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Thursday, June 30, 2016

CVS Beauty Clearance Sale Update

I have been receiving several comments, emails, and social media messages over the past few weeks that all go something like this:

Hey G., what's up with CVS beauty clearance sale?
Do you know when it starts?
Why hasn't it started yet?

So I thought I would take a moment to address all of your questions in this post.

If you're a CVS shopper and you've been following my blog for a while, then you know that I always post about the semi-annual CVS beauty clearance sales that usually occur in May and November each year (the last beauty clearance sale was in November 2015). Well May came and went, and I have yet to hear of any reports of a CVS beauty clearance sale for Summer 2016. 

I have been checking my local CVS stores since May for any sign of those little pink and green sale stickers, and I have even taken some of the items that I KNOW are being discontinued for 2016 (based on other retailer clearance sightings) to the red scanner box to see if they're on clearance for 25, 50, or 75% off. And so far...NOTHING.

I also have not heard a peep from any of YOU about this sale, and you all are always incredibly forthcoming with that information every summer and winter. The minute you see those sale stickers, I always seem to receive a great email or comment letting me know that the sale has begun. I haven't received a single comment or email yet to indicate that the sale has started.

I also have been regularly checking the following well-known hashtags on Instagram:

If you click on #cvsbeautyclearance, you'll see that all of the Top Posts are from the Winter 2015 beauty clearance sale. If you go to Recent Posts, you'll see some random skincare sale sightings, but no makeup clearance sightings at all. Same goes for the #cvsclearance hashtag. 

Based on everything I mentioned above, I can only conclude that the CVS Summer 2016 Beauty Clearance Sale has not yet started. I do NOT want to say that there will be no sale this summer, because I obviously do not know if that's the case. However, I have been covering these sales for a number of years now, and they always seem to start in May. So the fact that May is over, and we still haven't heard a peep, makes me think that perhaps there is not going to be a sale this summer. I have no way of knowing for sure, though. 

If you spot any makeup on clearance at your local CVS stores, you know I would love to hear from you!


  1. I was just thinking it's about time for the sale to begin, actually. I'm only seeing Walgreens with a bunch of clearance lately. Not even my local Kmart, which usually has several plastic bins of clearance items, has much of note.

  2. I noticed a very small amount of products EOS Lip Balms, Olay Eye cream, Loreal and Simple Face products on clearance last week. I mean literally like 5-6 items. But I haven't seen anything indicating that they were prepping for their semi annual reset.

  3. I'm a BA at CVS and I know that last year the amount of stores who participate in the cosmetic clearance event was reduced (my store no longer participates), but I haven't heard anything about any changes this year. The cosmetic reset starts next month though, so I can't see them starting to put things on clearance this last minute...

  4. I've been asking my store for weeks now and they are just as clueless about what's going on. I hope they didn't stop doing it :( hopefully soon. My store does keep saying July for some reason!

  5. I am very frustrated with CVS in general. They have "sales", but the
    price of the items are marked up first. In my opinion, it is almost a waste of time to shop there. You are better off just going to Walmart and picking up your item because the price is $1-3 dollars less than what you would find at CVS, unless you KNOW that you need two of something, which I usually don't.

    1. Agreed. I get emails once in a while that give me 20-30% off plus free shipping, but then the original price is more than anyone else is charging, so the deal isn't that great. That being said, if you go in store and combine the coupons with something already on sale, you can get a deal. I got two bottles of contact lens solution last night for $5 ea. That's pretty good.

  6. I love CVS because you can stack coupons on top of sales. I save lots of money there!

  7. SO I talked to a walgreens employee because I regularly go there. And they said they call it there Beauty 2000 promo right now but they are moving to get rid of the hallmark aisles and making them more usable and more beauty. And I should keep coming and checking back. So they are re doing a lot of setups

  8. Not sure if anyone posted these yet. While browsing in my store I came across the face cleansers and found pore cleansers for 50% off. They were all gone so I couldn't take advantage of this deal.


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