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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nail polish lovers: You might want to sit down for this one...

There is enough duochrome, opalescent, creme and sparkly goodness here to last us an entire year!

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you the Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Spring 2010 Collection (I think!). You see, I'm not quite sure if all of these colors are part of the Tracy Reese Collection, because, looking at All Lacquered Up's post here, I don't see all of the shades above listed. So maybe some of these are Tracy Reese while the others are just new shades? Can anyone tell me for sure? At any rate, they are GORGEOUS so let me show you better pics and, of course, some swatches of the one bottle I purchased (Why only one bottle? Well because I spotted these at my local Walgreens and Sally Hansen is not on sale there this week. As you know, these retail for $7.49/bottle, so thankfully I had a 50-cent coupon in my purse so at least I got a tiny discount).
(click any picture to enlarge)

Do you see that luscious duochrome teal, Lagoon? It totally reminds me of BleachBlack's Dickweed polish, but more teal than beetle-green. It's beyond stunning.

Iced Coffee is a soft nude creme (mannequin hands for some of you, maybe?) and then there's Hidden Treasure (more on this in a bit).

Now, as if this display wasn't enough, I turned the corner at my Walgreens and saw what can only be described as the cruelest April Fool's Joke ever to be played on a nail polish fiend:

An entire counter display--literally from end to end--filled with Sinful Colors polishes. But guess what? No new shades!!! Oh what a cruel, cruel joke, Walgreens! :)

Now let's get back to the Sally Hansen polish I purchased:

Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

The name of this polish is absolutely perfect because, believe me, there are hidden treasures to be found inside this bottle! When you pull out the brush, look out:

Look at all those firey flakes! This color glows.

I did my very best to show you how this will look layered over a variety of colors, which I selected more out of my own curiosity than anything else:

We've got white, orange, red, black, and of course the pretty blue I showed you yesterday. Let's start with blue (PLEASE NOTE: I am showing you these swatches in different forms of lighting, but there are some colors in this polish that were IMPOSSIBLE to capture with my camera. So please trust me that Hidden Treasure is far more complex and beautiful in person. And as you will see, it changes colors drastically depending on your base color):

For some reason the red was one of the hardest to capture in a photo. Hidden Treasure over red makes the red look like it's got golden flames shooting out of it. Please don't let these pics fool you. You need to try this one over a basic red.

Over white this looks dull, but I promise it's anything but dull in person. Hidden Treasure really makes this white look like it's glowing from within in certain lighting, but see how the color completely changes in other lighting?

And finally, layered over orange, the gold in Hidden Treasure really stands out.

I hope this post gives you some new colors to be excited about. At the very least, I think you should try to pick up Hidden Treasure because, as you can see, you'll really get your money's worth (and then some). There's no end to the different colors and combinations you can create with just this polish and your existing stash!

Do you already have any of the 2010 Tracy Reese shades? If not, are you planning to get any?


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soo jealous!! I've been searching for Hidden Treasure and can't find it anywhere!! Grrr....I'm gonna find that polish if it kills me!

  2. ..........Hidden Treasure.........I have yet to find this Hidden Treasure anywhere. I guess I need a treasure map or Capt. Jack Sparrow is hiding it from me. I MUST have this polish. End of story. :P

    did you hear about this? l'oreal bought essie and might make a makeup line?! what! well you might already know, but just posting it anyway

  4. @jakeline I hadn't heard that! That's awesome!

    I can't wait to see this in stores! gorgeous colors!

  5. I just got back from walgreens an hour or so ago. I saw this display and was amazed by all the polishes! Sadly, I couldn't justify buying least not yet, haha. I actually thought to myself while I was there, that I wold tell you if you didn't already know about this display...but of course you would :) The hidden treasures polish reminds me of the discontinued maybelline colorama top coat in 25 i think?? Pretty much an exact dupe I would say. I may end up getting it at some point, hope they're not limited edition.

  6. Mocha Mish Mash: Keep the faith, honey! You WILL find this soon. I know it. :)

    Stephanie: LOL!!! I am so keeping my fingers crossed that you find this ASAP. :)

    Jakeline: I mentioned here yesterday that L'Oreal bought Essie, but I did NOT know the plans for a makeup line! That is verrrry interesting! Thanks for the heads-up, hun!

    PCS: OMG, honey, you are going to FLIP when you see these in person. Seriously, my jaw was on the ground. I want them ALL!

    Rubychopsticks: OMG that is too funny!! And I think *all* Tracy Reese shades are LE, so don't wait if you see something you end up wanting. It could be gone forever when your Walgreens runs out. As for the Colorama, I missed the whole Colorama craze back in the day so if you say it's an exact dupe, I trust you! Which means you should get it while you can if you don't already own the Colorama. :)

  7. Oh my God, I neeeeeeeed the Hidden Treasure one! I probably would have passed it up if I'd just seen it in the bottle, so thanks so much for your review!

    Oh, and the other night I got one of the new Rimmel lipsticks (it's the shimmery coral one) and it's awesome! And I got the bronze Rimmel eyeshadow you recommended and it's awesome! I didn't think I could do bronzes, but this looks great on me!

