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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Review: Confetti Nail Color in Purple Pizzazz & Centerstage

A little while ago I posted some pics of a new cheapie nail polish brand I spotted at CVS called Confetti. Just like Sinful Colors at Walgreens and Rite Aid, Confetti Long Wearing Nail Colors are just $1.99 a bottle, and the displays seem to be popping up at CVS locations across the nation.

Never one to turn my nose at a cheapie nail polish brand, I decided to purchase three shades in three different textures, just to get a feel for how these polishes perform. So today I'm going to show you a shimmery duochrome-ish shade and a more foil-type shade, and later on I'll show you the creme I also purchased.

In all of the below pics, I used Orly Bonder base coat and Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat. And both colors were photographed after two days of wear. Note: I haven't experienced any chips so far--just tip-wear.

Confetti Centerstage (indoors with flash)

Centerstage (no flash, florescent lighting)

I used two coats of Centerstage for these pics, but this color definitely could have used a third coat. Now, unlike so many other bloggers who have reviewed Confetti polishes recently, the brushes in all three bottles I purchased were absolutely perfect (although one was longer than the others which was odd). I have seen some messed up brushes on some other blogs (twisted, bent, etc.) so I REALLY lucked out because these brushes were perfect.

I wasn't super thrilled with the texture of Centerstage (it's thin, a bit watery and the brush deposits a LOT of polish on your nails even after you think you've swiped the brush against the bottle enough). Also, I'm not thrilled that this color requires three coats for perfect opacity, but I can live with that because I think it's a beautiful color (much prettier than these pictures illustrate). In full sunlight, Centerstage is absolutely gorgeous and I do not regret this purchase one bit.

Next up:

Confetti Purple Pizzazz (indoors with flash)

(This looked pretty much same with and without flash, so here's another one indoors with flash)

OK, let's talk about little Miss Purple Pizzazz, shall we? I have been burned ONE TOO MANY TIMES by polishes like this. In the bottle, they look like lovely, shimmery LAVENDERS. But when you take them home and put them on, they always turn out to be PINK! Why? Why??? WHY???? All I want is a nice foil-y lavender-purple. But I always, always end up getting pink when I buy this type of polish. Do you see how lavender it looks in the bottle vs. how pink it is on my nails?

Now, when I first applied this polish I hated it. It is SUPER watery and sheer on the first two coats. But after wearing it for a day, I decided to apply one more coat. And once I applied that third coat, something magical happened. It went from sheer pinkish-ugly to....a pretty pink foil! I actually don't hate this color now and, the longer I wear it, the more it grows on me. Just be sure, if you buy it, that you realize you're not going to get the purple in Purple Pizzazz. They should really rename it Pink Pizzazz.

So that's my take on Confetti polishes so far. For $1.99, they're OK. Not stellar, but definitely worth the price. I haven't see any chips yet going into my third day of wear, and I was lucky that I didn't have an issue with the brushes. Others may disagree, but I think this a neat little drugstore line and I would pick up additional shades if I had some Extra Bucks burning a hole in my pocket.

Please stay tuned for my upcoming review on the creme polish I purchased from this collection. In the meantime, do you own any Confetti polishes yet? What do you think of them?


  1. Have you tried Milani's Hi-Res from the Holographic 3D collection? It's a foil-sparkle that is purple. Very cool!

    I have a few Confetti polishes. The ones I have swatched had decent brushes too. But I haven't looked at all of them.

  2. i just posted my review of "My Favorite Martian" on my blog from this brand! Loving it so far :)I am impressed enough to buy more. I totally had a bent wonky brush like others lucked out with good ones!

  3. I bought one of the confetti polishes last night in Cherries Jubliee. Like u said they are just okay, nothing to get overly excited about!

  4. Extra Bucks print starting today!! Happy you had better luck with these:)

  5. wow, so where have i been? i havent seen confetti polishes in the blogosphere! i also dont go to cvs often anymore either. i'm off to google more about them

  6. I agree with you about the Purple Pizazz ... definitely pink not lavender. I was a little disappointed, too, but I like it enough to keep it on for a few more days.

  7. I know this is an old post, but, it is new to me. As is Confetti. I "discovered" it about a month ago. My regular CVS doesn't carry this line, but, one on the other side of town does. (and same for Milani, not at mine, but, at this one, but, mine has Rimmel and the across town doesn't).

    Back to polish, I bought 6 or so, as I was quite excited, and one was Purple Pizzazz. Like you, I found it way too pink (but, I should also note, I went for a number of years only wearing short nails with clear polish. I just started doing color again last fall). I tried it earlier today, over a purple creme from LA Colors, name isn't on bottle, but, it was on the card, it is part of the Atomic Collection, and i found it at Dollar Tree. Thanks to you, as I never realized they sold name brand makeup there. Over the purple creme, the Purple Pizzazz is stunning. My husband says it might be the best looking polish I have every worn! Or in the top five.

    Just felt so excited to read your opinion of this.


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