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Monday, December 28, 2009

Review: New Maybelline Shine Sensational Lip Gloss in "Sweet Indulgence"

If you saw my "Drugstore Sightings" post a few days ago, then you know I went BANANAS when I saw these new gourmand-flavored lipglosses by Maybelline. Shine Sensational Lip Glosses seem like a pretty logical step for Maybelline to take in order to capitalize off their wildly popular Color Sensational Lipsticks (which you know I love). And I think it's a great idea considering that I haven't seen a major drugstore cosmetics brand come out with foody-flavored lipglosses in a while (remember Shine Delice from L'Oreal? I adored that collection).

But I never thought in a million years that I'd see such an array of flavors in a drugstore line of lipglosses. Maybelline, you have really outdone yourself here. With flavors that run the gamut from fresh mint leaves to crushed hard candy, chocolate truffles to guava, I was simply blown away by the packaging, selection of flavors and, of course, the array colors! From what I could remember, there were sheers, micro-glitters, shimmers and cremes.

In case you didn't see my earlier post, here are my blurry Blackberry phone pics taken of the display at Walgreens:

There are a total of 15 flavors to choose from, each yummier than the next. But the one that really brought me to my knees was Sweet Indulgence, which, if you look at the photo closely, just so happens to be the flavor of my favorite French pastry in the entire world, the macaron!

This HAD to be mine, on principle alone. A drugstore gloss in the flavor of an exquisite French pastry? What are you trying to do to me, Maybelline??

Maybelline Shine Sensational Lip Gloss in Sweet Indulgence:

I could stop here and be happy as a clam. This flavor trumps any past, present or future flavor released by the queen of drugstore flavored balms and glosses, Bonne Bell. It really does taste like a delicate little macaron (NOT to be be confused with the American macaroon, which is a dense, coconut-based cookie). A macaron is a tiny sandwich cookie that is light as air (think meringue), composed of egg whites, almond powder and sugar. The filling is usually cream or ganache-based. If you haven't tried a French macaron, I strongly recommend putting it on your to-do list.

The flavor of Sweet Indulgence nicely mimics the delicate flavor of a macaron, capturing both its lightness and its creamy filling. I'm in love.

But of course I need to tell you if this product truly delivers in the shine department (given its name, one would assume it's going to be uber shiny, right?). Well, that is where this little lovely failed me a bit. It's not the shiniest gloss I've ever come across (and maybe not even the second, third or fourth shiniest gloss I've ever come across) but the texture does have shine to it. I've heard reports that people aren't too jazzed about the pigmentation, however I cannot honestly say that the pigmentation lacks because I bought a light color to begin with. I knew going into this that the color would barely show up on my lips (which are of medium pigmentation).

So what about the texture? I like it! I think it's quite moisturizing and it's sticky enough to stay on your lips for a while, but not so sticky or tacky that you'll feel uncomfortable wearing it. It's a smooth lipgloss that I would turn to again and again--but for the flavor more than how it looks my lips.

Is it worth the retail price of $6.49? Well if you're a macaron lover like me, then yes. But for the rest of us, I'd wait for a BOGO sale and then pick up two. I believe that this collection is going to be known way more for its variety of yummy flavors than for its ability to make lips shine, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, is it? Maybe Maybelline should have called this collection "Tastes Sensational", which seems to be a more fitting title. :)

The next time there's a BOGO, I will be picking up the toffee-flavored gloss because it's a pinky-brown-rose creme, and then I can really determine the quality of the pigmentation.

Do you already own any Shine Sensational glosses? Do you plan to pick up any? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I love the packaging! Very nicely done on Maybelline's part :) Kinda reminds me of the Victoria's Secret lip glosses because those are not very pigmented but nice scent.

  2. I cant wait to pick some up!! They seem really good and I love the way it looks on! great post! :D

  3. I hope we will get these to Finland soon too! Sounds &looks delicious :D

  4. the packaging is adorable - I totally want one, now. (loves these posts, it's almost like I don't have to leave home to see what's new in stores - haha, great job, great review.)

  5. ndoodles: I agree! Can't wait for you to get some of these. :)

    Aquaheart: Thank you! :) I would love to know what you think when you get one. xo

    Nea: I am keeping my fingers crossed that you get these...soon! xo

    audrrri: Thank you for that! I always hope that people find these posts helpful, so it really means a lot that you said that. xo

  6. i love! super shiney lips aren't really in style i think that this line is perfect =)they smell yummy too

  7. Anon: Thanks for the comment! I am never one to keep up on the latest styles so it's good to know that super shiny isn't in anymore. lol. I literally had no idea! :)

  8. I just bought one and I'm in love with it, #85..which is Cranberry Crave!! I love how smooth it glides on not to mention the yummy scent.

  9. Ooooh, I had my eye on that! Glad to know it's a winner--thanks for the tip! :)

  10. i really want to get this! but i don't see it anywhere online...hmm i guess i'll just have to go to CVS or walgreens...?

  11. Hi Doxie: Yes, I'm afraid these launched in stores before they launched online, so I'd wait a few weeks and I'm SURE they'll be available online. For now, you'll have to get 'em at Target or Walgreens. :)

  12. Hi! I read your review and wanted to let you know that I linked it on my own review of these glosses ( to give my few readers more reference as to the product). I love your blog, and I enjoy your reviews very much, specially.
    hope you don't mind! thanks!

  13. I just picked up my first tube and it was the toffee....the taste isn't on point, but the smell is delicious :)

  14. I just bought the grapefruit tube today. The color will go with either pinks or corals and it tastes great!

  15. Hi! Looks great! Are those blue/purple shimmers? :o)

  16. what other flavors are there?


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