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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Swatches: New Wet n Wild Limited Edition Vanite Eye & Lip Quartets

I'm bringing you the new limited edition Spring 2011 offerings from Wet n Wild today (click here to see the Bloom collection) and this one's definitely for those of you who are drawn to jewel tones! The Coloricon Vanite collection features four quartets, each with two powder eyeshadows and two lipglosses.

From Wet n Wild:

Vanite: Limited Edition Color Icon Eye & Lip Quartet

Mirror, mirror on the wall, I’m the fairest maiden of them all! Revel in beauty with these lavish compacts of 2 decadent eyeshadows and 2 extravagant lip glosses. This chic, stylish compact creates a variety of unique looks with perfectly color-coordinated lip and eye combinations. 

33569 Renaissance Faire 
(Eyeshadows: Purple & Green, Lip Glosses: Hot Pink & White Shimmer) 

33570 Queen Victoria 
(Eyeshadows: Royal Purple & Pink, Lip Glosses: Fuchsia & Maroon) 

33571 I Reign Supreme 
(Eyeshadows: Black Shimmer & Silver Shimmer, Lip Glosses: Pale Pink Shimmer & Rose)

33572 I’m Ba-roque 
(Eyeshadows: Green with Gray Undertone & Peach, Lip Glosses: Peach Shimmer & Coral)

The first thing I noticed about these quartets is the adorable packaging. I'm getting a serious Marie Antoinette vibe from these and I love it!

These are nice and substantial (not flimsy plastic) cases, and they make a nice, reassuring "click" noise when you close them.  Also, I want to point this out because I know a lot of you don't care for palettes that contain both powders and creams: the wells in these quads are deep enough and have high enough walls between them to prevent serious fallout. In other words, if you're careful, you can avoid fallout in the lip colors.

Renaissance Faire contains a very true shimmery purple shadow (sorry if the above pics make it look blue--it's not), a matte green shadow with fine gold sparkle (my pics make it look like it's leaning toward teal, but it's actually more of a green), a frosty pink gloss and a shimmery white gloss with multicolored microglitter.

Queen Victoria is definitely regal. It contains a shimmery true royal purple shadow (it leans more blue than the purple in Renaissance Faire), a shimmery medium pink shadow, a shimmery hot pink gloss and a shimmery plum gloss with multi-colored microglitter.

I Reign Supreme contains the most classic shades of the Vanite collection. There's a matte black shadow with silver sparkle, a shimmery silver shadow, a very pale pink shimmery gloss and a sheer red shimmery gloss.

And last but not least, my favorite quartet and the one I think might turn out to be the most popular: I'm Ba-roque. You've gotta love it for the name alone, right? I mean, could there be a more perfect name for a Wet n Wild palette?? It cracks me up every time I see it!
I'm Ba-roque contains a shimmery gunmetal green shadow (I'm 99.9% sure this is a dupe of a MAC shade--I'll have to dig through my stash and find it), a super shimmery, almost metallic, peach shadow, a light pink shimmery gloss, and the biggest surprise of the entire collection: the most gorgeous rose-gold gloss I have seen in years!

Please forgive these pics--my lips are so chapped right now, but I HAD to show you this gloss. In person, this is one of the most stunning rose gold glosses I have ever worn. It was a total shocker because, to be honest, it looked like a standard, almost boring, red in the pan. But once you put it on, WHOA MAMA! All of these beautiful tones of rose, gold and peach come through. If you're drawn to rose-gold lip colors, you need this one. Period.

FINAL VERDICT: If you're into jewel tones, this collection is one you'll want to see in person. These shadows are just as highly pigmented and smooth as the other Coloricon palettes (in other words, they're fabulous) and the lipglosses are sheer, but surprisingly pigmented. The lip brush that comes with these palettes is so small that it works quite well for precision application and I haven't experienced any shedding of bristles. Even if you shy away from palettes that contain both eye and lip colors under one roof, I wouldn't let that deter you from trying one of these--especially I'm Ba-roque, which is my favorite of the bunch. That gunmetal-green is a showstopper and, well, the rose-gold gloss leaves me speechless.

What do you think of the Vanite Collection? Are these colors appealing to you? Do you think you'll look for them at your local drugstore? I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Disclosure: The above image is published by request from Wet n Wild. has not received any form of compensation, monetary or otherwise, for writing this post or for accepting the title of "Wet n Wild Beauty Ambassador". has received editorial samples from Wet n Wild for this review. All reviews on are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews.


  1. I NEED them all! I WILL have them all!

  2. These look interesting! Not sure on the glosses (palette glosses tend to be kinda weird for some reason - plus, I'm really iffy on frosty lip stuff...) but VERY willing to give them a chance! :D I'm sure they'll find their way to my house as soon as I can get my paws on them!

