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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Spotted In-Store: Walgreens Wonder Woman Beauty Collection (Makeup, Nail Polish, Bags & Hair Accessories)

It has landed! The new Walgreens Wonder Woman collection, that I've done several blog posts about already, has finally started to pop up in-store at Walgreens!

NOTE: You can also purchase most of this collection both on the website HERE and on the Walgreens website HERE. As of the time of this post, the nail polish and hair accessories are about the only things you cannot yet purchase online.

So let's take a look at these in-store displays!

image credit: @criistal_a for Nouveau Cheap
Walgreens Wonder Woman Beauty Collection

Thanks to reader @criistal_a on Instagram. who spotted this collection at her local Walgreens this week, for kindly sharing some pics with us (close-ups of everything pictured above are a little further down in this post). 

image credit: @criistal_a for Nouveau Cheap
Scunci Wonder Woman headband and hair tie bundles
(retail: $4.99 each)

image credit: @criistal_a for Nouveau Cheap
Orly Wonder Woman Nail Polish Sets 
(retail: $6,99 - $11.99)

image credit: @lipdrama for Nouveau Cheap
SOHO Beauty Wonder Woman Makeup Bags
(retail: $7.99 - $11.99)

And thanks to @lipdrama on Instagram for this great collage of all of the makeup bags, including two views of each bag. How cute is that cape?

image credit: @love_two_shop for Nouveau Cheap
Wonder Woman 5 Piece Face Set
(retail: $10.99)

And thanks to @love_two_shop on Instagram for this great pic of the makeup brush set that she spotted hat her local Walgreens this week. I love how the handles have Wonder Woman's signature stars on them.

Just in case you missed my previous posts, below are close-ups of all of the makeup items in this collection. As I've mentioned before, I suspect that Markwins (owners of Wet n Wild) manufactured the cosmetics in this collection. That would make sense since the lip tin in this collection is by Lip Smacker and Markwins also owns Lip Smacker (plus, Markwins has made some of the previous Walgreens Disney collections).

Wonder Woman Beauty Book
(retail: $11.99)

Wonder Woman Paradise Eye-Land Eyeshadow Set, 8 shades
(retail: $6.99)

Wonder Woman Warrior Woman Lip Gloss Set, 3 pcs
(retail: $6.99)

Wonder Woman An Eye for Justice Liquid Eyeliner Set, 3 pcs
(retail: $6.99)

Amazonian Bronze Bronzer and Highlighter Set, 2 pcs 
(retail: $6.99)

Wonder Woman Lip Smacker Lip Balm Tin
Flavor: EmpowerMint (strawberry mint)
(retail: $2.99)

Wonder Woman Lipstick in Red
(retail: $3)

Again, if you can't find this collection at your local Walgreens (or you don't live near a Walgreens), you can also purchase most of this collection both on the website HERE and on the Walgreens website HERE. As of the time of this post, the nail polish and hair accessories are about the only things you cannot yet purchase online.

Thanks so much, @criistal_a, @love_two_shop, and @lipdrama, for the great sightings and pics. I really appreciate it!


  1. Hey G, I can confirm 100% that this is from Markwins because I happened to be at Walgreens when they were unboxing all of this and the box was clearly marked "Markwins". Hope that helps!

  2. I want it all. Even if I don't need it nor will I use some of it. I want it because I am a Wonder Woman fangirl.

  3. I grabbed the lip balm and lipstick but I totally didn't see any hair accessories or nail polish at my Walgreens. I hope I can find them because I desperately need that star spangled headband.

  4. I might have to get one of those bags along with the palette and book! I checked 3 Walgreens this week but didn't find them yet.

  5. I got the polish set with the red creme and blue glitter with red and good flecks. I feel very patriotic wearing them! I think the glitter looks best over a blue polish.

  6. Thinking that maybe I should get the book. Looks fun!!!

  7. Has anyone tried out the bronzer yet? I really want to get it - hoping there are no sparkles in it!

  8. I've only seen ththe SoHo bags so far, no makeup as yet. Going to check a few ator a today.

  9. I bought the lipbalm, the lipstick and the cape bag today. I LOVE the lipstick, but I'm a bit disappointed that the bag is clear. It would have been cute if the inside was the blue and white stars. It's just a paper insert in the bag. But I love Wonder Woman so I bought it! :)

  10. The most unique item in the display is the red single polish--it's blue hexes and gold stars in a red sparkly base!

  11. I bought the beauty book, eyeshadow palette and bronzer/highlight duo on and I have to say that while I love the packaging, the eyeshadows are pretty terrible. I've tried every primer and they are just very powdery and not very pigmented. The powder duo is ok but overall not super great quality.

    1. I agree about the eyeshadows. They are pretty "meh." I haven't gotten around to trying the ones in the book yet, however. I have tried the ones in the palette, and they are chalky. The colors also don't seem to go together very well. The mirror inside the palette just has a WW sticker (it might actually just be a cling decal) on it, the design isn't printed directly on the mirror. The outside of the palette is just red. No design, no words, just red. I really wanted the outside to be WW themed as well.
      I am actually fairly impressed with the lip gloss trio. They are nice and glossy, and they have just the right amount of color. They're not overly sticky. I'm not a huge gloss fan, because I usually hate how they feel, but these are pretty comfortable. They have a light strawberry/plastic fragrance.

    2. darn, I'm sad to hear the eye shadows aren't good, because I was just scrolling down and drooling over the palette. :D I saw the hair bands, bags and nail polishes today at Walgreens and almost got the deep blue (In the Name of Justice)

  12. I went to Walgreens today, and they actually had a few things in stock. My Walgreens had the bags, nail polish, and hair accessories, but nothing else. I'm glad I grabbed the makeup items I wanted on last month. At Walgreens, I got the single red glitter polish named Wonder Woman and 2 of the bags, the round top BAM one and the big one with the handles. I love the graphic comic book prints, and I especially had to have them because my initials are BAM. They are really nice. They are both lined with blue star print fabric and have cool star shaped zipper pulls.

  13. Does anyone know if the red lipstick in the book is the same shade as the larger, single tube? I am not much of a red lipstick girl, but that color looks pretty great on me. I like the shadow colors in the book as well.

  14. anybody have swatches or a name of that red with the star glitter?

  15. Saw this today in NYC at the Walgreen's at the corner of 14th St E and Union Sq. Not the whole collection, but some items.

  16. I went to my local Walgreens today (south jersey) and found all of the hair accessories, some lip balms, nail polishes, lip glosses, and brush set. I was disappointed that they didn't have the bags. I plan on checking out another store this week for them.

  17. I am getting all of it!! wonder woman was my childhood idol. so beautiful!!


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