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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Mega Lip Balm Round-Up: New Products from Carmex, ChapStick, Blistex, Lip Smacker, Balmi, Vaseline, and Revo

Apparently I didn't get the memo, but it seems that August is the month for new lip balm launches! In addition to the new EOS and ChapStick launches I already showed you HERE, we lip balm addicts have a lot more to look forward to this month! I'm covering a lot here today, so let's jump right in:

NEW Carmex Comfort Care Lip Balms with Colloidal Oatmeal 
Sugar Plum, Watermelon Blast, Mixed Berry
(retail: around $1.99 each)

I received some press info about the new Comfort Care Lip Balm line from Carmex (which is now popping up at Walgreens) so here you go:


Franklin, WI – (August 15, 2016) – Carma Laboratories, Inc., the maker of Carmex® lip balm products, is pleased to introduce NEW CARMEX COMFORT CARE™ Lip Balm, a lip balm line formulated with natural Colloidal Oatmeal and natural, cold pressed fruit oil to deliver soothing, long-lasting moisture and pure hydration. NEW CARMEX COMFORT CARE™ is a natural lip care line that incorporates Colloidal Oatmeal into its formula and offers a deliciously soft pallet of flavors specially crafted to soothe, smooth and soften lips.

These comfort-enriched, natural lip balms are available in a variety of flavors such as Mixed Berry, Sugar Plum and Watermelon Blast. Formulated with antioxidant rich, cold pressed cranberry seed oil in a contemporary easy to use wide applicator, these light-weight lip balms are perfect for use year-round to help restore lips natural beauty!

“Colloidal Oatmeal is a key ingredient in topical beauty products today because it’s an excellent, natural skin moisturizer,” explained renowned NYC dermatologist, Neil Sadick, M.D. “In addition to softening benefits, Colloidal Oatmeal possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are ideal for sensitive, dry skin – especially on the lips. While the Colloidal Oatmeal and other natural ingredients restore and maintain moisture, its smoothing and softening properties help keep lips looking young and beautiful.”

CARMEX COMFORT CARE™ will be available at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, Kroger, Target and other retailers nationwide with an SRP of $1.99 starting in August 2016. For more information, please visit:

image credit: @pretty_matte for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Carmex Daily Care Lip Balm in Tropical Colada

Also from Carmex, reader Mahek (@pretty_matte on Instagram) recently spotted this new Tropical Colada flavor at Walgreens and kindly shared the above pic. Also, reader @the_world_of_ithica spotted ANOTHER new Carmex Daily Care flavor at her local Walgreens recently called Orange Dream (you can see what that flavor looks like on her Instagram page HERE). 

NEW Blistex Bliss Flip Lip Balms
Soft & Silky and Ultra Moisturizing

The new Blistex Bliss Flips are now starting to pop up at Walgreens (I would imagine they'll be at all of the usual retailers very soon). Packaging-wise, these remind me of the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Flip Balms. For product info, including ingredients, click here

Here's a quick video demonstrating how to open these:

NEW Lip Smacker Tsum Tsums
(retail: around $4.95 each)

In case you haven't heard, Lip Smacker has released FOUR new Tsum Tsum lip balm flavors (these are in addition to the original Mickey, Minnie, Stitch and Pooh Tsum Tsums, which you can see HERE). 

Clockwise from top left:

Donald (Jelly Quackers flavor)
Dumbo (Peanut Butter Shake flavor)
Tigger (Bouncy Bubble Gum flavor)
Marie (Love in Pear-y flavor)

You can purchase these now, directly from the Lip Smacker website HERE. These are also now popping up at Rite Aid and Walgreens.

image credit: Susie for Nouveau Cheap
Lip Smacker Tsum Tsum - Marie (Love in Pear-y flavor)

Reader Susie kindly shared the above pic of the Marie Tsum Tsum she purchased recently at Walgreens, so you can see what the outer packaging looks like. 

image credit: Susie for Nouveau Cheap
Vaseline Limited Edition Lip Therapy in Pink Bubbly

I don't know if any of you remember this, but years ago I mentioned that this Vaseline lip tin in the flavor Pink Bubbly was a UK-only product, and I have been basically coveting it ever since.  Back in 2014 when I posted about the Vaseline Creme Brulee flavor, I mentioned again that I wished they'd bring Pink Bubbly to the US.  And when I reviewed the Vaseline Aloe lip tin back in March, I didn't say it but I was thinking it: "Now that Vaseline has brought the lip tins across the pond to the US, will they EVER give us Pink Bubbly??"

Well my lovelies, I'm delighted to tell you that Pink Bubbly here! Thanks to reader Susie for sharing the above pic of Pink Bubbly that she spotted at Walgreens recently. I've also heard from several of you who have spotted this at various drugstores recently, so I know it's widely accessible. But don't wait if you want it because it is limited edition. Who knows how long it will stay in stores. And with my luck, it will gone in the blink of an eye!

image credit: @tinybubblefloating for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Revo Lip Balms from Walgreens
Coconut Lime, French Vanilla, Cucumber Mint

A month ago, my pal @tinybubblesfloating on Instagram posted this pic (thank you, girlie!) of the new Revos she spotted at Walgreens. I was just at my local Walgreens the other day and have not yet seen these. Have you? Anyway, these have metallic packaging and @tinybubblesfloating said the flavors are very realistic and not fake-tasting. You can see what these look like inside by checking out her pic on Instagram HERE

image credit:
NEW ChapStick Limited Edition Cookies & Cream Flavor

Now before you go on a mad hunt for this, PLEASE NOTE that I don't think this flavor has hit the US, and I'm not sure if/when it will. The new limited edition Cookies & Cream lip balm from ChapStick is now available in other countries, and I first spotted it on's Instagram page. Lip Balm Land is an Australian retailer that has a shop HERE where you can purchase this lip balm ($5.30 US + $3.96 DHL global shipping to the US and they take PayPal). Lip Balm Land carries lots of harder-to-find lip balms and this is just one of them. They're also a lot of fun to follow on Instagram if you're not already following them.

