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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Huge NYC, Rimmel and Physicians Formula news for all you CVS shoppers!!

Hold the phone! The lovely Lisa over at Drugstore Divas just told me some GREAT news about an upcoming NYC Cosmetics sale at CVS that starts tomorrow (or today if you live in an area where the weekly sales start on Saturdays).  Click here for the details!

And if you picked up this month's All You Magazine (you can purchase this at Walmart) then you know by now that there is a $5 off a $10 purchase of NYC Cosmetics coupon in this issue (Cheaplicious, are you getting tired me thanking you for pointing this out yet?).

I strongly suggest that you pick up that All You Magazine if you want some new NYC products. Even if you don't live near a CVS (and I'm so sorry if you don't!) it's still a great coupon and, believe me, there are so many other awesome coupons in All You that the magazine will definitely pay for itself (and then some). Besides, All You is only $2.24 if you buy it at your local Walmart, so just by using the NYC coupon it has already paid for itself.

So let's break this down.  Let's say you buy $10 worth of NYC products at CVS tomorrow. With the sale, that takes it down to $5. But then with the All You coupon, your total price (before sales tax)? ZERO dollars and ZERO cents!  Now that is MY kind of deal!

I'm so excited I almost forgot to tell you about the Rimmel and Physicians Formula news! lol! 

Starting tomorrow at CVS, all Rimmel products are BOGOFREE and all Physicians Formula products are 40% off! 

I'm sorry, but you very rarely see two true BOGOFREE deals AND a 40% off deal all within the same week at the same drugstore!

Some suggestions if you would like to take advantage of the Rimmel or Physicians Formula deals? That's easy! The new Rimmel Glam'eyes are awesome, and don't forget Physicians Formula Cream Gel Eyeliner Trios, and of course my favorite Powder Foundation. And DEFINITELY scour your local CVS to see if they have any of those two-fer packs which contain two full-size products for the price of one (powder foundation w/ bronzer, two bottles of tinted moisturizer, and Cream Gel Liner Trios w/ Pop Shimmer Strips eyeshadows).  If you buy those during this sale, it will be like getting FOUR full-size products for the price of ONE. And let's not even get started with coupons! If you have any Rimmel or PH coupons lying around, tomorrow is the time to use them!

So my fellow CVS shoppers, TELL ME TELL ME what you are planning on buying this week during this sale!

PS: And here's a little teaser, which I spotted thanks to IHeartCVS: Starting April 24th, all Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polishes are going to be just $1.99 each! (Search "xtreme wear" on this blog to see how much I love these polishes!)


  1. thanks for the heads up on the nyc stuff. i wish i would've saved my coupon for this sale (i used it the next day after i clipped it out, lol)

  2. You are so welcome! You got my whole hysteria started with that post. I am LOVING All You now, btw. :)

    Sorry you used your coupon already, but the April edition is still on news stands so... lol! :)

  3. I am so in awe of this!! I just found your site yesterday and will adding you to our blog roll today!! In the meantime, You have
    been tagged by LeVernisChocolat with the I love your blog Award – and you are so deserving of it!! :-0)

  4. Darn it, I just went to Walgreens today and don't think I can make it to CVS any time soon! GRRRR, Rimmel is my fave drugstore brand, and Physician's Formula is usually too expensive for drugstore!

  5. I went to CVS earlier and I got:

    bronzing face powder in sunny $2.99
    lip sliders tinted lip balm in sugar coated $2.99 ~ free
    liquid eyeliner in jet black $1.99
    liquid lip shine in sungold pink $1.99 ~ free

    I used the $5 off for $10 and you're right, I got them for free ^_^

  6. I have been soo excited about these sales! I have been planning on getting the gel liner trios with the eye shadows and maybe the powder foundation that comes with the bronzer, I haven't heard much about the tinted moisturizer, but I'd love to try it out! From NYC I think I'm going to get their matte bronzer, but I'm not sure what else. Suggestions? I'm definitely going to get another moisture Renew Lipstick in spotlight beige, it's my favorite nude!

  7. meh. my local CVS dont have rimmel or PF on sale. I dont have a walmart either.

  8. CVS stores in my area do not carry NYC and the BOGO deal is for Wet n Wild instead.

  9. Oh, and just to clarify? Are these sales only with the CVS card?

  10. Apaige2u: Thank you so very much!! That was so incredibly sweet of you to say. :)

    beachbumbeauty13: Awww, I'm sorry honey! :(

    TLNHTRN: YAY!!!! That is awesome, sweetie! You scoooooored! :D

    PCS: Yay! I think you are really going to love those gel cream liners. I haven't heard anything about the tinted moisturizers either (I prefer fuller coverage so I don't think I'll ever end up getting one) but I'd love to see a review from you if you get one. As for NYC, I used to be *obsessed* with their lipsticks and have so many of them. If you have never tried Retro Red, it's one of the most universal reds I've ever seen. I don't think it could look bad on anyone. :)

    seton: Sorry to hear that. I tend to talk about sales that are in their national inserts, so the majority of CVS stores do offer these sales. :(

    oldfashioned: Wow, I WISH my CVS carried WnW. I have yet to find one in my area that has any WnW products at all, except for the occasional gift set. Oh well...sorry to hear your CVS doesn't have NYC. :(

    beachbumbeauty13: Yes, I believe all of their sales are good only with a CVS card. Hope that helps! :)

  11. I went today and scored! Got the Physician's Formula duo pack: powder and bronzer. Originally $14.99 (which would still be awesome since you get two), for $8.99! :) I snagged the last one. Thanks for the heads up, R!


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