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Monday, October 18, 2010

It's $1.99 Snowman Time!

I mentioned last week that I spotted the infamous $1.99 Snowman nail polishes at my local Rite Aid, and since I had some +UP Rewards burning a hole in my wallet, I decided to get a few and show them to you. (For pics of the display, click here.)

These polishes do not have names. That's kind of how it always is with super cheapie seasonal polishes though, right? So let's start with the one I was the most excited to try:

Holographic Glitter Snowman (retail: $1.99 at Rite Aid, 0.5 oz)

So here's the deal with the holographic glitter snowman. The glitter is pretty dense, but not dense enough to create that smooth, holographic look on the nail that I was hoping for. BUT, in certain lights, it does have more of a holographic look than what you see in this picture.'s better than other more chunky holographic glitter polishes I have purchased at the drugstore, but it's not perfect.  Also, it's sheer, so the look you see above required three coats, and I needed to use two coats of top coat to remove the bumpy texture (even after two coats of top coat, I can still feel the glitter a bit, but it's not terrible).

Since this polish is basically holo glitter in a clear base, I decided to try layering it over the limited edition holiday polish by Wet n Wild, ToastToast is a metallic silver, so I though it would be fun to see how it looked with the holo glitter on top of it.

The two pics above were taken after two coats of Wet n Wild Toast, followed by two coats of holographic snowman, and then one coat of top coat.  So here's the deal: I was hoping that the silver foil base would really bring out the holo effect of the glitter. BUT, in real life, the holo effect is much more apparent (and prettier) when I wear the holo polish alone.  The silver metallic polish sort of flattens the holo glitter and makes it more dull. Boo! I'm so bummed about that since I layered and layered like a mad woman and ended up disliking the results.

Bottom line: don't expect a continuous holographic effect on your nails if you pick up this polish. But for what it is, it's quite fun, and kind of makes your nails look like a disco ball! In fact, I have received more compliments from strangers on this polish than any other in probably the past year.  Weird, huh? 

Note: I am DEFINITELY going to have to use the foil method to remove all this glitter, top coat and metallic polish. I've talked about the foil method here in the past, but I think it's worth repeating. For removing stubborn glitter polishes, nothing beats the foil method. For a great tutorial, check out the lovely Elvira's post here.

OK, so here's another snowman polish I purchased last week:

 Metallic Green Snowman (retail: $1.99 at Rite Aid, 0.5 oz)

(excuse the chip on my ring finger--I did the dishes right before I took this pic and battled a stubborn casserole dish. I'm afraid the casserole dish won.)

Mr. G can't stand this polish. Why, you ask? Well, he said it reminds him of a car color that used to be popular in the early 90s, and he always hated that color.  Guys, right? To me, this metallic polish just screams minty holiday green and I LOVE it. It's smooth, cool and refreshing! Plus, this polish only required two coats for full opacity and I didn't have much trouble with brush strokes, which is a miracle for me and metallics.  

I also purchased a lovely purplish-lavender cream, which I will show you later in the week.  I was THIS CLOSE to also purchasing a pretty pastel mint green snowman, which looks like it could be a nice Chanel Jade dupe, but I have so many pastel mint greens that I just couldn't justify getting another one.

So, do you already have some of these seasonal snowman polishes?  If not, are you excited about finding them at your local drugstores? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. In terms of nail polish remover, you should try going to an Asian nail/beauty supply store (if you have one). I walked into my local one on the recommendations of a friend, and walked out of there with a gallon of pure acetone. FOR $7.00! No kidding, I am set for the rest of my life. Especially considering that it's pure acetone, thus REALLY strong, and thereby meaning I don't need much for a removal. I used it for the first time this weekend to remove my glitter polish (Bring on the Bling by OPI, fyi) and it worked amazingly! I just held the cotton to my nail for a few seconds, and it came off just like that! I didn't even have to do the foiling method. =D Seriously, if you can find an Asian nail/beauty supply store, GO! The one nearby me also sells OPI for $4.00 each; they even had the full Burlesque collection!!! (where I bought Bring on the Bling). And what's more, NO TAX at this place.

    Seriously G, if you have one of these places around GO GO GO!!! Just a tip I wanted to share (if you didn't already know this).

    And can I just say, those little snowmen bottles might just be cute enough for me to warrant getting some despite the so-so quality of some of the polishes haha =]

  2. The snowmen are adorable and great shades!! :)

  3. So cute! And I'm still trying to find those little pumpkin glitters...I feel behind the times, LOL. :)

  4. Now that green is the green I love...So super cute...I love the idea of snowmen polish bottle.

  5. HAHAHAHAH i actually agree with Mr. G about that green shade (so sorry!) and that is such a great guy perspective. HAHAHAA.

    in fairness, it looks miles cooler on you than as a car.

  6. I agree about using pure acetone to remove nail polish (although it dries out skin something fierce). I work in a chemistry lab, so I just take off my nail polish at work most of the time! Ah, the science version of stealing office supplies!

  7. Wow, I have seen the snowmen in the past at various drugstores, but always past them figuring that they must be for children or tweens or something, However I really love the green, G.!! So not only am I thinking of getting this I want to check out the mint green. I want a dupe for Jade. I bought Essie's version and it is SO streaky. I bought Beachy from Revlon when CVS had the deal and that is better, but will try to find the snowman version! Thanks for the tip!!! And thanks for creating such fun and happy blog! :)

  8. Argh! I hope these show up at Walgreens, which has an inexplicable stranglehold on the drugstore business in my town, but I doubt they will. Unlike you I can justify another minty green, especially at that price!

  9. Man, I wish there was a Rite Aid where i live! Maybe these will show up at Wags or CVS!

  10. Oh my goodness! Those are so stinkin' cute! I am totally hitting up Rite Aid as soon as I'm in the city this weekend! I love "cutesy" little goodies like this! Thank's for the great post!


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