    Oh, and I went and got my free Origins cleanser today. :D I had a bottle of face mask I was down to the dredges of, so I used up as much as I could get out of the bottle last night and traded it in today. It was super easy and there was no pressure for me to buy anything! I got a sample of the charcoal facemask to try too.

  8. OMG flakies!!!!!! Ok, I must find this!

  9. I don't have a neighborhood Walgreens, anyone seen these at CVS by chance?

  10. Aw... If they were cream, I would get Diver Deeper, Silver Lining, and Ring My Shell but unfortunately they are not and fortunately they are not because I really need to stop buying >,<

  11. ooh gorgeous!
    judging from the pictures alone, perhaps a better word would be opalescent flakies?
    to my knowledge holographic polishes (shimmer, glitter, etc) have a prismatic effect and appear rainbow-like on the nail without a single colour in the shimmer/ flakes/ glitter dominating over the rest
    hope this helps!

  12. Oh, I wonder if they have these at VS as well. I love all the bright, springy colors!

  13. I agree with Jia Jeen - they're more opalescent than holo for the reasons she mentioed - doesn't make them any less gorgeous, though. :-)

  14. Hidden Treasure is sooo beautiful. I hope I find it + theres a sale + I have a coupon! Nail polish heaven! :)

  15. My walgreens had the same sinful display! I gotta go find these Sally Hansen colors though ;)

  16. Must find Hidden Treasure! Gosh it's so gorge! Thanks for posting!!!

  17. Wow, I need Hidden Treasure for sure, plus Lagoon and Sea and Be Seen, and also Dive Deeper... I'm going to be so broke LOL! What a shame that there are only 2 HTs in the display?? Must get to a Rite Aid ASAP so I don't miss out. (Sadly, I don't have a Walgreens near me.)

    P.S. How funny that my verification word for this post is "hologyr" LOL

  18. Oh, heck, I came to say "opalescent" as well, and I was beaten to it! So I will echo that thought, as I totally thought that on first sight of these gorgeous colors.

    P.S. I've always wanted a car painted that way - pink with the opalescent secondary color on top - you think that could be done?? haha :o)

  19. JT: I know! Definitely check your local Wags! :)

    Amber: I haven't seen this display at any CVS stores in my area yet, but I bet they will be there very soon. :)

    Fay: Awww, I'm sorry none of these fit the bill of what you're looking for, but I think that will make your wallet happy, at least. :)

    Jia Jeen: Thank you SO much for the explanation! I was always under the impression that opalescent was closer to iridescent and was primarily blueish/violet in color. When I applied HT over black, it seemed to really have a more holographic effect for me, since it turned the whole surface of my nail into a rainbow (I tried so hard to capture that in the pics but I couldn't). So thank you for explaining--I really do learn something new every day, and I appreciate you taking the time to leave this comment. I've changed my post to reflect your explanation and taken out all the references to "holo". :)

    Stephine: Wait, does VS usually carry Sally Hansen?? Thanks!

    Karina: Thanks!! I have updated my post and I appreciate you confirming the difference for me! Helps so much. :)

    adorepink: Let's all put our minds together and wish for a Wags sale in the weeks to come!! :)

    Phyrra: OMG, did you freak out for a moment when you saw it? At first I was like, "A zillion new Sinful colors??!?!" lol. What a let-down. :(

    Tropical Mind: You are so welcome! I really, truly hope you can find it SOON. :)

    chickadee: I's a real shame that there are only two each of every color in this display. What were they thinking?? Anyway, I really hope Rite Aid gets these SOON and LOL at your verification! :)

    Trixie: Thank you, sweetie! I have updated my post accordingly. :) And oooooh, that WOULD be pretty as a car color! lol. :)

  20. Oooh the orange. I like orange.

  21. I am so jealous, I can not find Hidden Treasure..I mean I feel like this is Opulent Cloud all over again..Damn!

  22. That Sinful Colors display is screwed up. I was almost out the damn door until you said there were no new shades!

    I'm gonna pray to the polish gods for a SH sale.....

  23. Those new colors all look really yummy. Now that spring is here and my toes are seeing the light of day I've been snapping up nail polish left and right. I'm def gonna check these out!

  24. omg i love those new sally colors!!!! the yellow and lagoon are so pretty!

  25. Wow I need hidden treasure in my life!

  26. I know this post is late. I just found your blog a few days ago,and am enjoying it very much,thank you!

    I just wanted to ask though, did you happen to notice there is a difference in the brush, between the Sally Hansen Spring Collection and the original Sally Hansen Complete Salon Mani? I did notice the difference. I had purchased Hidden Treasure, my first SHCSM ever, and later this year I bought Commander in Chic. The two brushes are somewhat different. The old brush is longer,and sloppier to apply, the new brush with the Spring Collection,is a little stubbier. I really like it,because it facilitates the application of the polish so much better than other brushes. I hate to be brand loyal as far as nail polish goes, but the new brush is such a deal breaker for me!

  27. I'm not sure how good of a dupe this is, since I never got the chance to see Hidden Treasure in person, but have you seen the Wet n Wild Wild Shine nail color in Hallucinate? Just from seeing pictures online, it looks like it might be a pretty decent dupe!


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