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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Target December Beauty Box Preview

UPDATE! These boxes are now live and the contents are slightly different than what the previews indicated. Please see my updated post here with more info. And thanks to everyone in the comments below for letting me know they were live!

I've been checking the Target Beauty Box page every day and I want to let you know that the preview is now live (thanks also to reader Chelsea Marie for making sure I knew about this!). It's showing as sold out right now because that's what it always says until the boxes actually go live.

This month it looks like we're getting a women's box (possibly two women's boxes?) and a men's box. I'm guessing that they will go live HERE at around 2AM Pacific tonight (technically 12/5) since that's around the time that these have been going live lately. I will try my best to stay up and alert you that these are live, but I'm exhausted today so I may not be able to stay up tonight. So if you're scared these will sell out quickly, check this link as early as you can on the morning on 12/5.

Keep reading for my best guess on how these items will break down:

Here's what I'm guessing the breakdown will be:

  • Sophia Joy Double Zip Train Case Cosmetic Bag
  • Vichy Purete Thermale 3-in-1 Cleanser
  • CoverGirl Outlast Lip Color
  • TRESemme Beauty Full Volume Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies Push-Up Drama Mascara
  • Derma E Firming DMAE Moisturizer
  • Goody Ouchless 37-count Elastics
  • La Roche Posay Anthelios 50 Tinted Mineral Sunscreen
  • Almay Oil Free Makeup Remover Pads
  • Nivea Soft Moisturizing Creme 

  • Nautica Voyage Sport edt
  • Old Spice Dirt Destroyer Body Wash in Pure Sport
  • Gold Bond Ultimate Refresh 360 Men's Body Powder
  • Every Man Jack Daily 2-in-1 Citrus Shampoo
  • Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Body & Face Wash

The reason I think that there might be two women's boxes this time is because that train case is throwing me off. That retails for $24.99 by itself so if we ARE getting that in a box, I'm guessing that that the price is going to jump from the usual $7-$10...or they're offering two separate boxes. As always, we won't know what's full-size, travel-size or foil packets until these boxes actually go live.

Until then, what are your thoughts on this preview?


  1. My first thought is, not that Maybelline mascara again! LOL. I think it's been in three boxes already, and I'm actually donating my last (unopened) one because I hate the brush. I might be skipping this box. I'm interested in the Vichy cleanser and the La Rosche Posay tinted suncreen, but the other stuff is repeats or kind of "meh."

    1. Lol that's what I said when I saw that mascara again! I looooove Maybelline mascaras but that one didn't work for me. I'd be so stoked if they included a different formula this time. There are so many Maybelline mascaras that it's getting frustrating to see them focus on this one over and over. Sigh...

    2. That was my first thought, too. They must have a warehouse full of that icky stuff!

  2. I never thought I'd say this but I'm burned out on beauty shopping although I doubt if this feeling will last. This year I bought stuff that came with tons of great samples but I don't really want anymore, then again that train case is really cute.....

    1. Lol the beauty shopping fatigue is real! I think a lot of people are feeling it right now. For me personally, I feel like I'm just a LOT more selective this time of year, because I SHOULD be spending that money on gifts. So something has to really reach out and grab me if I'm going to purchase something for myself. Like you, I'll have to see about that train case. But the other stuff here I already own or am not interested in, so this COULD be a hard pass for me.

  3. I have so many mascaras from Target that I won't need anything for at least a year. I took a peek at the potential items and I am on the fence about it. Even the men's which my husband usually enjoys

  4. My initial reaction is "Um, MMmmmmmmaybe." There are some things that are potentially intriguing, but I'm going to want to see the size of the samples and the cost of the box before making up my mind. I don't have any purchases with samples coming, but it takes me so long to use up samples that I've got quite the backlog!

  5. I don't stay up late for it anymore. The deals seem to last well into the next day or longer. And if I miss it, not that big of a deal. I would rather get a good night sleep!

  6. including a $25 train case is certainly something new but i wonder if its addition might make this box cost considerably more than any previous ones? not sure whether this is a special holuday edition of the box and/or if they did something similar last year.

