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Thursday, October 7, 2010

My $0.78 CVS Shopping Trip

It's not so much the quantity of this little haul, but how I got these things that I really want to pass on to you, because you can do it too, but you have to hurry!

First, here's what I got:

Total cost out of pocket: $0.78

NYC Flat Iron Green nail color: $1.99
(I picked this up to send to the lovely Niki over at Cheapalicious since she was having a hard time finding it in her area and my CVS just restocked this shade. If you recall, Niki sent me the fab WnW shade The Gold & the Beautiful, so this was the least I could do to return the favor!).

Revlon Minted nail color: $4.99, currently on sale for $3.99 with $3 back in Extra Bucks (sale ends Saturday night!)

Fantasy Makers (from the creators of Wet n Wild) Golden Fantasy: $4.99.  It's hard to see in this photo but the eyeshadow duo is so pretty in this kit! One side is a deep golden shimmer and the other is a chocolate brown with gold shimmer. It also comes with a mini bottle of shimmery gold polish and a mini tube of shimmery gold lipstick.

So how did I end up paying just $0.78 for these three goodies? Easy!

This week CVS is printing out your quarterly Extra Bucks at the CVS Red Slot Machine. I received $4 in Extra Bucks, and I also received that special coupon for $5 off any Halloween costume or accessory.  Did you know that this coupon includes Halloween makeup? I had NO idea until a lovely reader informed me! If you were the reader who told me about this, please please leave a comment so I can credit you with this awesome find!

If you haven't been to CVS this week yet, GO and scan your card at the Red Slot Machine and get your Extra Bucks and that Halloween coupon! You can get one of these Fantasy Makers kits FOR FREE!

Also, I had no idea that the Fantasy Makers kits are on sale right now for 25% off, so it made it even sweeter! Here's my receipt:

With the $5 CVS Halloween coupon and my $4 quarterly Extra Bucks, my grand total was just $0.78 AND I got $3 Extra Bucks back for that Revlon nail polish purchase! 

Oh, and I also wanted to get one of those Schick Hydro Razors for Mr. G since this week they're on sale at CVS for $8.97 with $5 back in Extra Bucks, PLUS there was a $4 Schick Hydro coupon in last Sunday's newspaper, which makes it FREE. But my CVS was already out of these razors, so I asked the cashier for a raincheck, which means I'll have to wait until next week to get it.  The reason I'm telling you this is because you never have to worry about missing a great sale on something just because it's sold out! ASK FOR A RAINCHECK! When the item comes back in stock, you'll get the sale price (including Extra Bucks, etc.) if you have that raincheck! And guess what? Rainchecks never expire! The only thing you need to be mindful of is any coupons you may plan to use in conjunction with the raincheck. If your coupon expires, you're out of luck in terms of getting the most savings, so just remember to redeem your rainchecks before your coupons expire.  A free Schick Hydro razor will be mine next week!

And of course this applies to that Revlon sale as well! If you went to your CVS  this week hoping to score some pretty new shades of polish but found the shelves bare, GET A RAINCHECK and come back in a few weeks!

Have you already taken advantage of the Halloween coupon at CVS? If not, are you planning to get over there before the week is over?  I'd love to hear from you!


  1. NOOOOOOOOOO I wish I saw this post before i totally went and tossed that $5 halloween coupon that was printed out at my extracare register T________T not to mention the raincheck thing...guess I better get my butt to CVS tonight after all! so I can ask for raincheck for 6 Revlon polishes? :D yay!

    does Walgreen do the same thing too? 'cause I couldn't find any of the EOS balms that are free after the register reward...

  2. Kai: Awwww MAN, I am SO sorry to hear you tossed that coupon!!! Even if I think I'll never use one of those CVS coupons, I always try to hold on to it until it expires because I might hear about a great deal after the fact. And YES, CVS will issue your a raincheck for the limit on each sale, which means SIX for the Revlon polishes. Yay! Oh and yes, rainchecks are available at Wags (I've asked for many there) and Rite Aid too. :) Hope that helps!

  3. Thanks for all the wonderful info, G! How do drugstores give out rainchecks? Is it like a slip of paper or a printed-out coupon?

  4. thanks so much, g! i really appreciate it. i'm going to try and make it to cvs before the week is over. that's a great deal!

  5. Kitty: You just go up to the cashier and request a raincheck, but first they might go and double-check that the item you want is indeed out of stock (if it's something like makeup, you need to tell them that the COLOR you want is out of stock just to safe). And the cashier will fill out a little form (a slip of paper) indicating the item, regular price, quantity limit, the sale price and any Extra Bucks you may be entitled to you. If the cashier is thorough, they will also cut out the actual ad from that week's flier and staple it to your raincheck (mine did this yesterday--she was awesome) but if they don't, grab that week's ad and cut out the sale yourself and keep it with the raincheck. That way, there will be NO confusion when you got to make your purchase. The cashier will know the exact details of the sale and have the ad right in front of them. Hope that helps!

