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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Heads-up! The CVS L'Oreal clearance sale continues...

Remember when I spotted all those 75% off L'Oreal products at CVS the other day (click here if you missed it)? Well, I've got even exciting more info to give you about this clearance!

Thanks to my lovely reader Rachel for letting me know that in addition to the goodies I showed you here, L'Oreal HiP Pigments and HiP Kohl Liners are also 75% off!

BUT, it gets better! I'm having flashbacks to the CVS semi-annual beauty sales because it turns out that even if you don't see the 75% off signs on these L'Oreal products, they're still coming up 75% off! Just be sure to scan the products and double-check before you take them to the register. A HUGE thank to my lovely reader Blai for the heads-up on that!

So here's the complete list of everything I've spotted, combined with everything that others have spotted. All of the following L'Oreal products are coming up 75% off at CVS:

All Endless Color Lipsticks
ALL Pro Manicure polishes
All Color Pressos
All HiP Shine Struck Liquid Lip Colors
All True Match Feel Naturale 
Light Softening Compact Powders and Blushes 
ALL True Match Naturale Gentle Lip Conditioners  
All HiP Pigments
All HiP Kohl Liners
Select True Match Foundation shades

I can't stress this enough: if you don't see 75% off signs next to these products, take them to the CVS scanner box and see if they come up 75% off! Chances are, they will! And if you have coupons too? You're looking at free or next-to-free goodies!


  1. I may need to see if my CVS is 24 hours!

  2. i know where im spending my birthday money haha xD
    thanks for the heads up!

  3. Still no L'oreal sales at my CVS. Not happy.

  4. Haven't seen the clearance sales at my CVS unfortunately, maybe next week :)

  5. Thanks for the info, I guess I will be CVS-ing tomorrow :)

  6. Jen: Haha! :)

    Clarissa: You are so welcome, honey.

    Angela: Do you mean that you tried scanning some of these products but they didn't come up 75% off? PLEASE let me know if you did that because it would help so much to know! Thanks!

    cjx: OK, but did you try scanning them (even though they didn't have signs)? Please let me know if they didn't come up 75% off! Thanks hun.

    Tee: You are so welcome, and lol at "CVS-ing". :)

  7. GRRRRRRRRRR I need to get there! Good thing I live in a pretty small town :D

  8. Tiff: Please please let me know if you spot some of these at 75% off (even if there's no sign)? Thank you, honey! I'm so curious about that!

  9. Hello!

    I can confirm that even if your CVS doesn't have the signs out saying 75% they still ring up that way. I asked the manager of my CVS and he said that the prices go into effect, its just that the associates haven't put up the signs yet. I bought 6 HIP pigments, a lip conditioner, a nail polish, and a true match powder and it came out to almost $30. But I scanned my card and got a $3 off a $15 purchase coupon so my total ended up being under $25 with tax for over $100 worth of products!

  10. are the BEST ! Thanks for this info. I stopped at a CVS and did not see any 75% off signage on the L'Oreal products. I scanned a product and the prices are in the system. I used a coupon from the Sunday insert and was able to get a True Match Powder for .90 !

  11. Darn! I was in CVS yesterday, saw no signs, so I picked up my prescription and left. I wish I had scanned a few things!

  12. I got 3 of the HiP Liquid Lipcolors (which I LOVE), and three HiP pigments. One of them is a dupe of that AWESOME duo(multi?)chrome shame in the WnW Night Elf palette!!!

  13. I haven't scanned anything, but my CVS always puts 75% off stickers on things that are discounted (and even if only one thing in a section has those stickers, they put signs EVERYWHERE saying to look for the stickers). So far, no discounts on L'oreal. There are a few Covergirl and Revlon things on sale at mine. (L'oreal is my favorite drug store brand, so I check frequently for sales on that brand anyway.)

  14. I'm going in to pick up a prescription tomorrow. I'll scan some things and let you know.

  15. Scan, Angela, scan. They may not even know that there is a sale going on. There was a girl working cosmetics and I told her that some of the L'Oreal was scanning at 75% off and she didn't believe me and went to tell the manager, he didn't believe me either since they weren't sent any signs and hadn't been told about it. The kid working the register gasped when he saw that my $111.58 sale dropped to $28.53 once he scanned my card. All I had was a $2 coupon, so my final price was $26.53 for 4 nail polishes, 3 lipsticks, 2 pigments, 1 liquid lipstick, and 1 blush. Oh and a diet coke, hauling is thirsty work! lol

    I wish this was at Rite Aid, I have 5 or 6 $2 coupons for L'Oreal, but it's a manufacturers coupon that has to be used at Rite Aid. They were on a bunch of pamphlets for Oct Breast Cancer month.

    One other thing, the sale isn't good for limited edition stuff. I scanned one of the limited edition nail polishes in hopes that would be 75% off too, nope.

  16. The tags were finally up today!

    I got an Endless Lip color for $2.74 (orig. $8.55), a HIP Shocking Shadow Pigment for $3.12 (orig. $9.37), and a HIP Kohl eyeliner for $3.37 (orig. $10.12). I'm a happy camper! :)



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