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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Biggest, Most Comprehensive EcoTools Display I've Ever Seen

Can you believe this display?? It is by far the most comprehensive EcoTools display I have ever seen. Anywhere. Most stores in my area only have a small portion of what's in this display! 

Any guesses as to where I found this? Reveal, after the jump... 

Can you believe that I found this at a grocery store? I was at a local Ralph's yesterday (a Southern California chain owned by Kroger) and since it was a store I don't usually frequent, I had to stop by the beauty department to see their offerings (because that's just what I do!). This display stopped me dead in my tracks.

I obviously can't tell you if all Kroger-owned grocery stores will be getting this display, but if you shop at Kroger or a Kroger-owned supermarket, definitely pop in and see if your store has this! This display looked pretty new, so maybe this is brand new occurrence? 

Have you ever seen an EcoTools display like this in your area? If so, please let us know where you found it! 


  1. Nice! I'll have to check out our big fancy Kroger to see if they have it. I figure this looks like something "Kro-Gucci" should have!

  2. Was this at the Ralphs on El Cajon Blvd by any chance because it looks identical to to the one near me. I found a huge body brush there for 5.99 last week and the put things on sale pretty frequently.

  3. the only place I have seen eco tools in my area is Ulta... and they have like three items total :/

  4. OMG THATS AMAZING! i love ecotools, especially their stippling brush!

  5. I shop at Ralph's regularly, and they do have a really well-stocked beauty section. They often have brands or products that I can't find at my local drugstores, and they're rarely out of stock of anything. Too bad they don't get LE collections!

  6. That is amazing! I've never in my life seen such extensive one brand offerings at any store. They are carrying like literally every item EcoTools sells!

  7. I enjoy shopping for cosmetics at Kroger Marketplace! Much more reasonable prices than one might imagine. I've seen EcoTools in the one closest to me, but the display isn't that expansive.

  8. Wow, that IS impressive! I first saw this brand when I was in the US last month, I'm kind of sad I didn't pick anything up.

  9. I saw someone on IG who got a really big bamboo buffer at 99centsonly store. Did you check out their makeup? They got huge shipments of amazing stuff last week. I got Duo eyelash glue, ardell lashes, and much more.

  10. We have the Kroger-owned King Soopers. I haven't seen anything like this!

  11. Hmm I realize now I haven't checked the Kroger Marketplace beauty section since I don't usually shop there, it's near-ish to work so will have to check that out...


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