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Monday, January 24, 2011

Review: New Sally Hansen Vita-A Lip Line Smoother

When I showed you this new collection of lip treatments from Sally Hansen, I was so mesmerized that I had to purchase the peach flavor. The look and design of these new lip balms is very reminiscent of Japanese lip balms to me (especially the peach flavor!) and as many of you know, I'm obsessed with all things Japanese, so I just had to buy it (plus I had $5 Extra Bucks so I got it for free!).

 Sally Hansen Vita-A Lip Line Smoother
(retail: $4.99 at CVS, 0.10 oz)

Aesthetically, I adore this product. I love clear lucite/plastic packaging for any type of lip product, and I love the peach color of the balm itself.

As for the actual product, this is where I'm truly on the fence. I love the scent and flavor of this balm (it really does smell and taste like peaches) and I love how smooth it is to apply. It literally glides across your lips with no tugging or pulling. However, I find that the texture is a bit on the greasy side, which feels good at first if your lips are as dry and chapped as mine are at the moment, but I find that every time I apply this, it's gone from my lips within the hour. Admittedly, I'm a gloss-eater and I smoosh my lips together a lot, but even so, I'm used to lip balms lasting at LEAST an hour on my lips.  Not so with this one. In about 30 minutes, it's gone and I don't even feel traces of it.

But that said, if I put it on before bedtime, I notice that in the morning my lips do feel considerably more hydrated and soft. I haven't seen a visible change in the appearance of fine lines, but I do think my lips feel less chapped and dry than before I started using this product (for reference, I've been applying this to my lips 2-3 times a day since I purchased it on January 15th and it's now January 24th).

Aside from the lack of staying power on my lips, I have another small issue with this product. The balm itself is of a softer texture, so the stick wiggles a little bit during application. In other words, the pressure of applying this to my lips causes the balm to shift and I've noticed a few dents on the back-side of the balm from where it's pressing against the tube. I just wanted to call that to your attention in case you're a fanatic about this type of thing as well.

Sadly, I cannot give you a final verdict about this product because I am still on the fence about it! I like the results so far, but it just doesn't last on my lips (though obviously something in the formula continues to work for me after the balm itself is no longer detectable). I love the packaging, the fragrance and the scent. I don't love the way it sits loosely in the tube. Argh! 

I say, if you're curious about this new line, and you can get it on sale and/or your have coupons or Extra Bucks, Register Rewards, etc. then give it a shot. Your results may be quite different than mine, and lip balm is always so subjective to begin with.

Do you already own one of these new balms from Sally Hansen? I'd love to hear about your experiences!


  1. They remind me of Shu Uemura lipsticks (from the Rouge Unlimited Mauve Collection)!

  2. I have to wonder if the other colors in this collection are greasy too! Thanks for another great review!

  3. Hmm intriguing, i love the sound of the peach flavour!

  4. I have the pink mosturizer one and I love it. It doesn't last because it abosrbs into the lips and makes them soft and less dry. This is a great product to put on before lipstick or bed. Great for the winter!I am not sure I would label is greasy, because I think that is negative.

  5. I'm starting to like my lipsticks for keeping my lips hydrated better than my lip balms. I find that Softlips especially seems to wear off too quickly and leave my lips feeling drier. On the other hand those Physician's Formula lip injection plumper or something, their lipsticks that are on sale, anyway, those are very hydrating. I thought it was still on hours later because my lips felt so smooshy, but when I checked the color was gone but something in it was still conditioning/hydrating my lips even after it wore off.

  6. agreed with NeutraKris, they do look like packaging dupes for Shu Uemura's lipstick found here:


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