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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

W7 (UK Brand) Eyeshadow Palettes Spotted at Marshalls and TJMaxx

image credit: @beautypedia_ for Nouveau Cheap
A collection of W7 palettes from Marshalls and TJMaxx

Exciting news for drugstore dupe lovers!

The UK brand W7, which is know for making palettes similar to popular name brand palettes, has been spotted by reader @beautypedia_  at both Marshalls and TJMaxx. @beautypedia_ kindly shared her pic above, and you can see what the inside of these palettes look like on her Instagram page HERE (UD Naked palette dupes). 

The W7 palettes retail for $6.99 (large) and $3.99 (small) at Marshalls and TJMaxx. As @beautypedia_ mentioned, up until now, I think these were pretty much only available on Amazon and Groupon here in the US. So it's great to now have an in-store option. According to the W7 website, these palettes are sold at TKMaxx (the UK version of TJMaxx), so its not surprising that they're showing up at TJMaxx and Marshalls here in the US. 

If these W7 palettes are new to you: check out the Makeup Alley reviews of the In the Buff palette (UD Naked 1 dupe) HERE. And HERE is a great post containing swatches/comparisons of the W7 palettes to UD Naked 1, 2, and 3.

Thanks so much, @beautypedia_, for the great tip and pic. I really appreciate it!


  1. I managed to snag the in the nude palette from tj maxx a few weeks ago. I don't know if these are blems, but the lighter colors wouldn't even show up on me (I'm a nc25 for reference) I was so disappointed! All of the swatches I've seen online were highly pigmented, so I was pretty shocked. I hope I just got a bad one

    1. Maybe if you put on some eyeprimer first they will be better. At least that's what i do when my eyeshadows won't show up like i expect them to. ( sorry for bad english i'm from Chile)

  2. They had all the sets at the Brentwood CA TJMaxx.

  3. I bought In the Nude palette at Winners last week (Canadian sister company to Marshalls etc) in Toronto. The other featured palettes were also available. Disappointing palette for me as the lighter colours are very sheer. Will have to continue to play with it.

  4. I spotted some W7 products at my local Ocean State Job Lots this past weekend-- they had chubby lip pencils (a la the Revlon balm stains) and two types of mascara.

  5. Damn, just saw them yesterday and didn't know what they were. Might have to go back :)

  6. I don't have a shot in hell of finding these in TJ Maxx by me. Also no Ocean State Job Lots around either. Once I saw the IG photo I knew I had to have one or two!! Going to check Groupon now!

  7. I went to Marshalls and TJ Maxx both to look for these and they didn't have it :( BUT they did have the Nume Silhouette straightener for $25!!! I was so happy, I bought it right away. They only had 3 of them and they were all opened. The cashier said they had put them out that morning and they didn't have any unopened ones in the back. He said to check back during the week. I am a little skeptical since it is opened but he said I can return it if it doesnt work!!

  8. Hi! These are available on Amazon for $6.25 free shipping in case you don't find it at TJMaxx or Marshall's.

  9. I picked up In the nude at TJ Maxx in Buffalo Ny. Didn't see the others. I'm excited to play

  10. Justo saw plenty today at the Sepúlveda T.J.Max/Home Goods near the LAX. Also some pretty good make up brushes by Paula Dorf, etc. I have not tríed them myself but i have the T.J. Max eyeshadow palette and they are pretty good!


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