    Niki: You are so welcome! I literally cannot think of a better way to use my quarterly Extra Bucks than by making sure you have this pretty polish! Haha! :)

  6. Do you know if that coupon works for any make-up, or is it only because you bought the Fantasy Makers kit? I think I might have two of those coupons, they printed both times I went to CVS, but one might have expired since I think they are only good for 2 days. I'll have to double check, maybe it will print out again though!

  7. Wow that was amazing! You're the queen of beauty savings! LOL So, is Flat Iron Green a permanent color? I can't seem to find it anywhere!

  8. I'm a little confused as what to do..!
    omg where is the red save box...thingy..?

    oh i'm going to try this on friday.. if today i finish my project.. for class due next week..
    I need incentives to not be lazy...
    but i will try to see if this works!

  9. Impressive savings! Unfortunately I don't have a local CVS, so I won't be taking advantage of the Halloween sale. :(

  10. Cynthia, Flat Iron Green is part of the permanent collection at my CVS. It might not be at all CVS's since it sounds like there are quite a few who can't find it.

  11. Pretty, the red save box thingee should be near the front of the store when you walk into your CVS. I think some stores don't have it. If yours doesn't ask them to get it. It looks like a small ATM machine to me, you scan your CVS card, and it will print out coupons, sometimes only one or two, but sometimes up to 5 or 6. It will also do price checks for you, so if you think something is on sale but aren't sure, scan it.

  12. wow! awesome savings! i'm going
    2mrw! great tips as well. thanks for sharing

  13. For the quarterly coupon at CVS, is everyone going to get this coupon or just those that spend a lot at CVS? I barely shop at CVS so I don't really understand the rule. And what do u do with the $3 RR back? I am so confuse with the coupon thing. I definitely might try to buy one Revlon nail polish.

  14. haha, you're amazing.
    Me and some friends were having a late dinner and dropped by CVS for some brownie mix for dessert. (YUM!)
    I scanned my card and the red box printed out aLOT of coupons. Including $1 2 Aussie/Herbal Essences products and the $5 off Halloween things.
    I GOT THE EXACT SAME HALLOWEEN MAKEUP KIT YOU DID. WoOT! haha- The eye shadow duo is gorgeous looking, but I was more excited to have a gold nail polish. xD
    Plus with the 2/$6 Aussie/Herbal Essences products sale this week, I got shampoo and a leave-in conditioner- Total came out to $3.17~ less than normal price for the cheapest thing- the shampoo. :)
    This must mean that I need to start stopping by CVS more often than once a month. Tehe... I might even start racking up some extra bucks. :)

  15. Ngocupham, I'm not exactly sure how the quarterly extra bucks works, but I do think it's dependent on how much you spend at CVS. I got almost $12 in extra bucks, but until now I would swear that G spends more at CVS than I do, although I do buy things like laundry detergent, a few groceries, cold medicines, and not just health and beauty items. So maybe I do spend more? If not, then they are counting prescriptions towards the quarterly extra bucks. Mine are at least $800 a month, but thank God insurance pays for most of that.

  16. Oh and the $3 is a coupon to use towards your next purchase. I'm going tomorrow and buy another Revlon polish and use it then to really get it for only 99 cents while getting another $3 coupon! lol

  17. Ahh!! I have to get me back to CVS!! My own Halloween coupon expired (no time to look on the day it printed and too busy to go back the next day), do you think they'd print another??

    And that reader who told you about the makeup being covered too rocks!! The CVSs in this state don't sell Wet n' Wild cosmetics (only Walgreens does), but hopefully they have something else to offer.

  18. Donna: Yes, the CVS coupon is good toward any makeup, as along as it's Halloween makeup! And btw, thank you SO much for taking time to answer other commenters questions! I appreciate that, as I don't always get a chance to do it myself, unfortunately. xo

    Sara: My CVS locations don't have Wet n Wild either, but they DO have these Fantasy Makers kits!!! You just need to look in the Halloween section, not the makeup section. Hope that helps!

  19. Hi! That was me who told you about the Halloween coupon :D So glad you got one & got some good stuff!

  20. I got the coupon.... but NO kits :(. Going to check out another location tomorrow.

    I DID find $1.00 off any Revlon Color Cosmetics coupon in the beauty section. They expire 11/15/2010. May come in handy for this weeks, or future, deals. :)

  21. Wow that eyeshadow duo in the palette looks a heck lot like a loreal hip duo!


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