having trouble finding these polishes at your DT. The only thing I can suggest is trying *every* DT in your area. I have several locations within a 5-mile radius, and some of them ONLY sell the standard LA Colors polishes, while others have a much better variety. I'm not sure how their distribution works, but it's soooo frustrating!

    Elocina: The application was totally fine, but it's just the drying time that's the pain. I noticed that I didn't let Anti-Freeze dry properly before I applied Seche Vite, and you'll never believe what happened! I was applying some hand lotion the other day, and all of sudden my polish just SLIPPED off in one in-tact sheet! In other words, the layer between Anti-Freeze and the WnW polish didn't fully dry before I applied SV, so when I rubbed it, it just slipped right off the nail, leaving only my base coat behind. So honestly, it's best to use a non-3-free underneath these, I think. :(

    JP Scraps: That is SO helpful! I had a feeling that the crackles would only work well with other non-3-free polishes, but I think SC polishes are 3-free, right? So there goes my theory! Haha!

  19. Hi today at my Dollar Tree i found Gold Front, Orange Slush, and Krypton ICe. I also found these two other colors:
    ICE SLICKS: 0259 CRYSTAL and
    Shimmer Slicks: 2192 IN A FLURRY.

  20. I've tried the CG Crackle in White over 3-free and non-3-free polishes. I have found so far that putting the crackle over a wet coat of polish is the determining factor in how it works, rather than the formula of the polish underneath.

  21. @Kimberly: ROFL! RE your comment, "Like, where were they, in the basement at Cover Girl headquarters?". :-D

    Oh my gosh, I have thought that SOOOO many times!! Like did the SH execs just happen to stumble over a few HUNDRED boxes of Nail Prisms in the good ol' corporate exec break room one day and say, "Dang, I'm so tired of barking my shins on these old things! Send them to DT at once, minions!" or what??!!!

    Whatever the case, I love it! Puts a bit of the "surprise" back into a world where we've gotten used to unwrapping the presents before Christmas! ;)

    @vma2781: Thanks for sharing! I'm adding those name and numbers to my ISO list!
    In online searching I'd heard of In A Flurry from this collex but not Crystal... What does Crystal look like?

    @T-Rex: Sweet! Thanks so much for sharing this - I have been wondering - found Boo! and Ghost and have only tried Ghost on 1 nail so far. It crackled just barely - tiny, fine cracks, but the polish underneath was totally dry (mani from a different day). I put them aside cuz I didn't want to "waste" them just cuz I didn't know how to use them! You rock! :)

  22. Got a bottle of Anti-Freeze today, and its number is 0283. So pretty!


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