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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dollar Tree Haul

Now that we all know that Sinful Colors polishes are now surfacing at Dollar Tree, I thought I'd show you the polishes I purchased on a recent Dollar Tree stop:

Sinful Colors nail color in 198 Irish Green (0.5 oz)
Sinful Colors Nail Art in 1638 Bad Chick (0.25 oz)
(retail: $1.99 each; $1 each at Dollar Tree)

Tips for those of you looking for Sinful Colors at your Dollar Tree stores (and a nail look I created using these two polishes) after the jump...

A few things of note: 

Not all Dollar Trees carry the same shades of Sinful Colors polishes. In fact, the inventory varies DRAMATICALLY from location to location. At one of my local Dollar Trees, they had a TON of Irish Green (which usually only surfaces at Walgreens right before St. Patrick's Day, along with Green Ocean) and a few other older core shades like San Francisco.

However, I've heard from several of you who have spotted shades at Dollar Tree from previous Limited Edition collections like the Summer 2011 Adventure Island Collection (OPI Pirates dupes) and others. And reader Jessica on Facebook just spotted Green Ocean (the flakie that only appears at Walgreens around St. Patrick's Day) at her local Dollar Tree.

The moral of this story: If you're looking for 1/2 price Sinful Colors polishes, check every Dollar Tree in your city. You never know what you might find! And remember: newer limited edition and core shades are all numbered in the 1,000s. So chances are, if the polishes you find have numbers below 1,000, they're probably older core (permanent) shades.

A nail look I created using Sinful Colors Irish Green and Bad Chick:

If you don't already own Irish Green, it's a bright (borderline neon) green jelly. It's actually brighter than my pictures would lead you to believe. This polish requires three coats for what you see in my pics, but of course you'll use less if you use this one for a jelly sandwich (which I cannot wait to do).

When Rite Aid was clearancing out all of the Sinful Colors Nail Art polishes (they were $0.49 each) a while back, I should have listened to all of you and bought a zillion of them. These stripers are WAY better than the LA Colors Art Deco stripers I own (also purchased at Dollar Tree). The brush is shorter and the formula is thicker, which makes them SO much easier to apply to the nail. I'm horrible at freehand nail art, but even I can do a few stripes thanks to this polish. If you're convinced you can't do freehand nail art, I say give one of these a try if you spot them at Dollar Tree. They might seriously change your mind.

Also, my Dollar Tree had a bunch of shades (cremes and shimmers) of the Nail Art polishes. Hopefully yours does too!

Have you purchased any Sinful Colors polishes at Dollar Tree lately? I would absolutely love it if you'd leave a comment and let us know which shades you've spotted!

The products featured in this post were purchased with personal funds. For more information, click here.


  1. Lol, I just went the dollar tree today and picked up a bunch of goodies, including a really pretty bright pink Sinful Colors polish. They had these really pretty glittery L.A. Color lipglosses (I seen one in a goldish flakie kinda glitter and the one I bought was pink with gold/coralish glitter). I gave it to my brother as a gift and it's more clear than I thought but he says it tastes/smells like bubblegum and I'm tempted to go buy one for myself.

  2. I've never seen SC packaged like that. Interesting. Like your nail art.

  3. Great green for a buck! That is a great tip, thanks G!

  4. I'm so jealous! My Dollar Trees rarely have the neat finds you post. I'll have to keep stalking them in case they get a shipment in.

    1. The DT's in my area are stinky too, you're not alone. I find it's the same w Big Lots as well, not a whole lot ever goin' on there. I do like those places for those "magic washcloths", you know the kind that's all compacted and opens up once water hits it, usually comes in cute charaters like Disney, SpongeBob etc. Love those.

  5. I bought a back up of the Bad Chick white striper at my Dollar Tree's the best for an awesome opaque white for French manis :)

  6. I just got Sinful Colors I Miss You the other day at the Dollar Store. I was going to get a few others but I felt like that was the only one I really wanted the most.

