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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Review: Infusium 23 (moistur)ologie Conditioner

When I was in junior high (in the early 80s--yikes!) I remember I had a best friend whose older (and very cooler) sister used to use Infusium Leave-In Conditioner on her long, thick, beautiful wavy hair. I remember staring at her in her bedroom while she was doing her hair and wondering what that magical potion was that she'd apply to it right after the shower. But despite my fascination (which I cannot believe I still remember after all these years), it took me until very recently to actually try an Infusium product myself.

I'm not sure what kept me away from Infusium all these years, but my best guess is that the packaging of their products always sort of intimidated me. They're not like other drugstore haircare products in that the packaging is not super colorful, no gimmicky names or claims, and everything just looks rather scientific.

A while back I spotted a coupon for Infusium in my Sunday paper, and there just so happened to be a good sale at Walgreens (I believe Infusium products normally retail for $7.99 and they were reduced to $3.99, which I'm assuming has something to do with the fact that Infusium recently underwent a packaging makeover--the bottle in my pics is the older-style packaging). So I was able to get the bottle below for just $2.99.
(PLEASE NOTE: I believe they have recently changed the name of this product to Moisture Replenisher Conditioner)

I figured it was now or never so I snagged myself this bottle of (moistur)ologie Conditioner (now called Moisture Replenisher) and decided to give it a whirl. What I didn't expect was to be absolutely blown away by this product. I literally have not used another conditioner on my hair since I purchased this product, and that's really saying something considering I have lots of great conditioners in my shower.

What sets this conditioner apart from so many others for me is that not only does it detangle and moisturize like crazy, but it manages to leave my hair SUPER soft and bouncy without weighing it down one bit or making it look flatter than it already is (for those who aren't longtime readers of this blog, my hair is fine in texture, long, naturally wavy, oily at the roots, dry on the ends and color-treated). It is such a challenge for me to find drugstore conditioners that will deeply moisturize my ends while not adding oil to my roots. Also, I REALLY love this conditioner for when I straighten my hair, because it just leaves it so frizz-free yet I've still got great volume and bounce.

And let me talk about the fragrance for a minute. The first time I used it, I knew it smelled familiar. It's got this soft, very feminine "perfumey" scent to it that instantly appealed to me. And then it hit me: the smell of this conditioner totally reminds me of old-school Anais-Anais perfume! So I've got yet another 80s-flashback going on whenever I use this. :)

If you've got hair that's similar to mine and you're in need of a new conditioner, I think you might want to consider giving Infusium 23 (moistur)ologie Conditioner (aka Moisture Replenisher) a try. I've been using it with several of my shampoos (Suave, Aveeno, etc.) and it works great with all of them.

Are you already a fan of Infusium products? What are your favorites from this brand?


  1. I have very long, thick, wavy layered hair. I normally suffer from frizzy waves, so I'll have to style my hair (i.e. straightener, curler, etc etc) which I don't like to do. Around Christmas time, I found a HUGE bottle of Infusium 23 Repairologie Leave In Treatment under my mother's sink. She wasn't using it, and let me take it. My goodness, I have not since had to style my hair once to hide my frizziness! At first, I was kinda unsure about it since the texture seemed watery (how is this going to work?) but I tried it out and it is A-MAZING!!! I apply a palmful to my hair, concentrating on my ends, right after I shower. Once my hair has air dried, I have wonderful natural waves, no frizz in sight! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Repairologie! It's counted as step 3, but it works great for me even though I don't have the shampoo and/or conditioner (which I just might get now, haha). LOVE this line!!! <3 I don't know where I'd be without it! Oh yeah!... hiding my frizzy head from the rest of the world to see! Not anymooooorrree!!!!! =] So glad to hear you're liking them just as much!

  2. My sister has long curly hair and has used that for as long as I can remember. She ALWAYS has it and her hair is always shiny. I've never really needed it but I think it's an excellent product.

  3. Oh! I also forgot to mention: since the bottle I have is soo huge, it's pretty cumbersome to use (especially with the product's watery texture). So I easily solved that by purchasing a spray bottle from Target, and filling that with the product. Now I just spritz my head after I shower! Super easy!!

  4. wingsinheaven: OMG, what a great tip about pouring the leave-in in a spray bottle! Soooo much easier than trying to pour it into your hand and apply it that way (because I agree--it's very thin, almost like water!). I'm so glad I'm not alone in my Infusium love! :D

    Miss Tapia: Wow, I wonder if that is the key to your sister's gorgeous hair? Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  5. I have very fine hair and have been using Infusium Leave-In conditioner for over 20 years (My mother started using it on my hair to get the tangles out as a girl). It is my HG product and cannot even imagine how awful my hair would be without it! It just makes your hair so manageable and soft. Love it!

  6. I knew about this product just now coz my friend used it with her fine hair and also have falling hairs. She has good results with the Moistureologie. Do you still use this product? I cant seem to find the moisturologie anymore in the stores so i want to know if youve used their Moisture replenish. If you have, is it the same as the original? Hope to hear from you


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