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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Review: New Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Purple Pizzazz

This is so bizarre! I took over 20 pics of the new Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear shade, Purple Pizzazz, this morning and in every pic, the color looks super sheer on my nails.  BUT, in real life it's not sheer at all. I guess there's something in the lighting that's making it look so sheer, but I assure you, in real life, this color on my nails looks just like it does in the bottle (after two coats).  So if you want to know what this shade looks like, focus on the bottle and not on my nails, ok?

That said, I LOVE it. Purple Pizzazz is one of the most vivid, intense purples I have ever seen at a drugstore. It's got this subtle pink shimmer running through it that makes it look like it's lit from within.  If you are a purple lover, you need this shade (and for $2.99 you can't beat it).

Here it is, in various types of lighting, and again, focus more on the bottle and less on my nails for an accurate representation of the color:

In this last pic you can really see the subtle pink shimmer in the bottle--it is GORGEOUS and you can also see it when it's on your nails, even though I could not capture that in these pics.

After seeing the new Xtreme Wear display this week, I have been obsessed with picking up more of these colors (especially the gray and blue shades). If I go back and get them, I'll be sure to swatch them for you (and hopefully I'll have better luck capturing the color on my nails!).

So what you do you think of Purple Pizzazz? Are you a purple fan like me?


  1. I'm a purple fan! It looks pretty, I can't wait to get some of that

  2. Pritty pritty! I'm a huge fan of purple as well.

  3. This looks amazing!! Where did you find it for that cheap?? My CVS sells em for $6 a pop!

  4. Oooh, the shade is gorgeous. I spotted a really pretty teal insta-dry one a while ago. I am still debating with myself if I should get it or not since they are not really that much cheaper than China Glaze (which goes on sale pretty often in my local ulta.)

  5. you have to try the confetti glitter from the new sally hansen hard as's GORGEOUS..i used it for my new year nails. :)

  6. Tiff: Yay for us purple fans! Thank you, sweetie! xo

    princess azure: Yay! Another purple lover! xo

    Lisa Kate: Thank you, honey! Wow, they're $6 at CVS??? I don't think my CVS sells they for that price but I need to check that because that is waaaay expensive! My Rite Aid has these for $2.99, which makes me want to buy the entire darn collection. lol.

    Citrine: Yeah, the insta-dry polishes and the new Salon ones are VERY expensive, but the Xtreme Wears in my area are SUPER cheap ($2.99 at Rite Aid). So they're definitely worth it.

    Rachel: Oh, I need to be on the lookout for that one! Thank you, sweetie! And what a perfect New Year's Eve shade! :)


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