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Monday, August 29, 2016

So Mr. G Went to Hawaii and Here's What He Brought Me...

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that a few weeks ago, Mr. G had to go to Hawaii for two weeks (poor, poor baby, I know!) and aside from texting me beautiful pics of Maui sunrises every morning, he did some serious hauling while he was there and brought me back lots of goodies! I know that I LOVE seeing what people bring back from trips, so I thought you might be interested to see what he brought me. The last time I did one of these posts was quite a while ago when he went to Spain back in 2011, so we're quite overdue for a Mr. G haul, right?

Kula Herbs Kukui Hawaii Oil
Made in Maui, HI
(retail: around $20, 4.0 oz.)

Before he left, when he asked me what I wanted from Maui, I said, "Just bring me back a fun lip balm and some kukui nut oil, and please make sure they're both made in Hawaii!"  I LOVE Kukui nut oil (otherwise known as Candelnut oil). Candlenut trees are apparently the State Tree of Hawaii, so if you're going to get some Kukui nut oil, there's no better way than to go straight to the source. right?

If you're new to Kukui/Candlenut nut oil, it's one of the fastest-absorbing oils I've ever used, and it's excellent for skin and hair, I first fell in love with Kukui nut oil after trying Paul Brown Hawaii haircare back in the early 2000s (by the way, Paul Brown Hawaii is on HauteLook today and I'm SO tempted to place an order). So yeah, I've been a huge fan of Kukui nut oil for many years now (I also love the Juara Candlenut line). 

This bottle is from Kula Herbs, but I don't see it listed on their website. You can purchase this bottle on Amazon (same size, different brand) for less than what Mr. G paid for mine, if you're interested in trying kukui nut oil.

Filthy Farm Girl Happy Orange Cream Soap Made in Hawaii
(retail: $8)

I totally wasn't expecting Mr. G to bring me back soap, but he knows my obsession with bar soap so I wasn't too surprised (he's sweet like that). This soap is from the brand Filthy Farm Girl and while I don't see a net weight on the label or on the website, it's a nice, substantial bar of soap. I haven't opened it yet but I can tell through the wrapper that it smells divine--just like orange cream.

Body HI Soaps Made in Kihei, Hawaii
(retail: $9 each)

He also picked me up some soaps by the small indie brand Body HI (you can check out their Etsy store here) that smell divine.

Body HI Exotic Green Tea and Hawaiian Honey Soap and Coconut Rose Soap

Lip balms galore!

From left to right:

With the exception of the Allafia lip balm, which is made in Olympia, WA, all of the products above are made in Hawaii.

Since I have about 873 lip balms currently in rotation, I have not yet opened and tried all of these. The two that I did tear open almost immediately (I couldn't help myself!) were the Hawaiian Bath & Body Sugar Cane Lip Balm and the Maui Honey Lilikoi (Passionfruit) Lip Balm. Both are absolutely wonderful. The sugar cane lip balm tastes like real sugar cane (subtle and not a fake sugary-sweet taste) and the formula is so buttery and creamy--it feels amazing on the lips. The honey passionfruit lip balm has this rich, amber color to it and the coloring is totally natural--no dyes (the color is probably due to the raw honey from Maui that's included in the formula). The flavor and fragrance are subtle but so beautiful. I get both raw honey and passionfruit here, and the real thing--not a synthetic interpretation. The formula is very creamy and hydrating on the lips.

Mr. G also brought back lots of honey from Hawaii, some Kona coffee, some cooking sauces and he also got me a beautiful scarf. All in all, he hit it out of the park and totally spoiled me. I'm so grateful and I love that man so much. I HATE it when he leaves but it's wonderful to know that he's thinking of me when he goes on trips and so sweet about bringing me back goodies.


Just a few of the sunrise pics that Mr. G texted me every morning while he was in Hawaii...



  1. Beautiful pics! And a great haul! Way to go Mr. G!

  2. Aweee Mr. G is a sweetheart. Does he have a brother? wink wink hehehe. That was very nice of him. :D

  3. Aww... What a sweetie! And beautiful pics!

    If you have time, I would be interested in finding out what you think about the products!

  4. So awesome. What a sweetie you have!

  5. Amazing pictures, it's so pretty there it is easy to get great pix, but even still, wow! And excellent hauling.

    Now assuming this was a work trip, I would love to know what kind of job sends you to Hawaii for two weeks, and are they hiring?!? :D

  6. Oh, you got yourself a keeper. How sweet is this. I'm a little older than you, and it's the small things and small moments that the best. I would much rather have a 10 dollar bar of soap because my hubby knew I loved it, than 10 carat diamond ring to impress the masses. Lucky girl, Mrs. G.

  7. I love everything about this post! From the photos to the goodies!! He sure does know how to spoil you!!!

  8. When my sister went to Hawaii in May, she brought back a bottle of Island Girl cuticle oil for me. The most heavenly scent with flowers in the bottle. Best souvenir ever!

  9. G, you're doing it all wrong- you need to convince Mr. G that he needs to have a secretary (you) along to take notes, take pictures, do reconnaissance missions (shopping) etc, :) It's very sweet of him to bring back things that he knows that you'd appreciate. Can he recommend any specific stores on Maui?

    I went to Oahu a few years back and I've been trying to get back to Hawaii ever since.

  10. This is so sweet (: You are so blessed and lucky. I hope someday I can find my guy who cares to bring me lipbalm or anything with pumpkin flavored in it :(


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