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Thursday, April 21, 2016

NEW Revlon Eyes, Cheeks & Lips Palettes (Seductive Smokies, Romantic Nudes, Berry In Love)

Thanks so much to longtime reader Emma for this tip! There are some brand new Revlon palettes on the Ulta website HERE (3 palettes, $17.99 each, 0.5 oz) and these should be popping up in-store too (if you haven't already seen them). I haven't heard a peep about these yet, have you? Totally news to me.

The price seems a bit high for these, even for Revlon. But right now Revlon is BOGO1/2OFF (these palettes are included) and you can use code 407209 (or this coupon in-store) for $3.50 off any $15 non-prestige purchase or online only use code 308920 for $3.50 off any $10 non-prestige purchase. So after the BOGO1/2OFF and coupon, you can get two palettes right now for a total of $23.48 ($11.74 per palette, which is a lot better than $17.99).

(UPDATE: the free IT Cosmetic deluxe Brow Power is still in stock! Click here, add it to your cart, and when you add anything else to your cart the pencil will be FREE. Again, this pencil is free with ANY purchase online at Ulta.)

From the Ulta site:

Expertly coordinated shades deliver the essentials to get an on-trend, full face look
Universally flattering shades

Each palette includes:
6 eye shadows (ColorStay formula)
1 blush (core blush formula)
2 lipsticks (Super Lustrous formula poured)
2 lip glosses
Mini applicators included (dual ended eye shadow applicator, lip brush, blush brush)

Seductive Smokies

Romantic Nudes

Berry In Love

What do you think of these new palettes so far? Think you'll be picking some up while there's a sale and coupon? I don't know if these are Ulta-exclusives but I don't THINK so (usually Ulta was say "exclusive" in their item listings if they are exclusive to Ulta). Have you spotted these at any other retailers?

Thanks again, Emma, for the great tip!


  1. I think Berry in Love may be calling my name, but after the universally bad reviews for the Not Just Nudes eyeshadow palettes Revlon launched late last year, I think I'll wait for the reviews of this.

    1. I agree. I'm not expecting much from a Revlon palette.

  2. Lipglosses and lipsticks in a palette with powdered products? Do these companies know nothing?!?
    At any rate, I agree with Linda because the other Revlon palettes were so horrible I just don't see these being any different. So total skip for me which is a good thing considering the price.

    1. I haven't bought a Revlon shadow in ages. I used to love the wet-dry formulas, but those are long gone. And yeah, it might be sort of cute to have it all in one spot, I've never liked lipsticks and glosses right next to my eyeshadows!

  3. I've never been a fan of cream products and powder products in the same palette... crumbly powder flakes ALWAYS get stuck to the creamy products, unless they're covered separately.... that, and I just can't even remember the last time I bought and/or liked a Revlon eye shadow.

  4. I've quit using lip products in palettes like this since I was a child. I don't see why Revlon would make something like this. This reminds me too much of those makeup sets that are sold around Christmas. I'll pass.

  5. I'm always looking for a convenient palette I can toss in my gym bag in case I'm going somewhere afterward. But like others have said, I don't like cream and powder in the same palette. I also don't like having to pull out a palette in order to reapply lipstick or gloss.

  6. I have yet to find a Revlon eye shadow that was worth the money, sadly. They don't seem to get the concept of "pigment." Love their lipsticks, lip crayons, nail polish. But not their eye shadows.

  7. I used to wear and love the Revlon quads. I got rid of them all when I discovered much better shadows. So, these do not interest me at all.

  8. I love the nudes they launched last year. I have not had any problems with them. I think I will get the palates while they are on sail.

  9. ewww. snore...... try again revlon...... are you listening?

  10. Psssht! I'm NOT paying that. It is too pricey for drugstore. I dislike lip products in an eye palette. The powder from the shadows always ends up in the cream lip products. I will pass on this palette.

  11. B00 to Revlon....nuke the lip gloss...who wants that??? The concept is great but two blushes or contours might have been a better choice.

  12. I recently purchased the romantic nudes palette. Surprisingly the powder products do not interfere with the lip products. I do agree it was a bit pricey, but for your shadows, four lip colors, and a blush that all coordinate I thought it was worth a shot. I've spent more money on just one product. I really like the palette and would definitely recommend it!

  13. Bought the Romantic nudes and enjoy the entire kit. Would like to know the names of the lipsticks and lip gloss. Would like to purchase separate lip gloss to avoid bringing the entire palette with me.


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