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Friday, February 19, 2010

Maybelline Sweet Thing polish swatches, Sally Hansen news and Zoya sale reminder!

I've got lots of nail polish news for you today, so I thought I'd condense it all down into one neat little post!

First of all, TODAY (Friday 2/19) is the last day to get two free bottles of nail polish at with a $10 purchase. The code to use at checkout is NYFW. I haven't purchased any Zoya polishes in a loooong time so I'm having a difficult time narrowing down my choices (but I think I'm finally going to get the much-coveted Roxy!). If you haven' tried Zoya before, not only are their polishes absolutely stunning, but they have amazing staying power and a great texture. So definitely don't miss this sale if you've been wanting some new Zoyas to add to your stash. And a huge thanks to my Twitter follower, slgkag, for the heads-up about this code!

Second, I wanted to give you some early info about a new (yes, new!) collection from Sally Hansen. As many of you already know, fashion designer Tracy Reese has been working with Sally Hansen for many years and has brought us many of our favorite Sally Hansen nail colors. This season's collaboration looks like it might feature some grays (or greiges) because, while the info below doesn't list exact colors, it does state that Tracy Reese is working with "natural tones, urban inspiration and layering" (you're speaking my language, Ms. Reese!). Also, I'm excited to see that this season's Tracy Reese collection will be rolled out in the new Complete Salon Manicure formula instead of the usual Salon Nail Lacquer formula (square bottles) of years past.


The new neutrals are deep, smoky nail shades inspired by modern runway designs - and the next fashionable collaboration between nail color expert Sally Hansen and designer Tracy Reese. For the ninth season in a row, Sally Hansen has joined forces with fashion icon Tracy Reese to develop the season's essential accessory: stark nail lacquers inspired by Reese's fall collection.

For Fall 2010, the shades in the Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Collection reflect this emphasis on natural tones, urban inspiration and layering. On the runway, Reese layered black lace over the nude shade "Wet Clay" to create a custom textured look.

The five new shades in the nail color collection are made with Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure, an all-in-one formula that combines the benefits of a base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, rich color and top coat in a single multi-tasking polish. The patented formula features the most advanced lacquer technology, concentrated high-intensity color, and encapsulated treatment sphere of Vita-Care Technology.

"We're so thrilled to be joining forces with Tracy Reese once again," says Bill Boraczek, senior vice president of cosmetics marketing, Coty Beauty U.S. "We love working with her season after season because she always brings her uniquely feminine sensibility to Sally Hansen shades, creating a fashion-forward collection that truly works for every woman."

And finally, I wanted to show you some swatches of the two polishes I bought the other day from the Maybelline Limited Edition Sweet Thing Collection (click here for pics of the display):

Maybelline Express Finish Nail Color in Goody Gum Drop

Maybelline Express Finish Nail Color in Pie in the Sky

I am delighted to tell you that I finally learned how to adjust the tint and color saturation of my photos so, after a bit of tweaking, the colors that you see in these pics are as accurate as I can possibly make them. If you pick up these shades at the drugstore, hopefully you'll be pleasantly surprised to see that the colors here are pretty darn close to the colors in real life. Yay!

By the way, both shots were taken after two coats of color. Goody Gum Drop applied effortlessly in two coats, while Pie in the Sky was streaky on the first coat, which scared me, but then became totally opaque on the second coat. Yay! Also, it looks like Maybelline has switched to a flatter brush in this new collection (it's not anywhere close to how wide, flat and firm Sally Hansen Insta-Dri brushes are though). They're just a bit flatter than I remember, but they're still on the thin side. I personally love this type of brush so I'm pretty excited about the change!

That's it for now, but please check back a little later for an exciting surprise....:)


  1. I believe Zoya has extended the promo for a few more days. Maybe till the 21st? Not positive though. I got Roxy too! Nail sale twins! =)

  2. oooo. an exciting surprise, how tantalizing!

