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Monday, January 25, 2010

Review: New Wet n Wild "Wild Shine" nail color shades!

In an effort to post swatches of the new Wet n Wild Wild Shine nail color shades as quickly as possible, I've been rocking a "skittles" manicure for days now (a different color on every nail). It's been fun, but I have to say I'm ready to pick just one of these pretty colors for a full manicure soon. :)

And let me tell you something about these new Wild Shine polishes right up front. If you have been disappointed with Wild Shines in the past, please rest assured that these new shades are nothing like the old ones. I personally bought a purple shade (I can't remember the color right now) a few years ago and was let down because the formula was streaky and I could not achieve the level of opaqueness that I wanted. So I just want to let you guys know that in all of the following pics, I used TWO coats and that was all that was required. The formula is soooo much better than the Wild Shines of yester-year! Also, I've been wearing my skittles mani for several days now and no chips! Just minimal tip-wear.

So without further ado, here are the fab new Wild Shine shades!


Jezebel is a gorgeous, velvety red shimmer that is deeper and richer in person. A classic for toes!


Metallica is the perfect name for this silver chrome. I love silver chromes on darker skin tones, so I'm afraid my swatch just doesn't do this one justice. If you've got a deeper skin tone than mine, this will look ah-maze-ing on you.

Sunny Side Up

You guys, I have been lusting for a cheery orange-juice creme for sooo long now (actually, since this post back in June of last year) so finally, FINALLY I got one! For some reason, shades like this just don't seem to pop up in drugstores a lot, so I'm thrilled WnW created Sunny Side Up for us. I probably could have used a third coat since two coats was a teensy bit streaky, but I still think it looks pretty good with two.

Rain Check

(Apologies for the smudge on my nail but I was in a hurry when I painted this so that smudge is due to operator error and not the formula itself.) I am a SUCKER for icy-blue-violets and Rain Check is certainly no exception. I love love love the soft violet shimmer in this, and I highly recommend it if you've got an icy-blue-violet addiction like myself.


I love the name of this one, which I think is a play on the halo effect of this glitter. The halo glitter is in a clear base, but I apologize if it looks funky in my swatch--my nails are a bit discolored since I pretty much never go without polish these days. I swatched Hallucinate on bare nails and I can confirm that the base it totally clear. Also, to me, the glitter is of medium size. Not too chunky yet not a micro-glitter either. I love it because you don't have to strain to see the halo effect.

Blue Moon

I tried and tried to capture the beauty of Blue Moon but I'm afraid this was the best I could do with my little camera. Let me just say that this is a gorgeous, deep royal blue with what appears to me (reminder: I'm no expert in describing nail colors) to be baby blue and teal shimmers running through it. If you're a blue polish fan, you've got see this one in person to appreciate its beauty. It's deeper and richer than your standard navy blue drugstore polish. Love it!

Blue Moon layered with Hallucinate

I wanted to show you what Hallucinate looks like layered over a darker shade (just in case you were curious). I love this and I can't wait to put this combo on my toes. :)

Night Prowl

And last but certainly not least, we have this little vixen named Night Prowl. This is a vivid magenta micro-glitter in a sheer black base. But let me tell you, do not be scared off by the words "sheer black base". Personally, those three words scare the crud out of me because of my bad experience with a little polish by Petites called Black Amethyst. I don't know if any of you own Black Amethyst, but let me tell you something. I have tried so hard to get an opaque look with that polish, and once I even painted SEVEN coats on my nails and even then it still didn't look opaque. It was streaky as streaky could be.

So let me tell you ladies, Night Prowl is no Black Amethyst, even though they look nearly identical in the bottle. The swatch of my nail was taken after TWO coats, and I easily achieved 100% opacity after those two coats. Yay!!

I hope you enjoyed my review of the new WnW Wild Shine polishes, and of course I would love to hear your thoughts!

A sample of this product was given to Nouveau Cheap for editorial purposes, either directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews.


  1. I saw these and thought it was like the same old formula, I might get them when they are on BOGOF

  2. Love those colors-I am crazy for orange shades, so I can't wait to try Sunny Side Up!

  3. No waiting for me! As soon a I can, I'm going to pick up Night Prowl, Metallica and Raincheck.

  4. yay - these look awesome!! you should try a matte over the night prowl after you've put the glitter on. Hello night sky nails!

  5. i love them all, especially night prowl. i hope they have these new colors at my local walgreens or walmart

  6. I need to find a lipstick the color of that orange nail polish.

    Blue Moon is pretty. I REALLY like how Night Prowl looks.

  7. Oooo, I love Rain Check! Must get. :)
    Blue Moon is gorgeous too but I think I have something similar. I'll still check it out to be sure. Thanks for the swatches!

  8. Thanks so much for these swatches. I hope you get some kind of wonderful return for the service that you provide to those of us who, by want or need, value "thrift." Getting the very best quality and price is basic to a thrifty mentality.

    I have a question, though. DD gave me a bottle of China Glaze Ruby Pumps, and it is my very most favorite red. period. ever. I'd have a car that color if I could. Jezebel the same color?