  3. are these out yet? where are there available? they look soooo pretty. wnw has definitely upgraded their cosmetics and i am loving the entire line =D

  4. they all look gorgeous! too bad we dont have a wet n wild store here. =P

  5. They are so pretty; I just have no idea when I would wear colors like that!

  6. The green shadow in I'm Ba-roque looks a bit like MAC's Humid in the photo, but I'm not sure if that's the shadow you mean.

  7. I am not feeling these ones for some reason. It's a bummer cause I LOVE the 3- and 8-pans.

  8. These all look lovely, especially the minty green shadow, the metallic peach shadow, and the rose-gold lipgloss, but I want more WnW mattes :( I wonder why they haven't come out with any new ones.

  9. I might be exaggerating but I almost weep when I saw I'm Ba-roque. It's such a gorgeous color combination. I wish we had W&W here! I'm so missing out on these good stuff :(

  10. Will these be available where ever Wet n Wild is sold? I have still be unable to locate the 8-pan palettes since my Wal Mart doesn't sell WnW and I don't have a Walgreens near me. I buy my WnW at Rite Aid; I'm really hoping I will be able to buy it there. I really, really want these!!!! :-)

  11. *breathes deep sigh of relief* I actually don't want these. Thank goodness, as I have WAY too much makeup! I just really am not a fan of palletted lip glosses. I just feel like they're too much hassle.

  12. This is a bit of a surprise for me but I'm not too interested in these. I think it's the combination of the frosty lip colors and the lip/eye combo.

  13. these look really nice! I am getting all of them except for the grey and black one...
    Do you know how much will these cost?

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I'm not too into eyeshadows and lipcolors in the same case. I know you said that it's easy to prevent fallout into the lipglosses but I'm not really into any of these colors. I'm so into neutrals it's ridiculous!
    I do like that it has a lip brush combo in it though.

  16. I'm Ba-roque IS an awesome name for a WnW product! Very cute! I may have to scoop that one up!!!

  17. Holy cow!!! I also want them all! Heck for the price point of WNW, why not? I wonder how hard it would be to jimmy some of the pans out and mix and match? haha...Im always thinking!! LOL This way you dont have to always travel with them all if you want certain colors on certain days! :)

  18. Those look amazing, really a step up for wnw!

  19. I'd still feel funny about getting messy glosses, but I trust W&W! Also the rosy/goldy gloss looks beeeyotiful!

  20. I'd still feel funny about getting messy glosses, but I trust W&W! Also the rosy/goldy gloss looks beeeyotiful!

  21. I'm really interested in the Bloom collection nail polishes and will be grabbing a few of those shades. But I guess I was expecting a similar Spring-themed color scheme for the LE quads. Darker colors, even jewel tones, just aren't my thing (I tend to go for champagne and lighter colors) so I'll probably skip these although I think the graphics on the palettes are adorable.

  22. I'll be passing on these - it's not worth it to me to buy a palette where I'll only use half the stuff inside. I tend to outright hate any gloss in palette form.

  23. At first I decided I actually wasn't interested in any of these (Which SHOCKS me seriously!) but after seeing that lipcolor from I'm Baroque- I want that one just for that lipcolor-gorgeous!!

  24. Oh gawd, the shimmer! One of the reasons I love the original 6 pan shadows was the inclusion of the matte side. Since then it's been sparkle city! Pass.

  25. I'm not attracted to these pallets at all. The trios, 6 pans, and 8 pans got me jumping up and down.

    Plus I think the Bloom collection has more spring feel to it and stole the spot in my heart already.

    AND, I Love your NC browser icon!

  26. These are so intriguing but I'm not sure how to work them! Could you perhaps post a tutorial or some looks? That would be awesome.

    Thanks for the detailed posts!

  27. They look interesting... Can't wait to see them in person! :)
    What will the price be for these?

  28. I hope these will be available in more drugstores cause I was exhausted from hunting walgreens to walgreens for the 8-pans!! And how much do they retail for?
    I think they're cute though, thanks for the swatches!

  29. Not really feeling the love on these

  30. oh man.. when i see makeup reviews like this i wish i lived in the us. i really like the glosses in all and the shadow colours from ba-roque

  31. G! I Can't wait for you to do some tutorials on these! I am so curious! I have seen similar packaging in another LE WnW palettes before, but I was NOT impressed with the shadow. So I am VERY curious about these! Thanks for the post as usual!

  32. My favorite post of nouveau cheap has to be posts on sales from cvs and all the other drugstores!

  33. LOVE the rosegold lip color in I'm Ba-roque. But can I justify buying the palette for one lip color? Haha

    Thanks for swatching all these palettes! I can't imagine how long it must take to snap good pictures of all the products, and make sure the colors are true to life.


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