NEW Balmi Lip Balm flavors
Watermelon and Tangerine

I've mentioned here on the blog in the past that I'm obsessed with Balmi Lip Balms (UK brand) but that they're impossible to find in the US. Well my pal Christopher (@christoooph3r on Instagram) just let me know that Balmi has two NEW flavors (Watermelon and Tangerine)  and they're both available on the Topshop website HERE and HERE! And Topshop offers free shipping on all orders to the US (they're based in the UK, if you're unfamiliar with Topshop). Finally, a way for me to get my grubby little hands on some Balmi lip balms without paying crazy shipping fees! By the way, the original Balmi flavors are Strawberry, Raspberry, Mint, and Coconut, which you can view here. And there's also a Cherry flavor on Amazon HERE which is new to me. 

Oh, and Christopher also let me know that he heard that Forever21 and FiveBelow are going to start carrying Balmi this fall. Yay!


I saw some pics on Instagram of the above Unicorn lip balm (I don't know if this is even a new product, which is why I'm mentioning it in the "bonus" section) and I wanted to share. If this is new to you, too, then I want to let you know that you can get the Unicorn Lip Balm by NPW (Cotton Candy flavor) on the ASOS website HERE for $7.50 (free shipping on orders $35+). 

Seeing this lip balm led me to asking the question, "Are there other unicorn lip balms in existence?" And sure enough, there are:

The adorable Unicorn Lip Balm pictured above (flavor is described as "fruity" and it's pink in color) is available on the Rue21 website HERE for $2.99 (this is also available on the Forever21 website but the color of the lip balm is white instead of pink and it's $3.90).

Rue21 also has the Pink Unicorn Lip Balm pictured below (no flavor description listed), which is available HERE for $2.99. 

Well I think that about covers it...for now. If you've made it this far, then you are as hardcore of a lip balm junkie as I am, so congrats! Well not really "congrats" but hey, at least you know you're not alone in your addiction to lip balms!

Thanks again to @pretty_matte, Susie, @tinybubblesfloating, and @christoooph3r, for the great pics and info. I really appreciate it!


  1. I almost dropped my phone and ran to hunt down the cookies & cream chapstick! 😂😭 too bad it hasn't been spotted anywhere in the US yet!

    1. Lol!! I know, right? I really, really hope that we get it (soon!). But at least there's a way to get it IF it doesn't make it here, right? I mean, for the serious lip balm collector, of course. ;) Thanks again for that Carmex pic, girlie! xo

  2. Finally! New Carmex flavors! I want them all now!

    1. I found all the Carmex ones today in Nashville TN Walgreen's. I'm excited!

  3. I need one of everything! Ha. I did find that Pink Bubbly at Walgreens. They only got one in, and the cashier called me! :) i just ordered the chapstick from ebay. Why won't they sell it here?! It sounds so good!

  4. Mmmhh there are quite a few I'd like to try out. I'm bummed about the cookies and crème. I really want that one.

  5. I saw the Walgreens balms just this week.

  6. Uhm How did I not know about those Disney chapsticks! I need to hunt those down!

  7. This was a lot to take in!! I really want the Marie lip smacker one and of course the cookies and creme chapstick. The Pink Bubbly seems amazing, so I am going hunting this week and see if anything comes to me. (:

  8. Saw the tsumtsum ones at one of my Walgreens! No idea if I'll buy sonce my pooh bear one smelled weird. No idea of its cause honey scented lipbalm usually smells weird or the package made it smell weird.

  9. Have you seen these new Eco Lips?
    I really like their regular balms, so I'm going to grab one of these next time I order

  10. I recently did a market research study about those flip balms. It's a cool idea and once you get a hang of it, the flip cap works well. I'm interested to try the actual product itself.

  11. I will buy every peach or watermelon lip balm on the market, they are my weakness.

  12. LOL Im such an idiot. I went on a hunt for the cookies and cream and then came home to double check where to find them and it said, "Before you go on a hunt..." LOL I feel so stupid. LOL Hopefully it wont take long coming to the US LOL

    1. I wasn't taking any chances. I was at wal mart and I figured while I'm here, might as well look. Just in case. You never know what will you will find around the corner. ;)

  13. I just picked up the Blistex Bliss flips at Wal-Mart. Searched high and low for the Chapstick cookies n cream. Could not find it. I know my wal mart will usually put these LE flavors by the registers. I went to several registers and saw only the original and cherry. Btw, at my wal mart in Tallahassee, the bliss flips are 2.97 each. I tried the purple one in the car on the way home and I will try the blue one before bed. Purple one tastes like vanilla... and so far so good. Lips feel nice. :D

  14. Girl im obsessed!!! How do u have so many updates! Damn this is an amazing gold mine

  15. Love lip balm!! Thank you so much G ❤️


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