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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The CVS L'Oreal clearance: some inspiration!

Every time I post about this 75% off L'Oreal clearance sale currently going on at CVS, I hear back from several of you who say, "Oh man, I haven't seen this sale at my CVS." I HATE to sound like a broken record, but when you say this to me, I ask you if you've scanned the L'Oreal products at the red CVS scanner box, because I've heard reports from several of you that the products are coming up 75% off even if your store doesn't have sale signs on the displays. I'm running out of ways to say this, but SCAN these L'Oreal products and see if they're 75% off in the system. There's a VERY good chance they will be, and I'm living proof!

The other day, I went to a local CVS that did not have any 75% off sale signs ANYWHERE. But I took a few products that I listed in this post, which I know are coming up 75% off at CVS stores across the nation, and sure enough, they came up 75% off.

Here's my proof:

I also had a $2 off any L'Oreal face product coupon from last week's Red Plum insert, which brought my total down from $25.48 (full price for both items) to just $4.36. For BOTH products.

By the way, I selected the two products above based on the lovely Jamie's post here. I've always wanted this pigment, and I've never tried these blushes but Jamie loves 'em, so I figured it was time, considering I love powder blushes.

Now I'd like to show you even MORE inspiration for you to get out there and start scanning your L'Oreal products! My lovely reader Lisa made out like a champ the other day and snapped some pics for me to share with you:

image credit: Lisa for Nouveau Cheap

image credit: Lisa for Nouveau Cheap

Um, WOW WOW WOW! I always say, save your coupons and wait for sales, and that's exactly what Lisa did! She used CVS store coupons, stacked them with manufacturer's coupons, and then bought only the L'Oreal products that are on clearance for 75% off. She literally got over $100 worth of cosmetics for UNDER $10 TOTAL!

I don't want to sound like a nagging mom here, but please please don't tell me that you're frustrated that you haven't seen this sale going on at your CVS! You've GOT to scan some of the products I listed in this post and check to see if they're on clearance in the system. Of course, if you have scanned them and they're NOT coming up 75% off, I would LOVE to hear from you. Please leave a comment if you've encountered this, because so far I haven't heard back from a single person who is not finding these products on clearance.

Happy shopping, and congrats to Lisa! You scored big time, girlie!


  1. I checked out my local CVS and scored the following

    Skin Genesis eye cream w/bonus skin serum
    Skin Genesis facial wash (pink bottle)
    Deep clean with the scrubbie
    and a nail polish

    All of these were 75% off and I think I only paid 6 or 7 bucks.

  2. I'm scanning like crazy :) So far I've scored 4 pigments and 2 eye kohls. I'll be checking out others to stock up on blushes and foundations!!!!

  3. Thanks soo much for linking my post! I hope you love the blush and pigments as much as I do!

  4. Thank you sooo much! I went to CVS (in MO) and ohmy!!! I got:
    L'Oreal HIP Kohl eyeliner in black and burgundy
    Endless lipstick
    L'Oreal HIP shocking shadow Intrepid

    It was the best deal of the year in my eyes!! Thank you soo much!!

  5. Funny my CVS is the exact opposite. They are tagged as 75% off but they arenringing up at full price so the 4 times I have gone in to get stuff I go through this whole ordeal of taking the clerk to the loreal isle, showing them the tags and then they have to calculate what 75% is and the price override every single item. This is annoying but wort it . I just hate the angry glares of the customers behind me that have to wait!

  6. Yup - "unmarked" on the shelf, but some of the Age Perfect skincare line is 75% off too. I got four of the creams (2 SPF15 day and two pro-calcium night) with stacked coupons (about $88 value) for $11.

  7. What I encountered was a little odd. I believe the the foundation was advertised as $10 as a markdown, and on the "slot machine" it came up around $5 bucks or more? The True Match Naturale blushes were advertised for around the same price, but on the scanner it came up at $8. I think a few of the blushes came up as different prices.
    Other things were advertised as around $10 too.

    The True Match Naturale concealer was 75% off, but there weren't as many left.

    It was very strange and random.

  8. thanks so much for this! i didnt even know they were getting rid of some of their products until i saw this post. on my way home from work i decided to pop in there to see what i could get, unfortunately i didnt have your list of what was on sale and THERE WERE NO SIGNS UP YET so i had to guess. IT WORKED! i was so happy to see that they were on sale when i scanned them hahaha. i bought a kohl powder eyeliner & the brown/blue pigment. i also sadly didnt have any coupons (b/c i wasnt planning on stopping) but it doesnt even matter. it was cheap enough for me! ive always wanted to try those kohl eyeliners and they were soo expensive before. im going to try it tonight and if i like it im going to get more tomorrow. i might try and find some coupons too, because now i have a list of what to look for. they have a crap ton of those items, (well, because no one would know) i want to try those hip glosses, too. lol. it was soo funny to me because i "secrectly" knew they were on sale.


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