  7. My Dollar Tree also has Rimmel single eyeshadows right now!

    My husband just bought a bunch of the nail art polishes for me from the Dollar Tree today because I am going to be baby sitting my nieces and we are going to do our nails (with the permission of their mother already secured) while he goes on a hike with their father.

  8. I haven't seen these yet at Dollar Tree yet but I am so glad to know that the nail art ones are really good! Definitely going to hunt these! Thanks G!

  9. It was funny just went to dollar tree yesterday and all they had was genteel (spelling) I will have to check out a few more stores

  10. I think my favorite find at the Dollar Tree has been the SC Unicorn polish. Totally didn't expect to fall in love with a yellow polish! I've also added so many of their nail art colors to my collection. The Dollar Tree is so bad for my self control!

  11. I love buying makeup at the Dollar Store! I saw this there recently and LA Colors is always there...its awesome!

  12. I went to a dollar tree in Buffalo and got "Green Ocean" and "Glass Pink" (the latter had 2 polishes of the same name, but varied in shade of pink, also had different numbers on the bottom of the bottle). I got a couples more that were sticker-less, and therefore name-less - I suppose they'll always be a mystery to me.

    1. I'm in buffalo too! Which dollar tree did you find these at? I've been looking everywhere!!

    2. niagara falls blvd, in amherst, just south of interstate 290. there were lots of polishes in the makeup aisle, and some more polishes on a display in the middle of the store, along with various other products. Good luck finding it :D, let me know how it goes.

  13. So far none of my Dollar Trees near Pittsburgh have any Sinful colors. So bummed! I love that Irish Green and your mani with the white!

  14. Oh man, I didn't know Irish Green was a jelly! I passed it up thinking it was a creme and only grabbed Green Ocean from the Walgreens St Pattys display.. Now I hope I can still find it...because I need ALL THE JELLIES!

  15. I got Summer Peach, Feeling Great, Tokyo Doll, See You Soon, Pull Over, and Moss Have. Got Time to Go and Me First (2 neons) as well as another white in the nail art ones. I did buy a blue creme that had no name.

    Also seen: Rain Storm, Forget Now, Kissy, Cream Pink and various others inculding the nail art ones.

  16. My dollar tree in florida had hundreds of bottles in many different colors, as well as the nail art (which I didnt even know existed!)

  17. Checked out my Dollar Tree in San Antonio (in case there are SA readers, I went to the one close to Ingram Park Mall) and picked up Sinful Colors in San Francisco (dark shimmery green), Cinderella (light blue with pink shimmer), 2 SC Nail Art polishes in Pot O Gold (opaque shimmer gold) and Bad Chick (opaque white), and 1 Nail Art by Diamond Cosmetics in Dark Blue. FYI, the Dark Blue one doesn't seem opaque but the brush is thicker than the SC Nail Art one. And, this Dollar Tree didn't have much in regular polish but they had a surplus of "Bad Chick" if you are looking to stock up on opaque white. Hope this helps.

  18. I live in Atlanta and I've gotten SO MANY SC polishes at my local Dollar Tree. Let's see which ones I can find:

    4 Nail Art polishes: Bad Chick (white), Bonjour (teal), Time Off (black), and Fashionista (silver glitter in clear polish)

    And about a million regulars: Dream On (matte finish magenta/purple), Nirvana (neutral/cool brown), Envy (cool green), Ardoise (blue-toned dark grey), Pull Over (BRIGHT yellow, but not neon), Neon Melon (a neon green/yellow), Summer Peach (neon orange), Easy Going (pale pink) Star Fish (medium pink), Hot Hot Heat (shimmery red), Real Red (blood red), Vela (aaalmost mulberry, but lighter, Cream Pink (hot pink), Polar Opposites (shimmer grey with teeny blue sparkles), Ciao Bella (deep shimmery blue)... I think that's it? I've doubled my polish collection since I discovered them at DT!


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