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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cherry Culture LA Colors Sale: are you getting anything?

I'll be the first to admit that I cannot resist an LA Colors sale. I've found some amazing little gems in this line, so I'm pretty excited to see that all LA Colors products are sale right now at Cherry Culture for 25% (as if the normal retail price wasn't ridiculously low to begin with, right?). To get the discount, just enter code LAC25 at checkout.

And here's the best part: there are certain LA Colors items that are currently on clearance (price will appear in red) and the discount code applies to those products as well!

I wanted to give you a few ideas if you're thinking about placing an order, and I also want to let you know about some things that did NOT work for me. I've had very good luck finding LA Colors products at my local Dollar Tree (which is where I purchased the palette below), but for those of you who haven't been able to find these goodies in your area, Cherry Culture has this palette as well (click here):

LA Colors 6 Color Eyeshadow in Precious

I've tried several LA Colors palettes over the years and I've loved all of them. For some odd reason, the shadows in these palettes seem to have much better texture and pigmentation than their eyeshadow singles and duos that I've tried.

Since I can get the above palette at my local dollar store for, of course, $1, it may not seem like such a great deal to order it online for $1.80. But minus the 25% off, that brings it down to $1.35, which is pretty good if you can't find this locally.

I have been very happy with the texture and the pigmentation of this palette (it's a tiny bit crumbly but nothing too bad if you use a good e/s brush) and what I'm REALLY happy with is the staying power. With a primer, this shadow lasts all day and night and no creasing whatsoever. Pretty darn great for $1, right?

If these are the types of colors that you're normally drawn to, I'd definitely consider giving this one a whirl.

Oh, and just a word of caution if you're plotting an LA Colors order: the concealer didn't do a thing for me. Seriously, it was so sheer that it might as well have been clear. It didn't conceal my under-eye darkness one bit, even after multiple layers. And that eyeshadow single I bought in Army Green the other day when I was at my local Japanese dollar store? Remember how gorgeous it was in the pan? Not so gorgeous on the eyes, I'm afraid. It was very chalky, very streaky, and the beautiful shimmer that you could see in the pan completely disappeared when I applied it to my eyes. So...just a word of warning!

Are you planning on taking advantage of the LA Colors sale on Cherry Culture? If so, what are you thinking about ordering? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. awwww the 'no creasing' statement is the one i hv been looking for but i just didnt find any,now that u mentioned it,i want it so bad!!:D
    what primer u used?

  2. Ooh I got the same LA Colors palette (in different shades though) from a blogger contest I won and I like it as well! You're so lucky it's available locally for you!

  3. Thanks for the heads up! If you do order, you MUST get the LA Colors Mineral blush... the packaging is adorable and the color and formula are amazing!! I have 3 of these and I absolutely love them.

  4. yeah - I just ordered WAY TOO MUCH polish...LA Colors, along with NYX have become my favorite go to brands...great reg. price and quality.


  5. This is one sale I don't mind passing up, because the Dollar General stores in my area have quite a selection of L.A. Colors, so I already have a pretty good collection of it. I don't recall seeing a 6-pan palette though, and the one you have is so pretty! I will have to keep myself occupied with what I got from CCO yesterday, LOL =)

  6. I just can't seem to find the Dollar Tree that is jamming a lot of L A Colors, lately. I went to a rather large one today. In fact, it was in the touristy part of Orlando, so you'd think they'd have a large makeup selection. Nope. I walked out empty-handed and a tear in my eye. :(
    I'm afraid to go over to Cherry Culture!!! (need to go hide the debit card!!!)

  7. Kimberly, do you have a Dollar General near you? The Dollar Tree stores in my area don't have L.A. Colors, but the Dollar Generals do.

  8. I'm skipping this sale and waiting for a store wide Cherry Culture sale instead, since I don't want enough L.A. Color products to justify the shipping charge even with the discount. However, I'm dying to try their new Baked Eyeshadow quads. They look awfully purrty!

  9. Did you notice their LA Colors pouch value kits in the "Sets" section? I can't seem to bring up a good size picture to get a good look at the colors, but for two dollars they seem pretty good!

  10. I love LA Colors nail polish as well. I wanted to mention that I find them at my local Family Dollar for $1 as well as the Dollar Tree. My other favorite polish is the Pure Ice brand that I find at Walmart. They have amazing colors!


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