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Friday, October 7, 2016

New Products, Value Sets, Deals and Freebies at Ulta!

Lots to cover today, Ulta shoppers! I don't want to overwhelm you, so let me try to make this as easy and concise as possible. I'm covering a lot of ground here and I want to get this up as quickly as possible (one of the NYX lip vaults is already sold out!).

Thanks so much to readers @pretty_matte on Instagram, Emma9, Sharde Liggins, Sneaky Burrito, and Candi1 for many of the great tips featured in this post!

  • FREE WITH ANY $40 ONLINE ORDER (10/7 ONLY - DO NOT WAIT ON THIS ONE): add this Matrix 5-piece gift to your cart and once you add anything else to your cart it will go from $40 to FREE. 
  • 5X POINTS ON ALL LAURA GELLER PURCHASES NOW THROUGH 10/15 - Just sign into your account HERE and check your "My Rewards" tab to see if you have this offer available to activate (this was only sent to select customers so you may not have it).
  • 2X OR 3X POINTS ON ALL PURCHASES NOW THROUGH 10/15 - Members get 2X points and Platinum members get 3X points on all purchases online and in-store! Just sign into your account HERE and check your "My Rewards" tab to activate.
  • 20% OFF ANY ONE QUALIFYING ITEM - excludes prestige cosmetics and fragrance. Enter code 407307 online or use this coupon in-store. Expires 10/22.
  • $3.50 OFF $10 NON-PRESTIGE PURCHASE - use code 308920 (valid online only)


Daily Beauty Steals available online and in-store for one day only (these ship FREE for all Platinum Members)


DON'T FORGET that you can use the 20% off one item code OR the $3.50 off $10 code with ANY of the following products (codes listed at the top of this post)!

Thanks again to readers @pretty_matte on Instagram, Emma9, Sharde Liggins, Sneaky Burrito, and Candi1 for the great tips featured in this post!


  1. This is really upsetting as I've been receiving this error “We are unable to process your order.Please verify the credit card and billing information, or use another credit card or payment method.”

    I checked with my bank, used other computers, apps and nothing seems to be working! I even emailed and called customer service who both were not helpful.

    Has anyone else had this problem and had it resolved?

  2. Omg yes, the same exact thing was happening to me back in July and customer service was super nice but had no idea why I kept getting that message. I just started paying with PayPal bc there was nothing else I could do. Sorry ☹️

  3. Check all of your stored credit cards as well as the billing and shipping addresses to ensure there is no middle initial listed on your name. I know it sounds crazy, but this is what fixed it for me, when I removed my middle initial.

  4. Check and make sure your phone number is put in the billing section, for some reason my number will sometimes disappear when checking out and I get that message.

  5. I have gotten the same thing over and over myself, Julia!! It took me forever - the only way Ive gotten it to work is through Paypal.
    Oh btw, G - the Laura Geller blush is out of stock. Just a heads up :)

  6. Have any platinum members had success ordering the hair event beauty steals online with free shipping? Two days in a row, and the site still charges me for shipping. I had no trouble during the beauty event, and my account still shows my platinum status.

    1. Yes. I was trying to buy the Redken conditioner. Got the shampoo in store but they were out of conditioner. I called Ulta and they said it has to be minimum $10. The conditioner is 9.99. I couldn't believe they wouldn't give it to me.

    2. I'm having the same problem! Ugh!

    3. Hi! Looks like free shipping for platinum member is for $10 + purchase of the beauty steals :)

    4. Continue to checkout!! It was charging me shipping on beauty steals too until I got to shipping options. It gave me an option in checkout to select free shipping!!

      Wish I would have figured this out earlier. But saved me money!

    5. Thank you, Chrisa and Kahkashan Fatima! I JUST found out that it has to be $10+ for free shipping when I tried to order the It's A 10 deal today. I had never seen this stipulation before. Will definitely mention in my weekly wrap-up.

  7. Just an update, the Laura Gellar freebie is not available any more. :(

  8. @Julia Bao Ulta did the same thing to me more than a year ago and Ive made several calls and I am still unable to make online Ulta orders. I get a generic response that i can go in store and how sorry they are they could not process payment. Something in their system has flagged your account and I havent been able to figure out how to fix it, so Ive gone around it by using another account. Its terrible!


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