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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Too Faced Bon Bon Palette and Love Flush Blush Wardrobe Back in Stock at HSN (with Codes to Go with Them!)

UPDATE: The Bon Bon Palette is now sold out but thanks to reader Angela for letting us know that, per HSN on Twitter, it should be back in stock between 7-9PM EST tonight (12/10). So get your codes/orders ready!

Thanks so very much to everyone here on the blog and on social media for letting me know that these palettes are both back in stock! Here's the info from my original post:

1) Now through 12/31/2015, you can enter code 150475 on the HSN site to receive $20 off your $40 purchase sitewide (excludes Today's Specials, This Day Only offers and clearance). This code is only valid for first-time customers, so you may want to consider asking a friend or family member to order for you if you're already an HSN customer (the savings are definitely worth asking for a favor!). ALTERNATIVELY: if you are not a first-time customer, you can sign up for Visa Checkout HERE and use Visa Checkout for your transaction to use code 155257 or 205730 for $25 off your $50 purchase.

2) You can use any of these codes toward a single purchase or multiple items that add to $40 or $50 (depending on which code you use). Consider purchasing items from this list of the beauty items that ship for free, to maximize your savings.

3) You may want to use this code with the new Too Faced Love Flush Blush Wardrobe Palette HERE (free shipping on this item; you'll need to purchase additional item(s) on the HSN website to get your total up to $40-$50) or the new Too Faced Bon Bon Palette HERE (free shipping on this item). AND BOTH ARE ON FLEX-PAY RIGHT NOW! Almost all of the Too Faced items HERE ship for free right now, and you can certainly use these codes with those items as well. Other ideas: use your code toward the Lancome Cushion Foundation or the Becca The One Perfecting Brush.

4) You will not be able to enter a code at checkout until the very last step BEFORE you actually place your order. You will see the box to enter the code on that last page before submitting your order.

5) After you place your order, you may see on your bank statement or PayPal statement that HSN is reserving the full price (no discount) for your order. Within less than 24 hours the price will adjust and the adjusted price is what you will actually be charged. I'm not sure why there's this glitch, but I hear about this every time I post about this code, and I have never heard from anyone who was charged the full price if they entered the code and the code was accepted (the website will let you know that the code has been accepted and you'll see the discount applied in your order total when you submit your order).

6) If for some reason the code doesn't work for you (and you've met the required threshold), first clear your browser's cache and try again. Second, make sure that the code box is completely empty before you enter code. Third, if you're on a mobile device, try purchasing from a desktop. If you're on a desktop and it's not working, try accessing from a mobile device. These tips have all been suggested, and used, by readers in the past, so hopefully they'll work for you too!

7) HSN is a trusted site that is also a home shopping television network that has been around for decades. They work directly with brands and often have brand founders and representatives appear on-air for demos. The beauty products available for purchase at HSN are 100% legitimate.

I hope this helps, and thanks again to everyone who took the time to let me know about thse new coupons. If you have any questions NOT covered in my FAQs, please comment below and I'll do my best to help.


  1. The bon bon sold out :( I wonder if they'll restock!

  2. G, you're the best! I finally scored the Too Faced Bon Bon Palette! <3

  3. Aw, sold out of bon bons again ):

  4. Yay! I was able to get the blush palette:) Thank you so much!! You are always on top of all the deals. Don't know how you do it but I really appreciate your hard work!

  5. I hope they'll restock. I finally got enough money on my Visa to be able to buy this (and that amazing discount) ... and it's sold out!

  6. HSN posted on their Twitter that the Bon Bon palette should be available from 7-9pm EST tonight

    1. OMG, thank you so much for that tip, Angela! Will update my post and get the word out! xo

    2. It won't work for me on my phone or computer :(

  7. So a bunch of things just happened while placing my first order on HSN. I was given the option for the 4 flexpay and I was able to use the $20 off. The hot mess came into play when I checked out. I used my paypal account and opted for the pay after delivery option... when I completed the transaction not only was I charged for the full amount of the item but the 4 flexpay was no where to be found as available for my item ( although it broke down the payments for me and everything) and my paypal pay after delivery didn't go into effect. OMG! Now I got to pull $50 out of the trees. Please be careful y'all.

  8. Man it's still sold out! Hoping I catch this on here at some point. :)

  9. Thank you this time I got both! But I do have to say I got my 1st round on Too Faced! :) Already loving it. Delievered yesterday


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