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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Review: New Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia

Have you ever been disappointed with a product, only to realize that the reason you were disappointed was because your expectations were not even close to the actual claims of the product? Allow me to clarify.

I'd been lusting after these new Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balms ever since Rach shared those pics with us a while back. Even though the look of this balm is deceiving (it looks like the balm is in a cool cardboard tube, but that's actually just the outer packaging) I was so drawn to the colors in the display that I became obsessed with finding this new collection in my area. I finally found it the other day at a local CVS, and I quickly purchased Red Dahlia.

Not only are dahlias my very favorite flower in the entire world, but I'm also a sucker for sheer red lip colors. I had a feeling this shade was just made for me, I'm telling you!

Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia
(retail: $6.99)

But then, I swatched it on the inside of my arm, and became sad:

Looking at the color in the tube (which is absolutely gorgeous), I was disappointed by how sheer this balm is on the skin. I guess I was hoping the color payoff would be better, but then I looked at the packaging again. What does it say? It says:

A hint of color that cares for your lips

A HINT, folks. Not a lot, not a medium amount, but a HINT. So after I realized that Burt's Bees had given me exactly what it promised, I felt a whole lot better about this product. In fact, I now ADORE it.

Dare I say this is a My Lips But Better shade for me? I think it just might be!

Here's what else I love love love about this tinted lip balm. NO MINT! Don't get me wrong, I love mint, but I don't like it in every single lip balm I own. To my nose, this balm smells like a combination of cranberries and grapes. Not fake cranberries and grapes, but REAL cranberries and grapes. It smells so luscious I almost want to take a bite out of it. It also has a faint berry flavor to it as well, but neither the fragrance nor flavor are strong or overpowering. Each is quite soft and subtle.

As for the texture? It rocks. Smoooooth and creamy as melted cream cheese. OK, that was gross. I don't want to compare this tinted lip balm to cream cheese--I'm just trying to illustrate that this is one creamy balm, folks. My lips feel so moisturized and luscious--I can't stop rubbing my lips together when I'm wearing this.

Needless to say, this is a 100% natural lip balm and it's packed full of amazing ingredients. That's to be expected from good ol' Burt by now. But honestly, this balm is fabulous, and my only complaint is that the retail price of $6.99 is a bit steep for this drugstore-lovin' gal. Save up your Extra Bucks for one of these, gals. Seriously, I can't recommend it enough, now that I've let go of my unwarranted expectations for deep pigmentation. It never promised a lot of pigment, so I don't know why I ever thought it would have a lot of pigment!

Do you already own a Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm? Are you thinking about getting one? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Just like you, I was expecting more pigment when I pictured it in my mind too, and was also excited about this color for that reason. But like you said it claims it's a hint, and it still looks nice on you. I'm glad you're satisfied with the rest of it too, I can't wait to find these in my drugstore!

  2. I often find myself the victim of my own expectations. And not just regarding beauty products!

  3. It would be good for those who's lips are not pigmented at all!

  4. Yay! Now I'm even more excited about these (I think I'm most excited about the lack of mint which seems a little silly)! I hope they go on sale soon. =)

  5. I saw a display of these and instantly wanted Tiger Lily.
    I'm so glad you reviewed these because I'll definitely go back for it now (and maybe Rose too.) :)

  6. I was about to get these yesterday at Ulta, but I opted for the Palladio Herbal Tinted Lip Balm in Rosey. It is perfect & exactly what I expected ! It's the same shade as Burt's Bee's Red Dahlia in the tube, but it swatches exactly how it looks ! Very pigmented ! It's like a moisturizing red lip stick ! I definitely recommend Palladio's product if you want a more pigmented tinted lip balm ! =)

  7. I got this in Hibiscus and it's great! The color is a bit more corally/orangey than the cardboard tube but I still really like it.

  8. This looks so pretty! I like sheer colors because I am super pale and very red lips always makes me self conscious. I have learned after reading your blog for so long as I have that if you like something I more than likely am going to love it to. Actually i don't think I have bought anything that you recommended that I haven't loved. Thanks so much!

  9. I got this in Tiger Lilly today. In the tube its a pretty peach color. It goes on sheer but it can be built up. When I do that it nicely neutralizes some of my lip color to give me soft nude

  10. I bought Red Dahlia over the weekend and was also disappointed when I swatched it on my arm - but on my lips it showed up much better. Go arm is much paler than my lips. It's totally MLBB, and might even dethrone Palladio as my favorite tinted balm. I do wish the cardboard tube was the real tube, though - it's so cool!

  11. I love these. They're literally the best lip things I've ever tried. I think they smell like bubble gum, and it's a nice break from the mint (which I hate, for a variety of reasons). They're perfection - I have pigmented lips and Pink Blossom and Hibiscus are just pink enough to make me look finished. I can't say enough about them!

  12. I can't wait to try these! I'm always looking for truly moisturizing and tinted lip products. My lips are always dry, even in summer but they're worse in winter. I've been using lip scrub and Sally Hansen's intensive lip treatment at night and during the day various tinted lip products. Some work better than others, that's for sure so I'm glad you liked these.

  13. I bought honeysuckle and pink blossom today and I have to say I hated that they used so much for the packaging! the ones I have smell like bubblegum, maybe the different shades have different scents. great review!

  14. beautyarcade: I am so behind on comments right now but I just had to respond to your comment--when I read it I CRACKED UP! I am sooo right there with you on that. ;)

  15. I know this is an old post of yours, but I had to say--I just got one of these in Rose, and I absolutely love it!

  16. THANK YOU--NO MINT !!!

    This has always been a source of irritation for me. Great lipbalm but always mint or menthol in it. Very irritating for some of us. I just want moisture and maybe a hint of tint. Finally maybe BB got it right this time!

    Just saw this in my local Walgreens and have ordered one online.

  17. Ah I love the mint in their products. I got Hibiscus recently and it's quit pigmented, I think I am going to pick up the orangey peach one next. I like them.

  18. SO glad I found this blogpost and thread. I have now ordered it too, just a different color!:)


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