  9. Sunny Side Up and Night Prowl look AMAZING. I'm looking forward to try those new polishes! Thanks for the swatches )=

  10. Petites' Black Amethyst is one of my favorite glitter nail polishes! I don't know if I've ever tried applying it by itself, because I always apply it after one coat of Wet N Wild's Black Creme (which is super opaque), and it looks so pretty!

  11. Nice shades...I especially like Night Prowl and Metallica!!

  12. Thanks for the swatches! I love Sunny Side Up & Blue Moon...not like I need more nail polish but what the heck! :)

  13. rayqueenbee: Nope, not the same formula at all. Soooo much better! I hope you can get some soon--I think you'll love it! :)

    Nikki: Me too! Me too! I think you'll love this one. xo

    Tabula Rasa: Yes, yes and yes! I am so happy that you're going to be getting those shades--I think you're going to loooove 'em. xo

    scarlettholly: Night Prowl already has micro-glitter in it, so I didn't put a glitter top coat on top of it. But your idea of using a matte top coat sounds intriguing! I so want to try this! Thanks! :)

    Niki: Night Prowl would look *stunning* on you, honey! I hope you can find these...SOON! lol. xo

    Phyrra: Have you tried OCC's Lip Tar in Safety Orange? I'm not sure it will be light enough but it's definitely a shocking orange (or so I think based on swatches I've seen!).

    And you know what? I TOTALLY thought of you when I wrote this review. I seriously said to myself, "I think Phyrra's going to love Night Prowl." LOL! :)

  14. Heather: Definitely check out Blue Moon in person because I thought it was similar to something I already owned but it turns out it's different enough to justify owning both! :) xo

    Denise: What I get in return is the privilege of getting to meet fabulous readers like YOU! Seriously, I've met so many wonderful women via my blog that I would otherwise never *'s incredibly rewarding and makes it all worthwhile! Now, regarding CG Ruby Pumps, TOTALLY different. Ruby Pumps contains tons of micro-glitter while Jezebel is a true shimmer (no glitter at all). Also, the texture of Ruby Pumps is more of a jelly, while Jezebel is more of a tradition, opaque polish. I hope that helps!

    Gaby: I think both of those shades would look amaaaaazing on you, honey! :)

    J: How funny that we both use it in such different ways! I guess I just love how it looks in the bottle so much that I want to be able to get that *exact* look on my nails. I always think that if I use it to layer it's going to change the look/color of it. lol. Silly, i know. But anyway, it doesn't matter now because Night Prowl is exactly what I wanted the Petites shade to be! (But I'm glad that the Petites works for you!) :D xo

    Mocha Mish Mash: OMG, you neeed Metallica! That would look *stunning* on you! :)

    Stephanie: You are so welcome! I think you will love both of those colors (and yeah, who truly NEEDS more nail polish, right? lol!) xo

  15. Jezebel & Sunny Side Up are def must haves for me! thanks for sharing! Can't wait for a BOGO!

  16. I soooooooo want Metallica... gorgeous! Thanks for the swatches :)

  17. Ooooh I must have Jezebel and Night Prowl-- so nice!

  18. Cindy: Please let me know what you think when you get it? Thanks! :)

    1xellus1: OMG, honey, those shades will look amazing on you! Can't wait to see some pics when you get 'em! :)

    Mz. More: Oh sweetie, I think Metallic would look gorgeous on you! And you are so welcome! :)

    BeautyMaven: Yup, those two shades are definitely winners, I tell you! :)

  19. Ooooh pritty! I'm especially digging jezebel & night prowl. I think I'll stop at Rite Aid today after work.

  20. Well, I thought I had commented on this, but looking back, I hadn't! I am definitely getting Night Prowl, Hallucinate, Sunny Side Up and Blue Moon. Thinking about Metallica because I love the name! Haha. These are all neat though!

  21. Finally found some of these. Somehow, the Wild Shine polishes were hidden behind a sign for the MegaLast polishes in the revamped display at my Walgreen's.

    I picked up Blue Moon, which I'll probably wear with a White glitter topcoat (Hallucinate wasn't available so I'll use a Diamond Cosmetics polish I have). I also got a really pretty lavender shade called Wild Card.

    Metallica was there, along with Sunny Side Up and a light pink shade.

  22. A few days ago while I was at Walgreens, I FINALLY remembered to buy some of these nail polishes. I ended up only buying one so I could see if I liked the brush, texture, etc., and I do! I will be buying more!

    I bought Sunny Side Up and adore it! I love to wear it on my toes- it's kind of like a pick-me-up on those bleak, boring days. I look at my bright orange toenails and go, "Happy!"

    Anywho, thanks for the review. I have tried so many new things because of your blog, and all of them have met my expectations!

  23. I have been trying to find this color for the longest in my local stores I hope with the fall items coming a good restock of things are there cuz I got to have this color. I have all of them but Jezebel thanks for sharing

  24. I'm curious why you would put 7 coats of Black Amethyst instead of just putting a coat off black or dark purple first? Maybe you should give it another try by layering it. =)


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