  3. ooh nice colors =]

    and if ur finally posting the ELF list of item in target (cuz u said it's coming in feb.), i'll be one excited bunny =]

  4. Oooh, I really want the blue Maybelline polish.

    I have Roxy, and it's really beautiful. But unfortunately I'm always saving it for a special occasion, and somehow I never seem to have special occasions. -_-

  5. Those colors look beautiful on you! I bought the orly bonder base and I love it! It has been two days and no chips!

  6. Oh I found pics of the new SH colors!!

  7. JT: Ooooh, thanks so much for the heads-up! Maybe that means I don't have to as stressed out today trying to narrow down my shade selections! ;) And yay for sale twins! xo

    beautifulmonday: lol!! Hope you enjoyed the surprise! :)

    cutiegingerbread: You totally called it! :D

    Hana: Yeah, that blue is even prettier in person. I'm totally obsessed with it. lol. And stop saving that Roxy for special occasions, ok? :) Every day is a special occasion as far as I'm concerned, so enjoy it, love it, and flaunt it, honey! :)

    PoorCollegeStudent: Thank you, sweetie! And I am THRILLED that Orly Bonder is working for you! I swear it is my HG base coat of all time! And thanks so much for finding that pic of the new Tracy Reese colors! I knew there would be a greige! lol! They look super pretty--too bad we have to wait till the fall for 'em. :(

  8. Those are 2 beautiful nail colors. I am thinking of getting something from this new collection.

  9. Still on the hunt for these gorgeous babies! I went on one of my "drugstore crawls" for polish today - I couldn't find that much coveted WNW polish OR the Maybellines at all! I'm sure they'll show up...late like they always do here! ;) Your swatches are lovely.

  10. Thanks for the shout out!! I ordered my Zoya like 2 days ago and they were at my doorstep when I got home today! AMAZING!!!

  11. wow I love love the color of the two nail polishes. So cute. And I am not sure, but I am not a fan of Sally Hansen. May be b/c of my experience. Anyways. thanks

  12. YES... the Zoya promo has been extended to Sunday the 21st!!! Got an email from their mailing list about it and thought I'd confirm that for everyone who perhaps wanted polish but thought they missed the deal. :) And now, I'm off to check around for these Maybelline polishes at my local drugstores... they look awesome!

  13. Thank you so much for the Zoya info! I've been lemming a few shades and this was such a great deal that I finally bought them (and a few others.) Yay!
    Loving those Maybelline colors and the I can't wait to see the Sally Hansen shades this fall. I foresee my polish collection growing quite a bit this year!

  14. rayqueenbee: Glad you like these shades too! Can't wait to see what you get! :)

    Nicole: Wow, coming from you, it's such an honor that you'd say that about my swatches! My cuticles are so fugly right now...I get self-conscious when I enlarge pics like this for the whole world to see. lol. And about those drugstore crawls....I have no idea what you're talking about. LOL!!!! Yeah, my drugstore crawls lately have been turning up a big fat zero in terms of seeing the COMPLETE Sweet Thing display (with the mint green and peach nail colors). Hopefully we'll both see 'em soon. :)

    Sandy: You are so welcome!! And WOW on the fast ship from Zoya!! That's amazing! :)

    ngocupham: Regarding Sally Hansen, have you tried the Complete Salon Manicure formula, or the Xtreme Wear formula? I don't really care for anything but those two formulas, which are pretty awesome for me. Hope that helps! :)

    Jennifer: AWESOME!!!!!!!! Thank you SO much for confirming this!! I fell asleep last night before I had to chance to finally decide on four shades, so this is the best news EVER!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to post this, honey! :)

    Heather: Ooooh, what did ya get?? :D

  15. none of my local drugstores have the new maybelline sweet things collection :( I'm so bummed. I love that light purple shade!

  16. I got:
    Heather (semi-sheer lilac cream)
    Jo (shimmery cornflower blue)
    Dea (milk chocolate brown cream)
    Giselle (pastel orange cream)

    I love all the colors I decided on, but I would be lying if I said I didn't get Heather and Jo because of my name. Haha!
    Oh well, it's not the first time a product's name has swayed me.

    What shades do you have your eye on?

  17. I just got the two new Maybelline colors and have the Pie in the Sky (blue) on my fingernails now. It's a gorgeous color and very flattering for my skin tones (I have lots of pink in my skin so wearing greens, blues, purples and grays seem to balance that out). It's like a warm cornflower blue. It reminds me of the vinca minor blooms I had at my last house.


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