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Friday, October 28, 2016

New Collections from Alba Botanica (Sheet Masks and More)

Attention Alba Botanica fans! Did you hear that they launched two new collections, including sheet masks? These products should be hitting your local Target, Walmart, Whole Foods and other retailers any minute now (if you haven't seen them already). Also, I just noticed that three of the Fast Fix masks are up on the Target site HERE and the Hawaiian Detox collection is up on the Target site HERE (remember that you get free shipping on all orders at Target now through Jan 1st).

I received some press info about both collections today, so here you go:

Alba Botanica is cruelty-free, made with 100% vegetarian ingredients. Each collection delivers concentrated doses of botanical ingredients that detox and act as a fast fix for your skin and body. Each mask is saturated with its key ingredient (coconut, camu camu & more) to target specific skin concerns (from wrinkles to acne).

NEW Alba Botanica Hawaiian Detox Facial Care

Each product in the Hawaiian Detox facial care collection is formulated with Volcanic Clay, a mineral-rich natural substance that draws out dirt, oil and grime from deep within pores before being washed away. This action helps clear problematic impurities which immediately brightens and refreshes skin. The clay’s unique physical texture also polishes away dead surface cells, leaving skin with a smooth, even, mattified glow. Each formula is powerfully effective, yet also hypo-allergenic.

Hawaiian Detox Cleanser (6oz., $11.99)
Gentle yet effective daily detoxifier lathers away problematic impurities

Hawaiian Detox Scrub (4oz., $11.99)
Distinctive black lathering scrub gently exfoliates, clears and brightens skin

Hawaiian Detox Sheet Mask (single mask, $3.49)
Micro-extraction mask loosens stubborn impurities for intensive detox action

NEW Alba Fast Fix Sheet Masks 

Individually wrapped, serum-soaked fiber masks contour to your face to deliver concentrated doses of active botanical ingredients. In as little as 5 minutes, skin experiences a powerful beauty-enhancing treatment! 100% vegetarian ingredients, no animal testing, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors or parabens.

Coconut Water Hydrate Sheet Mask ($3.49)
An infusion of coconut water, cucumber and chamomile provide a mega-moisture oasis to return skin to healthy, hydrated happiness

Camu Camu Anti-Wrinkle Sheet Mask ($3.49)
Camu camu, cocoa and caffeine fight the good fight to help firm, tone and tackle those pesky lines and wrinkles

Papaya Anti-Acne Sheet Mask ($3.49)
The zit-zapping trio of papaya, lemon balm and salicylic acid penetrate pores to give pimples their proper punishment

Grapefruit Even Tone Sheet Mask ($3.49)

Grapefruit, charcoal and turmeric vanish visible pores, soothe redness and help lighten shadows, to give skin a soft, even glow

Have you spotted these new collections "out in the wild" yet? Do you already own any of these products? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Since I only use vegetarian products Alba Botanica was a heaven sent for me since they go on sale for good prices... until I found out that a lot of their products had high or moderate EWG scores. But I'm still really interested in the volcanic clay scrub, so I'll be waiting to see what EWG rates it

    1. Just a note about EWG (Skin Deep): while I think it's a great resource, I think it should be noted that while some of the ingredients they list as "high concern" or "moderate concern" may indeed be of concern, it's always important to remember that it depends on the amount/level within a formulation. That info is not listed on the EWG website; it's just a blanket "concern" warning. Certain ingredients, in low levels, may pose no threat at all to humans and can actually be quite beneficial in skincare/cosmetics.

      I am not trying to speak for any products in particular (from any brand), but I do think that it's important to keep that in mind and if you have concerns, it's a good idea to contact the manufacturer if you'd like to know the exact amount of a particular ingredient within a product. From there you can do your research and find your own comfort level before buying or ruling out a product. :)

    2. Thank you so much for the detailed post, G! :) I saw a product from another brand with retinal in it and I was surprised to see it's a high concern ingredient, but like you said it depends on how much, and if it's the only (or one of the few) high or moderate concern ingredients in the formula.

    3. You're so welcome, Grace! I agree that EWG has some helpful info, but I like to use it as a guide for *potentially* harmful ingredients. From there, you can do your own research (which it sounds like you're already doing) which is great! I'm not a believer in taking ANY website as the end-all-be-all authority on a subject (my own blog most DEFINITELY included!). It's great to have as much info as possible from a variety of sources to help you make the best decisions for you. :)

  2. Hmmm..I have enjoyed shampoo and conditioner from Alba, along with some basic body lotions, but I have not delved into their facial products. These sound interesting, especially the sheet masks. I think I will wait for some reviews.

    1. I enjoy some of these hair and body products too, Cheryl. I haven't tried their masks but once I power through the sheet masks in my stash, I would love to try some of these. :)

  3. I love Alba! I use their jasmine face lotion all winter long to battle against the cold, and their kukui nut lotion smells absolutely divine. I rotate other products through as things catch my eye but it's a brand I definitely keep going back to. Those volcanic cleansers are interesting, though heaven knows I own enough cleansers for a lifetime already.

    1. Oh I agree with you about the scent of that kukui nut oil lotion! So beautiful. And yeah, I hear ya on the cleansers. Looking at my stash, I could wash five faces twice a day and still have enough for a year right now. But I keep buying more! #thestruggle ;)

  4. Leaders is having a 20% off the entire site. The code is TrickorTreat and it works the 29th-31st!!!

  5. I bought the Volcanic Clay face wipes at TJ Maxx for $3.99. They had some other Volcanic Clay products too, I cant remember if it was the cleanser or the scrub, may have been both.

  6. Yeah, I bought the Volcanic Clay Cleanser at TJMaxx for $7.99 earlier this month.

  7. I'd have to mention I've tried the fast fix acne papaya mask and I don't really have sensitive skin and it *burned* on my face. I couldn't leave it for the full alloted time. I'd be careful with that one someone has sensitive skin. But I still would love to know what you think of other ones!


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