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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Review: Milani Color Statement Lipsticks (Plums & Berries)

Before I begin this review, just a reminder that Milani cosmetics are on sale this week at CVS (7/7 - 7/13). When you spend $10 on any Milani cosmetics, you'll receive $3 back in Extra Bucks.

Continuing with Milani & Jordana Week here on Nouveau Cheap, today I'd like to show you some swatches and share my thoughts on the plums and berries in the new Color Statement Lipstick range (you can see my swatches of the reds & oranges here, and the pinks & corals here).

If you would like to see my in-depth review of the texture, pigmentation, staying power, fragrance and flavor of these lipsticks, please see my review of the reds & oranges here. The short version: they're decadently creamy, feel like a million bucks on the lips, highly pigmented, have very good staying power (3-4 hours or more on my lips) and they smell and taste like watermelon.

 Milani Color Statement Lipsticks: Plums & Berries
(retail: $5.49 each, 0.14 oz)

 17 Plumrose (Cream), 19 Rapsberry Rush (Metallic), 30 Uptown Mauve (Cream)

 17 Plumrose (Cream), 19 Rapsberry Rush (Metallic), 30 Uptown Mauve (Cream)

My favorite of the three shades above is Plumrose. On my medium-pigmented lips, this is a lovely and super versatile medium-toned pinky-brown (my swatch does not do it justice--please trust me on that one!). It's very "Bobbi Brown-esque" which means you know I love it!  Also, even though it may look like Plumrose and Uptown Mauve contain shimmer, they are true cremes with no shimmer at all.

 21 Sangria (Matte), 22 Chilled Brandy (Metallic)

 21 Sangria (Matte), 22 Chilled Brandy (Metallic)

I can't pick a favorite here--I love both of the above shades for different reasons. Sangria is a a vampy, dramatic shade that's dark but not too dark on my lips. It's definitely a wine-colored shade and it has some purple to it that might not come across in my photos. Gorgeous paired with a very subtle eye look. I was very surprised by Chilled Brandy--it reminds me of a MAC lipstick I have but I'll have to dig around my stash to find the name. On my lips, this color is very metallic-y but not frosty. It's multi-dimensional and is sort of like a lipstick version of my coveted Autumn Leaves nail polish from a few years back (but with more of a pink undertone). I know I'll be getting a lot of mileage out of both of these shades come fall/winter.

24 Black Cherry (Cream), 34 Violet Volt (Metallic)

24 Black Cherry (Cream), 34 Violet Volt (Metallic)

I don't think I can personally pull off either of these shades (boo!). Black Cherry is very true to its name--no purple undertones here, just deep, vampy, black-cherry gorgeousness. Sadly, I think it's a bit too dark for my NC20 skintone but I'm not going to give up trying to find the right eye look to pair it with for nighttime. Violet Volt reminds me of a L'Oreal shade from the 80s that I loved even though I had no business wearing it--it did not work with my skintone (I wish I could remember the name--anyone know what shade I'm talking about?). It's a bright, metallic violet-pink with a strong blue undertone. I think it would look stunning if you had the skintone to pull it off. 

FINAL VERDICT:  This collection of shades has me more excited than the reds & oranges and pinks & corals, and I'm crazy about those shades. I know it's only July but I guess I'm already mentally in fall-mode and I can't wait to wear Sangria and Chilled Brandy with my turtleneck sweaters. Until then, I'm rocking the heck out of Plumrose and it's definitely my favorite of the six shades I'm reviewing today. It's an everyday shade that you could wear to the office or at night--it's ridiculously versatile and I think it would look beautiful on a variety of skintones.

Again, to see my thoughts on the texture, staying power, flavor and fragrance of the Milani Color Statement Lipsticks, please see my review of the reds and oranges in this range.

You can purchase Milani Color Statement Lipsticks at CVS, Target and other retailers that carry Milani Cosmetics. You can also purchase them online via the Milani website.

Do you own any of the shades featured here today? I'd love to hear what you think of them!

A sample of this product was given to Nouveau Cheap for editorial purposes, either directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews. For more information, click here.


  1. Replies
    1. I think she's thinking of Sea Fleur too, and they might still make it.

    2. Yes!! I think that's it! Thank you!!! :)

  2. I think that Loreal color was Sea Something. Anemone maybe?

    1. I think it was what the readers above said: Sea Fleur! You were very close! :)

  3. Black Cherry is not as dark swatched as I had imagined. I think it would be nice paired with a champagne shadow (something like Stila Kitten) in the inner corners, middle of the lid and the browbone. Not sure about blush, perhaps a touch of mauve-y rouge. Could just use a little golden highlighter on tops of cheekbones, down nose, and temples. I LOL @ "I had no business wearing"...I think that's just how we did back in the day, if it looked good in the tube, pan etc...then it must look good on me too, yeah right, hahaha! ;) I know a lot of us did the whole electric blue mascara/liner paired w/ a über frosty candy pink lip *shudders*

    1. Black Cherry looks darker on my lips than on my arm for sure, but I'm loving your recs! Thank you!

      And omg YES! I always, always paired my electric blue mascara with frosty pink lipstick and i have dreadful photos to prove it. Hahaha!

  4. I wish I could love these for the great colors, but they're super drying on my lips.

    1. I'm so sorry to hear that this formula is drying on you. Fortunately, they're the opposite for me. Maybe try applying a light layer of lip balm first?

  5. Plumrose is so pretty. Chilled Brandy is also appealing, but I wish it wasn't metallic.

    1. Heidi, you neeeed Plumrose! Lol! ;)

  6. Replies
    1. Please let me know what you think if you try some? :)

  7. I've tried the Milani Ruby Valentine, and I really think Milani has done a great job with these lipsticks. The formula is great and the color range is awesome! A lot of these colors work well on us darker skinned ladies, including Black Cherry. You can see for yourself if you check out TotalMakeupJunkie101 on Youtube, she's an Indian gal who's swatched all the MIlani lipcolors on her lips.

    1. Thanks for the very helpful info!! :)

  8. What skin tone do you think will look great with the violet volt color

    1. Basically any skintone that's not mine! Lol! I don't think this shade works for those of us with yellow undertones and lighter skintones. BUT I think these types of colors look fantastic on paler skintones that have more pink undertones than I do. For example, Phyrra ( looks great in these types of shades. I also think this color would look stunning on deeper skintones (MAC NC40 or higher). I just think that fair skin + yellow undertones generally do don't well with pinks that have a strong blue undertone....colors like that tend to accentuate undereye darkness a lot by bringing out the blue in the skin.

  9. Sangria will be so nice for this Fall.

  10. I've purchased several of the Milani lipsticks and recently the HD Advanced Lip Colors in 118 Premiere Plum, it tasted like a Melon.. I LOVE the flavors. The 52 in Pink Love, I swear smells and taste like Honey.. so yummy. I also bought a lip pencil. I was really happy with the ease of use and stay power! I've also purchased Run Way Eye Shadows that can be used wet or dry, in #08 Shamrock and #6 in Royalty. I was really happy with the pigments and sparkly application!!!


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