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Monday, October 26, 2015

New and Upcoming e.l.f. Products

So a few days ago, @askachelle (Global Artistic Director for e.l.f. cosmetics) posted the above photo on her Instagram. I didn't see it at that time, but reader @hobby_is_beauty kindly pointed this out to me last night, and well you know I had to share it with you! These are NEW e.l.f. brushes that will be debuting on the e.l.f. website at the end of this month (which basically means, any day now). Exciting, right? I'm loving the look of these--how about you?

And if you don't follow e.l.f. on Instagram, you may have missed that they also have some new products that are available NOW on their website, in addition to the Illuminating Palette (which is actually a re-release as I pointed out a few days ago), setting sprays, and everything else I've blogged about recently.

In case you haven't heard about these yet:

New Holiday 2015 items just added

Two new all-matte Essential Flawless Eyeshadow Palettes added to permanent line (Matte for Plum and Natural Matte).

As of the time of this post, it looks like the Natural Matte palette is already out of stock. Hopefully it will be back soon.

I'm still eagerly awaiting the release of the new Brow and Liner Creams which, according to e.l.f., will be up on their site in around two weeks.

Thanks again, @hobby_is_beauty, for the tip about the new brushes! 


  1. So far, I've owned every single one of the flawless eyeshadow quads. They're an absolute favorite of mine, and I've already plopped one of the two new colors into my shopping bag. (As you noted, the other is already out of stock.) Hopefully I can wait on those brow creams and brushes to go up before I check out, but if they're not up by Friday, I'll grab what I've got already. I think I've nabbed most of the new products.

  2. I absolutely love elf brushes! Thanks for the update!

  3. I really love a lot Elfs products. So glad they r doing new matte quads and the brushes look. I haven't finished collecting all the studio line yet. They also have a cute makeup bags. There is so much of Elf I still want a lot of their lipsticks both matte and moisturizing. I have a running list of course and so hope the illuminating part is perm. Can't wait to get my hands on more. Why I joined their Beauth Bundle and I think it's really nice. Thanks for keeping me up on everything always just not Elf. All products like the new Maybelline products coming out. I didn't know if u new or not for sure thatilami is making the Amore matte lip cremes aka liquid lipsticks perm and new shades all next year. Super excited about that one never got my hands on any in my town. Too small and not enough stores to carry them. But I did stalk a cpl for a week and half or so. Looks like 2016 is going to be a fun year for makeup lovers. And addicts like me who can't get enough. Lol

  4. I love the comments section! Jennatriesit, totally just answered my question about the flawless eyeshadow quads, which was, are they any good? I remember trying one ages and ages ago and being pretty underwhelmed, but I'll definitely consider picking up a matte one now.

  5. Elf is really upping its game. I liked discovering them with all their $1 offerings, though the shadows then weren't that great, but now with the brushes and everything else (but especially the brushes -- love those), they're really offering some great stuff.

  6. elf's website changed and it's amazing. their sales are probably gonna go up a lot more now

    1. Omg I just noticed that too! Soooooo much better.

  7. Ok, so.. I hope this is ok to post here. I have a question concerning ELF. Recently, all the turn about, twisty displays have been disappearing in my area along with my absolute must have concealer brush. (The $1 white handled one. I use it for clean up on my nails) They do still carry ELF, though.. It's just moved to a spot with the rest of the makeup and only the black handled brushes. Do you know if they're doing away with that line of brushes or if maybe I need to travel a little further from my middle of nowhere town?

  8. I really like elf brushes, they work great and are so cheap but they don't last very long for me. My flat top brush lasted through 3 washes before it shed into nothingness. I hope these are more durable!

  9. Can you give us any information on elf sales? I've noticed the new products do not qualify for any promotions it says.


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