  7. My first thoughts were "THAT MASCARA AGAIN??", and "THAT OLD LIP FORMULA??" Loll. These often have the feel of old clean outs of products lately more than an introduction to new brands. The burnout is real.

  8. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that Target is running a 10% off gift cards deal that ends tonight at midnight!

  9. I love denim (chambray included) so from the moment I saw that train case in store it has been in my saved items online as I waited for the price to drop. If it's included then that's a definite yes from me. Haven't been interested in any of the boxes in awhile but for this I'm eager to see when it goes live.

  10. Maybelline mascara, goody elastics, covergirl lip color --- not again :/

  11. I'd get it just to try the sunscreen. So far I haven't taken the $30 a bottle plunge just to try it, but I am running out of my current daily tropicana.

  12. It's live at 12:09 PST! Just ordered

  13. Beauty box live at 12:09 PST. Just ordered

  14. Boxes are live now! There is one for men and one for Women. In my opinion they each are of good value. I bought them both. Unfortunately, I could not use the $3.00 off coupon I got from the December box. Says promo not valid

  15. The target boxes are live at 12:40 am

  16. The box is live! I'm on the east coast and just got a box at 5:10am

  17. It's live! I haven't purchased one of these in awhile but I just did. Thx for the link!

  18. So the box us live. It's 6:30 am Est. No train case, but I went ahead and ordered bothering men and woman ones. Only one woman's one. I thought it was pretty good. It may end up going to my daughter for Christmas.

  19. It's live! No mascara and it's $10. I don't want to ruin anymore surprises!

  20. Note: The beauty box is live and stock is available as of 8 a.m. Eastern, but Target mentions for the women's box:
    * Box includes either La Roche-Posay Mineral Sunscreen or Vichy One-Step Cleanser.
    I want to try the La Roche-Posay but if it's 50/50 odds of getting it ...

  21. I'm up at the crack of dawn because I went to sleep at 9pm last night( came back from Mexico). The box is live and I'm passing. I'm swimming in samples and travel sizes. We used so much on this last trip and I have enough for a year or more.

  22. I just ordered my target beauty box G!!

  23. Looks like its a zippered bag included in this box; and not the train case as pictured.. :-(

  24. Thanks G! Got the men's box! Thought it was better than the women's.

  25. Box is live, no train case, just a little makeup bag. No mascara either :P not that I wanted it lol. I haven't bought a target beauty box since last summer, and I'm gonna pass this one too

  26. Just looked on like here's an update list for December's target beauty box.

    Nivea Soft Creme
    Lightweight, fast-absorbing formula enriched with vitamin E and jojoba oil for soft, supple skin.

    Derma e Firming DMAE Moisturizer
    Hydrating powerhouse of vegan, non-GMO ingredients for a firmer-looking complexion.

    Almay Non-Oily Makeup Remover Pads
    A blend of aloe, cucumber and green tea removes makeup without feeling greasy. Hypoallergenic.

    CoverGirl Outlast Lipstick in Ever Red-dy
    Moisture-rich formula and vibrant, long-lasting color offer fresh, all-day wear in 2 easy steps.

    TRESemmé Pre-Wash Conditioner and Shampoo
    Use conditioner before shampoo to leave hair smooth, polished and voluminous without weighing it down.

    Modella Black and White Purse Kit
    Keeps makeup organized when you’re on-the-go or works as a clutch for a night on the town.

    Goody Ouchless Headwrap and Elastic
    Hair tie and headwrap duo made without metal for reduced snags and a comfortable hold.

    La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 Sunscreen*
    100% mineral sunscreen offers antioxidant-rich protection in a lightweight, tinted formula.

    Vichy Pureté Thermale One-Step Cleanser*
    3-in-1 cleanser gently detoxifies, tones and removes makeup with a lightweight, milky formula.

    * Box includes either La Roche-Posay Mineral Sunscreen or Vichy One-Step Cleanser.

  27. It's live! There's only 2 boxes; 1 men, 1 women, $7 & $10


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