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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Simple Cleansing Oil is (Finally) Online and In Stores!

image credit: @macgl0sschick for Nouveau Cheap
Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil spotted in-store at Ulta

Do you remember waaaaay back in January 2014 when I posted this sneak peek of the upcoming Simple Multi-Benefit Cleansing Oil? And then do you remember back in May of 2015 when reader @macgl0sschick spotted this cleansing oil at her local Bed Bath & Beyond store?

Well since May of 2015, I know that many, many of you have been trying to find this product, with little to no luck. So was that initial release a test-run? A fluke? Who knows! But here's what I do know: this product now has a new name (Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil) and it now has a much wider release, meaning ALL OF YOU can now find it and buy it.

  • Thanks so much to longtime reader @macgl0sschick on Instagram for kindly bringing this full-circle for us and sharing the pic above of this cleansing oil that she spotted this week at her local Ulta ($12.99, 4.2 oz.).
  • She also mentioned that she spotted this cleansing oil for $8.47 at her local Walmart this week (as of the time of this post, I could not locate a listing on the Walmart website but you can check for yourself here).
  • And as I was writing this post, longtime reader Meghan (@cupcakecore on Twitter) kindly let me know that this cleansing oil is now available on the Ulta website HERE ($12.99). Remember, if you buy it online at Ulta, use code 308920 for $3.50 of $10 to bring it down to $9.49.
  • I also just noticed that this cleansing oil is now on the Target website HERE ($9.99), where you can also check for local in-store availability.


(from the Target website)

New Simple® Kind to Skin Hydrating Cleaning Oil - our finest cleanser for thoroughly clean and touchably soft skin. Made with 100% pure grape-seed oil, our new Simple® Kind to Skin Hydrating Cleaning Oil is enriched with Vitamin A & E to dissolve impurities and remove makeup, leaving your skin deeply clean and well hydrated.

Our Simple® Kind to Skin Hydrating Cleaning Oil is a gentle, soothing and effective way to cleanse and lift away even waterproof makeup without stripping or irritating the skin. So, how does it work? Oil attracts oil, so when a few drops of the Simple® Hydrating Cleansing Oil are massaged onto dry skin, the formula efficiently attracts grease, impurities and makeup and then cleverly rinses away once the oil is mixed with a little water. It won’t leave your skin dry or greasy, just completely clean, soft and fresh, making it suitable for even oily skin.

Caring cleansing, unforgiving on make-up. A deep clean without greasy residue - for perfectly clean, nourished and smooth skin. And as all Simple® products, Simple® Kind to Skin Hydrating Cleaning Oil contains no dyes, no artificial perfumes, no alcohol and no harsh chemicals that can upset skin. It is also hypoallergenic, paraben-free, dermatologist tested and non-comedogenic, which is perfect for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

For best results: Apply 2-3 drops to dry hands. Massage gently over your face working over the eyes and lips too. Add a little water to your skin to transform the oil into a milky-smooth texture, massage in and rinse.

• 100% pure grape-seed oil effectively dissolves makeup and deeply cleanses pores
• Keeps skin balanced & hydrated
• Nourishes and hydrates skin leaving it touchably soft and smooth, without a greasy finish
• Contains no artificial colours, no perfume, no harsh chemicals that can upset your skin
• Leaves no sticky residue
• Dermatologically tested and approved. 

After over two years of waiting (for some of you), will you be finally be making a purchase? Thanks again, @macgl0sschick, for both your 2015 update AND your 2016 update (and thanks to Meghan for the Ulta tip)!


  1. I'm checking walmart tomorrow. If not, will have to order it from Target. Been waiting so long for this :D

    1. You and me both, KD! I'm tempted to just order from Ulta now (I have a few other things already in my cart) and be done with this 2-year-long hunting. Lol! ;)

  2. It says in your last article it shows that it contained cottonseed oil and now this says it contains grape seed oil.

  3. YAY!!! This is wonderful news.....finally it's here! I am super excited that Simple has brought out a cleansing oil, I hope it's good. They always run awesome deals like bogo50%off and even bogofree a few times a year- and you can usually find coupons, too. Can't wait to stock up on some affordable drugstore skincare faves soon.

  4. I'm excited! Maybe this one will be a new HG!

  5. I need to find this! I adore the Burts Bees cleansing oil, which is about $15. I wonder how they compare? Thanks for the heads up! :)

  6. looking forward to trying this, i liked josie maran's cleansing oil, but at $32 a bottle, i can't really afford to add this to my rotation (though it is super tempting) hope this works well!

  7. GRAPESEED OIL! That's like the best oil for acne-prone skin. It's like mineral oil, but moisturizes more and has antioxidants. I've gotta check out those ingredients. Hopefully there's no fragrance or farnesol or rosemary or something else equally nasty

  8. It says in couple of places that it has 100% grapeseed oil. Is that literally all that is in it or did they add some other things to the 100% grapeseed oil?

  9. @silvercamaro77, when i checked this out at CVS, I saw a few ingredients (although not too many!) in addition to the grapeseed oil, one of which was tocopherol (either vitamin A or E i don't remember)


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